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‘I’m so going to hell for this.’

Woah….we have no words. What an ugly, tragic and dark erotic tale Siren is. This book is definitely not for everyone and if you’re a reader who has a list of triggers then skipping this one might be an idea. We’re not trying to turn anyone off this story but it really is quite a disturbing and intense journey that has so many issues you lose count. But we couldn’t look away, we were riveted by the perversity and fucked-upness.

‘He is the only man I would let treat me the way that he does because he is the only man to really take care of me…to love me the only way he knows I crave.’

There’s nothing typical about this book, you want taboo and over the top? This is it. It’s graphic and raw. Dirty and heart-breaking. It’s erotic and repulsive. Now, we’ve met this Author and she is sweetness personified with a gentle nature. Yeah, looks can be deceiving because this Lady sure can write from the depths of darkness and her mind scares us. Now all of what we’ve just mentioned shows what a fantastic writer this Author is and like they say, it’s always the quiet ones. If you enjoy books where your boundaries are tested then this is the one for you!

‘…all I want is cruelty, pain, and vindication for all the wrongs that have been put solely on me and no one else. Me. Am I not allowed to need this perverse sense of justice against the world for everything that was thrown on me when I was just a teenaged girl?’

As far as romance goes this is –again- not your typical romance, there really are too many players and each serves a purpose in a dark convoluted web of revenge and retribution. The real and true romance is hidden, until it’s not and it broke our bloody hearts. Imagine the words of this story – as they enter your mind they twist and impale you, then they slowly work their way through your bloodstream like a venomous entity. It really is so horrifying and depraved at times you just want to turn away. But you can’t. The reason why? Because at the heart of it is a young girl, a teenager then a young woman who’s suffered so immensely by the hands of those meant to love her.  Now, her heart has a layer of concrete around it, shielding it from further penetration. Moments produce cracks but it’ll take a true love and protectiveness to hammer through to reveal the broken heart and mend it and rid our heroine of her perceived ugliness and false sense of love.

‘This man. This beautiful man who I thought I would end up breaking. I’m sure his time will come, too. I’m sure I will break him one da. But I never predicted…never anticipated…that he would break me first.’

Like we said, we couldn’t look away and we actually loved parts of it and felt the emotional torment and need to be understood. Revenge, retribution and survival dressed up in a cloak of femme fatale.  The writing was fabulous, though some aspects were left hanging and unexplored. Also, there were a couple of times inconsistency and repetition compromised the story. At the end of the day though it’s one of those books where we hate to admit- we loved it. Where we should’ve cringed or walked away, we felt hot under the collar and fascinated by what we were reading.

“I told you to stop pursuing me. I told you I would end up breaking your heart. I warned you.”


I’m not a good person. In fact, I’m a real bitch. If the opportunity arises, I will take your husband, give him the best sex he’s ever had, and laugh behind your back once I’m done with him. I do not put on airs and graces. I just take what I want whenever I want it.

I am the abused who has become the abuser. I live for power because all power had been stripped from me for years. Now that I have it back, I feed off of it like it’s my primary sustenance, and I don’t care who I hurt in the process.

Every woman hates me, but do you know what? I don’t give a shit.

You won’t like me. I’m not here to be liked. You want to know my story? I won’t stop you from observing. Just know that once I’m done with you, no shower—no matter how scalding—will ever get me out from under your skin.

Warning: If you’re looking for pink, fluffy clouds, rainbows, and HEA’s, then this book is not for you. These pages contain flashback scenes of child abuse in all forms (physical, sexual, and emotional) as well as BDSM and other taboo themes.

Love does not live in this book. Only dark, twisted, and sick obsessions thrive here.

You. Have. Been. Warned!

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