We’ve received countless emails and PM’s asking us for this Hades Hangmen Novella which somehow disappeared into the black hole of the internet.
After speaking with Tillie, she so graciously agreed to share this with you guys again, however, we ask that you read the disclaimer below before proceeding, so there is no confusion regarding the series.

PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER:  This was a Valentine’s Novella written exclusively for TBB back in February 2015.  This was written before Tillie had even started writing Souls Unfractured. As it was written for a FUN Valentine’s Day treat, the timeline of this Novella no longer coincides with the official timeline of the series. This Novella is being brought back due to popular demand, so please just keep that in mind when you’re reading it. Tillie says: “Have fun!”


Part One 

Welcome home


“Thank fuck we’re home,” I signed to Ky, AK, Tank, Hush and Cowboy as I slumped into a wooden chair in the bar. I checked down my body. My cut and arms were pitted with the scum off the road—the result of days cutting up asphalt.

Ky signaled for one of the prospects to get us some much-needed liquor when Beauty came strutting through the main doors.

Seeing Tank had returned, her face lit up and she practically body slammed Viking in the rush to claim her man…Vike who had his hand firmly shoved up some skanky slut’s dress.

“What the fuck, Beauty!” Vike shouted. “I’d just sunk in three fingers!”

Beauty stopped dead and shuddered, shooting him, and the slut, a pissy look. “Classy, Vike, real fuckin’ classy!”

Vike flipped her off. “Fuck class. As long as it’s wet and hungry, that’s all I fuckin’ care ‘bout.”

“Baby. Here. Now,” Tank said to his old lady, clicking his fingers and wearing a smirk. Beauty ran to slide on his lap and slammed her lips against his. After a few seconds it got real fucking awkward, but hell did it make me realize how much I’d missed Mae. Mae who would be back from church soon.

Grabbing my keys, I looked to Ky, who was clearly thinking the same fucking thing about Lilah.

He grabbed his keys too.

AK, Hush and Cowboy started laughing at us racing to get home to our bitches. I flipped them off.

Pussies… they were all whining immature pussies.

As me and my VP stood, our chairs scraped back on the wooden floor, causing the whole fucking place to gape our way.

“That eager to get all up in Li, VP?” Cowboy said with a smirk and Ky’s face flashed with fury. His eyes then dropped down and he adjusted the crotch of his leathers, all fury he was feeling now forgotten.

“Fuck, don’t, I’ve already gone without my bitch for days and have the worst case of blue balls know to man. I’m packing fuckin’ cannonballs in here, loaded fuckin’ cannonballs!”

Wiping my hand down my face, I signed, “I’m out,” and turned toward the door. Ky followed behind. But before we could get to the door, Beauty tore her mouth from Tank’s and suddenly gripped my arm.

I slowly looked down, my face tight and eyebrows raised.

Couldn’t they all just fuck off for one damn minute while I went home to see my woman?

Beauty, the only damn old lady on Earth not to fear me, never even flinched at my pissed off scowl. Tank shifted on his seat below her. He could tell I didn’t have no time for any of her shit.

I flicked my chin and cracked my neck, never taking my eyes from hers.

Beauty rolled her eyes at me and looked from me to Ky and back again. “Do y’all need help organizing anything for tonight?”

My eyebrows now pulled down in confusion.  I looked over at Ky; the brother just shrugged.

“What’s tonight?” Ky asked. Then I saw the confused faces of all the brother’s sat ‘round the table.

Beauty sat up straighter and her mouth dropped open. “What’s tonight? What’s tonight?” she said stressing each word as she released my arm from her hand.

Ky’s jaw clenched. “Was I not speaking fuckin’ English? What. The. Fuck. Is. Tonight?”

Beauty glared at us in disappointment and shook her head.

“Bitch, what the fuck is tonight! I ain’t got time for your games!” Ky shouted in exasperation. Beauty narrowed her eyes and got off Tank’s lap. The brother dropped his baldhead in his hands.

Beauty put her hands on her hips and scowled. “It’s Valentine’s Day! February fourteenth! That’s what fuckin’ day it is!”

Ky frowned in confusion… fuck, all us brothers did.

Who gives two shits about that?” I signed, and Ky translated in rote. My best friend nodded his head in agreement.

Beauty stepped forward again. “Well y’all should!” She pointed at Ky, then me.

“Why?” Ky asked.

Her blue eyes flared. “Cause y’all are married and Styx is friggin’ engaged! Mae and Lilah deserve a beautiful Valentine’s Day, goddamnit!”

Ky raked back his hair, shook his head and laughed. “Psht, bitch, Li and Mae won’t give two fucks about that. And we’re the fuckin’ Hangmen! What the fuck kinda pussy of an old man does something for Valentine’s Day? It’s only skinny pathetic pussies in high school trying to get laid who do that shit.”

Beauty crossed her arms over her chest and dropped her mouth open. “Tank does! Every year my baby does something romantic for me. I’m telling y’all now, he ain’t no pathetic pussy and he get’s laid plenty!” she shrilled.

The club went silent and we all looked to Tank. His head was still in his hands and he groaned… loudly, before grabbing Beauty’s arm and pulling her back down onto his lap.

“Beauty, did you have to tell ‘em that?” he asked her tightly.

We all gaped at the ex-Nazi in shock.

Vike came strutting behind us, a shit-eating grin on his face. He’d obviously heard Beauty and stopped right behind Tank. Vike immediately reached down over Tank and grabbed Tank’s dick, pushing Beauty to stand up off his lap.

Tank jumped to his feet and Vike held up his hands, blowing him a kiss.

“What the fuck, Vike!” Tank shouted. Beauty held her man back, stopping him from murdering the redheaded freak.

Vike shrugged. “Just checking your balls are still there. Wondered if Beauty had cut the fuckers off, and was wearing them as earrings.”

Hush, AK and Cowboy burst out in laughter as Tank lunged for Vike. Vike jumped outta the way, flicking his pierced tongue out of his mouth.

“You want balls?” Tank shouted and held his crotch high. “Get back here and I’ll show you who’s got balls!”

Vike walked away, calling back, “Nah, thanks, Princess, not into getting buttfucked by men…” he stopped, turning his head and said, “But without balls, you’d probably bottom, right?” He pretended to think about it, then shook his head. “Nah, I’ll stick to club pussy.” He licked his fingers, the same fingers that’d been all up in a slut’s slit, and he groaned. “Yeah, cream just tastes too fuckin’ good to switch sides.”

Vike walked away leaving Tank fucking raging on the spot.

Beauty ignored Tank and turned back to us. “It’s Mae’s and Lilah’s first Valentine’s Day. If anyone needs spoiling by their men, it’s those two bitches.”

My stomach tightened and I shifted my eyes to Ky. He was shaking his head slowly in my direction. “Styx, they ain’t gonna know what Valentine’s Day even is. And I don’t do this cheesy shit. Li and Mae will never know.”

“Yes they will,” Beauty sang with a grin.

“What,” I signed, my teeth clenched.

“Why you’ve been away on your run, I’ve been telling them all about our holidays and celebrations. You know, what happens when, what gifts are given and when; most importantly, about Valentine’s Day.”

I knew Ky was glaring daggers at Beauty. He had to be, ‘cause I was fucking glaring too.

“Ahh, you should have seen them get all excited ‘bout it. Blushing so much at the idea that their men would buy them gifts and treat ‘em real special for the day. They didn’t believe that out here, fiancés and husbands do nice things for their partners to show them they are loved. The two of them didn’t say much, but I could tell by their reactions, you know, eyes shining with tears and such, that they couldn’t wait to see what y’all would do.”

The mental image Beauty gave me of Mae smiling, of her fucking perfect face flushed and her wolf eyes filling with tears while thinking of me, just about undid me. Ky shuffled on his feet drawing my attention, and I could see him take a deep swallow.

Fuck, he was thinking about Lilah’s reaction too.

We were so fucked.

Such pussy-whipped fucks.

Beauty’s face broke into a victorious smile at our expressions, and Ky slammed his hand on my shoulder.

“Fuck man, we’re gonna have to be those pathetic assholes on prom night trying to get laid…” Ky’s face then changed in an instant; his eyes hooded and his teeth slowly raked over his bottom lip.

Ky’s head snapped to Beauty and a slow knowing grin spread on her face.

“Laid?” he asked. “Did you mention to Li ‘bout how Valentine’s Day ends with getting laid?”

Beauty nodded, smiling wide. Tank wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, kissing up and down her neck.

“How good of a fuck are we talking, on a scale of one to geyser?” Ky asked Tank.

Beauty and Tank looked to each other then said in unison, “Geyser.”

Ky’s head whipped to me. “I’m in. Pussy on prom night or not, I’m so fuckin’ in I’m all up in that shit.” He then looked back to Beauty. “But what the fuck do I—”

Beauty broke away from Tank, her hand in the air. “I got y’all chocolates and flowers in the truck, but ya better come up with something special on your end too.”

Ky’s eyes dipped down to the floor, then back up again. “Just leave that to me. I got something I’ve wanted to do with my woman for a helluva long time now.”

Beauty reached up and planted a kiss on Ky’s cheek. “Yes! Lilah’s gonna love whatever you do! That girl worships the ground you walk on!”

Beauty then looked to me.

I then looked to Ky, who nodded his head meaningfully. “Geyser, brother, top of the fuckin’ scale laid!

“You’re a fuckin’ sex pest, Ky,” I signed, but the thought of having Mae underneath me, her pussy fisting my cock had my hands lifting of their own accord. “Just fuckin’ get me the damn chocolates and flowers. I’m in too,” I signed.

Beauty squealed and threw her hands round my neck. “Mae’s gonna flip, Styx!” She then pulled back. “Are you gonna take her out or stay in?”

I shrugged to indicate I didn’t know, when an idea suddenly came to me.

“Yeah, we’re going out,” I instantly signed back.

“Right, me and Tank will stay at your cabin to watch Maddie.”

“We will?” Tank asked, shocked.

“Yes, we will. We’ve had a bucket load of Valentine’s Days, this is their first. It’s special.”

Tank looked pissed, but Beauty didn’t look like she gave a shit.

Beauty’s cell went off and she pulled it out to check a text. “Letti and Bull have just picked Mae, Li and Madds up from church, that gives y’all about forty minutes to get showered and ready. I’ll take the chocolates and flowers to your cabins now.”

Shaking my head in disbelief that I was actually doing this shit, I ignored the sniggers from my brothers in the bar, so not to ram my fist through all their faces. I quickly left the clubhouse, Ky right on my heels.

As we stopped at our bikes, my VP looked straight at me and said, “You realize we’re the biggest fuckin’ pussies in the world by doing this shit, right? Those fuckers in there will never let us live it down.”

I tipped my head back and sighed in agreement, but when Mae’s stunning fucking smile ran through my mind, I lowered my head.

“Y-Y-Yeah, b-but I’d r-rather b-be p-p-pussy whipped with M-Mae, and d-doing this r-r-romance shit, than alone f-f-fucking sluts before p-passing out on m-m-my own.”

Ky’s lips lifted into a cocky smirk and he pounded my fist. “Preach, brother!” He revved his Harley and threw me wink. “See you on the other side, Prez. I expect to have a limp dick for days after tonight.”

Part Two

I only need you


I’d always been driven by my cock, and tonight was no exception… but this time it was with my wife, my fucking beautiful, means-everything-to-me wife that I hadn’t seen in days. Lots of long ass days spent cutting up road and camping next to Vike.

No fucker deserved the punishment of sleeping next to Vike.

If it hadn’t been for Beauty and this Valentine’s Day shit, then the minute Lilah got home I would have taken her into our bedroom, stripped her bare and not reappeared for… erm…’bout three fucking days.

To be honest, my plan for tonight wasn’t much different. But Beauty telling me my woman blushed and tears filled her eyes at the thought of me doing something special for her, just for being my old lady, well that had me… hell, that fucking had me. There weren’t another woman on Earth that deserved to be celebrated more than my Li. And despite the fact I was a total sopping cunt in doing this shit, it was happening.

Still dripping wet from the shower, I dressed in my only pair of sweats, then lit Lilah’s fucking frou-frou lavender-scented candles she has everywhere.

I checked the clock; she’d be back in about ten minutes.

Making sure our bedroom was straight, I ran down the stairs and opened the fridge, smiling as I got what I needed and brought it upstairs.  I laid it all on the table next to the bed.

I’d never pushed Lilah too far in bed, but the longer she was with me, the more relaxed she became, and tonight I wanted to take it, no, take us, to the next step.

I wanted the motherfucking geyser.

Raking my hands through my long hair and beard, I next brushed my teeth. Just as I was done, Bull’s truck pulled up outside and the front door creaked open.

My heart raced as I heard Lilah’s heels click, then stop, on the wooden floor. I knew she’d stopped at the kitchen table.

I wanted her up these stairs now… I’d missed her. No other woman in the world could make me feel like this. Just her, my perfect Li.

Resting my hands on the back of my head, I couldn’t help but smile as I heard Lilah walk up the stairs. I could hear her sniffing and my stomach flipped.

She was crying.

It made me smile more knowing the reason why.


Lilah’s soft voice drifted into the room and, when she slowly pushed open the door, I fucking melted.

My old lady looked beautiful, the ends of her blond hair falling just below her ear on one side. And it was wavy, making her look like a new and improved Marilyn Monroe.

Her blue eyes landed on me and tears spilled down her cheeks. She was gripping the flowers and chocolates to her chest, clutching onto them like they meant the world to her.

“Ky, you are back…” she whispered and smiled so big, it almost blinded me.

Opening my arms, I flicked my chin. “Get the fuck here, Li. Get those fuckin’ fat lips on mine.”

Lilah ran into my arms and I held her tight, breathing in that vanilla scent on her skin. I wrapped my hand into her hair and closed my eyes. “Fuckin’ missed you, baby.”

Lilah sniffed. “I have missed you too. I do not like it when you have to go away. I no longer feel complete without you here.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

Lilah pulled back and I ran my thumb down her cheek, pressing kisses down her long scar, before pressing her lips to mine.

She groaned against my mouth.

That was all it took.

Pushing my tongue into Lilah’s mouth, I ran my hands down over her arms and finally gripped her ass, grinding her pussy against my stiff cock.

Lilah whimpered.

Turning us round, I guided her back to our bed. I needed to get her naked. I needed to get deep inside her.

Just as Lilah was about to fall back onto our California King, she broke away and gasped. “Wait, baby…”

Edging back, Lilah stepped out of my arms. Her big blues looked up at me, keeping me immobile.

Lilah blushed and she held out the flowers and chocolates. “Did… did you get me these roses and chocolates?”

“Yeah, baby. I did,” I replied, and inched forward again. I wanted that long white dress she wore touching the wooden floor… right fucking now!

Lilah held out her hand to stop me. “Why?”

I frowned. “Valentine’s Day.”

It was my old lady’s turn to frown. “Valentine’s Day? What is that?”

Realization hit… she knew nothing about fucking Valentine’s Day!

  1. Was. Gonna. Kill. Beauty.

Clearing my throat, feeling like that pussy I kept banging on about, I shrugged. “A day when you show your old lady how much you love her. You know, give her gifts and all that sappy shit.”

Lilah’s eyebrows began to rise and she blushed that fucking blush that always undid me. “You are gifting me these things to show me you love me?”

“Yeah…” Feeling like a dumb fuck, I reared back shaking my head. “It’s stupid, just forget about it, yeah?”

Lilah placed the roses and chocolates on the dresser and stepped closer to me. Her warm hands covered my cheeks forcing me to look up.

“I am floored. I am humbled… I am honored that you would treat me with such high regard.”

And just like that, I was back in.

“Yeah, baby? Well that’s just the start.”

Dipping her chin, Lilah blushed again, looking up at me through long dark lashes. “It is?”

“Mmmhmm…” I moved forward, but Lilah stepped back again and I groaned. “What the fuck, Li?”

Lilah glanced down, her cheeks on fire. “Then this is the reason Beauty had me wear this today? She was very insistent.”

With shaking hands, Lilah reached up to the back zipper of her dress and pulled it down, the white material pooling on the floor. But my eyes, my fucking bulging eyes were glued to her perfect body… her perfect body wearing a pale blue bra and panty set, white stockings and garters. I almost came on the spot. The color of that set matched her eyes. And her tits… shit! Her fucking perfect fat tits…

“Fuck… Li…” I groaned.

She’d never worn anything like this for me. She’d never felt confident enough because of her scars.

“Do you like it?” Li asked shyly as I stalked her; smirking as she backed up toward the bed.

As Lilah fell back onto the mattress, I shucked off my sweats, loving seeing her eyes widen at my readied hard dick and I crawled over her body.

Her hand lifted, and shaking in nerves, she lay it on my face. “Does it please you? Or…” her eyes dipped, “Do I please you, or…” tears filled her eyes, “are my scars too much? Are they ugly to you?”

Stopping dead, I met her worried gaze and dipped my head to lick down the scar on her cheek. Hearing her breath hitch, I shuffled down her body to draw down the straps of her bra, releasing her tits.

Her perfect fat tits…

Taking a nipple in my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the tip and released it with a pop. Continuing farther south, I was met with the crucifix scar on her stomach.

Glancing up and seeing the fear in Lilah’s eyes, I began kissing over every inch of the scar until her back arched off the bed and her hands threaded into my hair.

Hooking my fingers over the edge of her panties, I pulled them down, smiling at the breathy moan escaping her lips. Throwing the panties on the floor, I crawled back over her naked body until I hovered my lips over hers. Lilah’s eyes were huge as she waited for me to speak.

Gorgeous. My wife was fucking gorgeous.

“You’re stunning, Li. Never seen anyone more perfect… more perfect for me.”

Her responding bright smile made me smile back, and as I crushed my mouth to hers, I reached for the chocolate sauce.

Breaking from her mouth, Lilah groaning in protest, I straddled her legs. Lilah’s eyes went straight to the tube of chocolate sauce in my hands and she frowned.

“Ky? What—”

Putting my finger to my lips, I tipped the tube upside down. The chocolate dripped over Lilah’s tits and I led it down her stomach and over her bare pussy.

Listening to Lilah’s gasps just made my cock get harder and harder.

Putting the tube down on the bedside table, I sat back up and admired my work.

“Ky… why have you put food on me?”

As I glanced up, Lilah’s face was all screwed up in confusion. “I… I do not understand…”

Without speaking, I bent down and licked the chocolate off her stomach, leading up to the sauce around her tits. Lilah moaned. When I looked up, her eyes were closed and her cheeks were flushed pink.

“You like that, baby?” I asked. All Lilah could do was moan as my tongue ran over her nipple.

“Yes,” she breathed, then stopped me with her finger under my chin. “Why are you licking chocolate off me? I do not understand, Ky?”

Pressing a kiss to her cute ass mouth, I shrugged. “Playing, baby. For Valentine’s Day.”

“Playing?” she questioned, her forehead all creased.

I ran my hand through her short hair. “Yeah, playing. Having fun.”

Lilah’s tongue ran slowly round her bottom lip as I ran my finger over her chest and down her stomach to the top of her thighs. Collecting some of the chocolate sauce, I brought my finger to my mouth and sucked the chocolate right off.

Lilah’s eyes widened.

“You wanna play, Li?” I asked.

Lilah’s breathing paused for a few seconds, then lowering her eyes, she nodded her head.  I skirted down the bed, licking as I went, until I reached the top of her thighs to lap up the pooled chocolate.

Once finished, Lilah pushed on my head and guided me to the center of her pussy. And fuck if I didn’t know what she wanted.

Licking along her cunt, Lilah threw her head back and cried out. This was my favorite fucking place on Earth and, a few short minutes later, she gripped my hair and came in my mouth.

As I moved back over Lilah’s damp body, she put her hands on my shoulders and rolled us until I was on my back.

“You like that, baby?” I asked. “You liked me eating chocolate from your—”

Lilah put her hand over my mouth, cutting off my words. She then reached over and squeezed some sauce onto her finger. Tracing the chocolate around my lips, Lilah leaned forward, and with the tip of her tongue, licked the sauce clean off.

As Lilah sat back up, she took hold of my cock, making me blind in pleasure.

“Baby…” I groaned as she put me inside her. Her nails dug deep into my shoulders as I filled her to the hilt. Then my woman started to move, my fingers wrapping round her thighs.

“Ky…” Lilah moaned as she built up speed, her tits bouncing. Reaching for her waist, I pulled her forward and took those tits in my mouth.

Lilah rode me harder, her speed increasing with every thrust, and I pushed my cock up in reply, my eyes rolling back in my fucking head.

“Ky… it feels…” Lilah moaned, and I felt her pussy clench around my dick as her head snapped back and she came. I couldn’t take it, couldn’t take how she was gripping me, milking me; how fucking beautiful she looked riding my dick.

And I came. I fucking came harder than ever before, Lilah collapsing onto my chest, breathing hard.

Nothing was said for minutes, I just wrapped my arms round her back and held her tight to me. We were damp and sticky… and I’d never felt so fucking good.

Raising her head, Lilah threw me a smile and giggled as she wiped chocolate from the corner of my mouth with her thumb. Catching her hand, I brought her thumb to my mouth, sucking on the digit, watching Lilah’s pupil’s dilate.

“You never took advantage of my body, Li.” I flicked my head in the direction of the Cool Whip I’d lined up and I smirked. Lilah stroked back my hair, her upper lip hooking in amusement. She kissed my lips briefly before pulling back.

“I enjoyed what you did to me… I like to… play, as you call it, but…” Lilah trailed off.

“But what, baby?” I asked, cupping Lilah’s cheek.

Laying her hand over my hand on her cheek, she pierced me with those blue eyes that told me I was her everything… her fucking salvation.

“But I prefer making love to you without the play. I do not need gimmicks to enhance what I feel when we are connected. Every time we make love, my heart melds to yours just that little bit more.”

As I stared at Li, my heart fucking pounding with what she’d just said, I rolled us over until she faced me on the bed.

I stared at her for what felt like an age and she simply stared right back. “Missed you, Li,” I eventually said.

“I missed you too,” she replied.

Lilah leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my lips, before rolling off the bed and walking to the bathroom.

I heard the faucets of our huge tub turn on, and the smell of vanilla drifted out of the door.

Lilah appeared in the doorway and tilted her head, holding out her hand. It didn’t take me but five seconds to get over to her and into the tub.

Five minutes later, with Lilah’s back lying against my stomach, she whispered, “Thank you for making me feel special on this Valentine’s Day.”

I held her tighter. Lilah then turned in my arms, wrapping her legs round my waist and her arms round my neck.

She pressed her forehead to mine. “And now I shall show you how special you are to me.”

Beauty and Tank had been right.

I was geyser level laid.

Part Three

Forever “Property of Styx”


The minute I arrived at my cabin I texted one of the new prospects, telling him to come and get my truck. I listed everything I needed doing and headed toward the front door.

Just as I turned onto the porch, I saw a Harley parked up out back… a black and chrome Fat Boy customized with fucked up paintings of Hades and red and orange flames. That bike only belonged to one man… one brother I couldn’t get the fuck away from my cabin.


The psycho brother Flame.

Walking to my door, Flame was pacing the back porch, his crazy fucking eyes wild. Hearing my footsteps sound on the wood, Flame snapped his eyes to mine, his knife pulled out ready to cut a fucker up.

When he saw it was me, the muscles in his neck twitched and he stormed my way. “When’s she back?” he said through clenched teeth.

“Thirty, forty minutes,” I signed back. Flame watched my hands move and his black eyes settled down, but his hands still shook like fuck.

I pushed my key into the lock and looked to him again. He was staring at his hands, a confused look on his face.

I whistled and the brother met my eyes.

“You good?” I signed.

Flame scraped his fingernails down his cheek, huge welts appearing on the skin that his beard didn’t cover. “Been on the road too long. Too long, Prez. Haven’t slept. Haven’t eaten… just need to see her. Can’t switch my brain off. Just keep seeing her face in my head.”

Flame’s eyes bore into mine and I nodded my head. Fuck knows what was going through his mind, but the fucked up possessive way he was ‘bout Maddie had gotten worse.

I knew I shouldn’t have taken him on that run. He was more unstable than ever. Maddie was completely fucking with his head.

Letting go of the key, I walked near him and every part of him tensed.

I held my hands up. “Fuck, brother, I ain’t gonna touch you,” I signed.

Flame relaxed some, but his eyes were bright red from lack of sleep and he was losing his fucking grip on reality.

“I’m out tonight, Maddie needs watching. You good with that?”

Flame’s hand shook again as he watched me sign and he blew a long breath through his flaring nostrils.

“Yes. She’ll be safe. She’ll always be safe. No one will touch her,” he snarled, sounding like a rabid dog ripped straight outta hell.

I threw him a nod. “Beauty and Tank’ll be here too.”

He tensed again, but he let it go. Mae wouldn’t leave Madds with Flame alone. The brother knew that.

“Go home, get showered, and for fuck’s sake eat. Then get back here in forty, yeah?” I signed.

Flame hesitated, his eyes glazed over from lack of food and rest, but the brother jumped on his Harley and took off like a bat outta hell.

Pushing through my door, I jumped in the shower, then loaded up the truck with what needed to go to the cabin.

A couple of prospects turned up and drove the truck out where I wanted to go. Five minutes later, I was sitting in the TV room when I heard a truck pull up.

I knew Flame was out there already. I’d been listening to his feet pace on the porch again for the last ten minutes.

The door swung open, and before I’d even had time to blink, Mae was running my way with a huge fucking smile and she almost tackled me to the ground.

“River…” she whispered, her arms like a vise around my neck.

River… I closed my eyes when she called me that name.

As I clung her tiny waist more tightly, it was the first time in days that I felt myself relax. The shit we’d just had to do on the road had taken its toll on me. Real fucked up shit. And coming back to my old lady dressed in her tight jeans and fitted sweater, all wolf eyes shining and smelling of vanilla, it fucking settled me right down.

I did what I had to for the club, but more importantly, for this fucking woman who was in my arms. She was the damn air that I breathed.

She was everything.

Mae pulled back and tears were in her eyes. “I missed you,” she breathed, and I crushed my lips to hers. As I broke away, she added, “So so much…”

Hearing footsteps behind Mae, I sighed and stepped back, signing for Mae’s eyes only, “Yeah, babe, you were fuckin’ missed too.”

Reaching down, Mae linked her index finger around mine and I breathed deep.

This woman owned my fucking soul.

Lifting our joined fingers, I pressed a kiss to Mae’s hand and, casting her a side-glance I saw her sigh. I threw her a wink and she giggled.

Like I said… my fucking soul.

As I darted my gaze to the noise at the entrance to my house, I saw Maddie standing to the side, staring at Mae and me, when all of a sudden, Beauty and Tank walked in.

“Beauty?” Mae greeted, and she frowned in confusion. “Why are you here?” She then turned bright red. “Not that you are not welcome, but it is the evening, and—”

Beauty stepped forward, cutting Mae off. “Don’t sweat it, darlin’. I know you didn’t mean nothing by it.”

“Thank you,” Mae answered.

“Beauty threw her arm round Tank’s waist. “We’re here to keep Maddie company.”

The floorboard creaked near the stairs and I looked over to see Maddie edging upstairs. Her green eyes were huge and afraid.

“I… I will be in my room.” With that, Mae’s little sister ran up the stairs, her oversized pilgrim dress drowning her tiny frame. She’d gotten rid of that fucking ugly headdress at last.

Mae watched Maddie go, and the same look of sadness washed over her face as it always did when she thought of her sister. I squeezed her hand and she turned to Beauty and smiled.

It was all fake.

I knew she was always worried about Madds.

Mae seemed to shake herself round. “Why are you here to look after Maddie? Where are we going?” Mae then met my eyes.

Releasing our fingers, I moved to the coat hook in the hallway and picked up my leather jacket and grabbed Mae’s too.

She took it from my hands as I shrugged mine on, then signed, “Out.”

Mae’s eyebrows pulled down in confusion, but Beauty laughed and waved Mae out the door.

“Y’all have fun!”  Beauty shouted as I took Mae’s hand and led her to my bike.

“Styx? Where are we going?” Mae asked with a huge, fucking blinding smile.

“I-It’s a s-s-surprise,” I replied as I straddled my bike. Reaching out my arm, I wrapped it round Mae’s waist and pulled her forward until she was flush against my chest.

“Styx!” she cried and started laughing.

“B-B-Babe, get th-the f-fuck on m-my b-b-bike.”

Mae didn’t hesitate. It was one of the many things I loved about her. She trusted me. Never doubted me. To me, that was golden.

As my bike started, Mae wrapped her arms around my waist and I pulled out onto the open road. Mae tucked her head into my jacket and squeezed me tight. I was sure I heard her whisper, “I love you.”

Releasing my hand, I ran it over her engagement ring and my heart nearly stopped remembering my proposal. It wasn’t romantic. It wasn’t planned. I’d bought that ring within months of having her back in my life. I knew one day she’d be my old lady.

Months ago the moment felt right to ask her, so I did.

We were alone. Away from the dumbfucks at the club, and I asked the only girl I’d ever loved… my number three… the only bitch I could ever speak to… to marry me.

Even thinking of that time brought a damn smile to my face…


“I love this cabin,” Mae said, for the fucking hundredth time, as we sat beside the lake of the cabin I owned in bumfuck nowhere. I just needed to have her to myself for a few days.

No cell phones.

No club business.

Just me and my wolf eyed woman. The chick I’d loved since I was a kid.

I watched Mae stare out across the water as I leaned back against a rock, Fender in my hands, a smoke in my mouth. I plucked tune after tune as we did sweet fuck all.

She was one beautiful bitch. My beautiful bitch, lying there on her front, hands under her chin, as she stared up at the full moon.

This was heaven to her. Me, her, no fucker else, and above all, her freedom from that fucked up cult.

Taking a final drag of my smoke, I flicked the cherry to the ground. When I glanced back up, Mae was watching me.

“Play me something,” she asked.

My old lady loved it when I sang to her. So continuing the song I’d just been strumming, Nine Inch Nail’s ‘Hurt’, I opened my mouth and let the stammer-free words pour out.

I sang the whole song, never taking my eyes off Mae. My chest tensing as I sang the gutting words, Mae’s eyes filled with water.

As I watched my woman sitting on the dried grass, here, in the middle of nowhere, I knew what I was gonna do at the end of this song.

I never thought I’d marry anyone, but the thought of tying Mae to me for life had me thinking about nothing else.

As the string rang off, there was nothing but silence around us. I noted Mae wiping her cheeks.

Taking a deep breath, thinking through my words, I asked, “M-M-M… M-Marry m-m-me.”

Mae jerked her head up in shock and blinked at me, her huge lashes working hard to clear the tears… and then she fucking blinked again.

And then a-fuckin’-gain.

“What?” she whispered.

Gripping the neck of my Fender, I sucked in a breath, my eyes twitching, and repeated, “M-Marry m-m-m… m-me…”

I exhaled, panting quickly at how hard these words were to get out of my fucking stupid mouth. Mae was breathing hard too, but she hadn’t moved a muscle.

“River…” she rasped and lifted to all fours, crawling forward. Mae stopped right before me, took the Fender and laid it on the ground.

Lifting to her knees, she straddled my thighs and took my dark stubbled cheeks in her hands, her fucking cute nose twitching in nerves.

“River… my, River… you wish to marry me?” she asked in disbelief.

Wrapping my arms around her waist, I pulled her forward and kissed her full lips. Breaking away, I squeezed my eyes, my heart racing in my chest and said, “Y-Yeah, b-b-babe. Y-Y-You n-need to be for-for-forever m-m-mine.

“Styx,” she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I want to be forever yours. I have never wanted anything else. I love you. You are the only boy, and forever will be the only boy, who holds my heart.”

Sighing in relief, I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a small leather box I’d had there for what felt like forever. Opening the box, a platinum gold ring with a square diamond sat in the middle. Taking the ring from the box, I tilted it so Mae could read the inscription inside.

“Forever Property of Styx,” she read aloud and beamed a huge smile. Taking the back of her hand, she stroked her fingers down my cheek and said, “I have only ever loved one man, Styx, and that is you.”

I huffed a laugh. It was what she’d said to me all those weeks ago when she’d decided she wanted this life in my MC with me.

Lifting Mae’s shaking left hand, I slipped the ring on her slim finger and pulled it to my mouth.

“L-L-Love y-you,” I said quietly. Mae started to cry, curling herself against my chest.

“I never dreamed I could be so happy…” she trailed off and I smiled as I watched her hold her ring up in the air. “River?” she asked, and I ran my hand through her hair.


 “I am barely able to wait until I am your wife.”

The words were what I wanted to hear, but there was a sad tone to her voice. Gently nudging her head with my shoulder, I forced her to look up.

“Wh-What’s wr-wr-wrong?”

Mae ducked her eyes. “I want my sisters to be happy first. I want them to be as happy as I am here, with you, on the outside.”

Her face told me she was worried I would be mad. It was the opposite. Half the reason I loved this woman like I did was because she was the most selfless person I’d ever met in my life.

“Th-Th-Then we w-w-wait,” I said, my stutter pushing through.

Mae’s eyes lit up. “Are you sure?”

Pulling back, my throat too tight to speak, I signed, “I’ve waited this long to have you, babe, what’s a few more months…”


Without realizing it, we’d ridden an hour. Seeing the turn off for the familiar country road, I turned off, and ten minutes later, we arrived at the cabin.

Cutting off the engine, Mae sat back, removed her helmet, and stretched out her muscles. I heard her gasp in surprise.

“Styx, what is all of this?”

Mae got off the bike after me and I walked forward, leading us to the place I’d chosen, beside the lake. I nodded my head at what the prospects had put together. There was a pallet by the water and they’d lit the whole thing with lights. The roses and chocolates Beauty had bought were waiting on a flat rock nearby.

Yeah. I’d definitely look like a pussy after all this…

“Styx, why have you done all this?” Mae asked again, her eyes drifting over the gifts and blankets on the ground.

I turned around. “Val-Valentine’s D-D-Day.”

Mae frowned. “I’m afraid I do not know what that is?”

I stilled and closed my eyes. I was gonna fucking kill Beauty for this. She’d fucking set us up.

“Styx? What is Valentine’s Day?”

“February fourteenth. It’s a day for folks who are together. A day where the man shows the woman how much he loves her or some shit,” I signed.

Mae’s eyes grew huge. “And you brought me to where you proposed marriage?”

I shrugged.

Mae stepped closer. “Because you wanted me to know I was special to you. On this day when a man shows a woman how much he loves her?”

I shrugged again.

Mae stepped closer still until she was right before me. “And you brought me here?”

“It was the place I’d seen you most happy,” I signed. I knew I wouldn’t get my words out, not with all this soppy shit clogging my throat.

Mae’s hands lifted and she slowly pulled down the zipper on my jacket. “And the roses and chocolates? Are they also for me? For Valentine’s Day?”

I nodded my head, as she threw my jacket to the ground and lifted my shirt over my head. Mae sucked in a breath and ran her hand down my bare chest.

Eyes glazed, she moved to my jeans and unfastened the button, my cock already hard and waiting for her touch.

Unable to take anymore, I ripped her jacket, tank, jeans and bra off in record time, leaving my woman stood only in her panties.

“F-Fuck…” I hissed as I smashed my mouth to Mae’s, backing us round the fire the prospects had lit and down onto the pallet.

Feeling Mae shiver, I lifted the quilt and wrapped it around us. Mae’s hand opened my jeans, pulling out my dick. As I groaned into her mouth, her hand began stroking up and down my cock and I tore my lips from hers.

Mae worked me faster in her hand as I kissed down her neck and licked down to her tits. Sucking a nipple into my mouth, I ran my hands down to her panties and ripped them clean off.

Mae moaned as my fingers ran along her pussy. And as her hand built up speed, so did my hand against her clit, until Mae came apart in my arms. I held my breath as she released my dick, too close to coming myself.

“Styx…” she whispered as I lifted her slight frame. Slowly, I plunged my cock inside her, gritting my teeth at the feel.

Feeling her skin was cold, I wrapped the quilt around us and, holding Mae’s hips, ground her back and forth.

Mae’s hands cupped my cheeks, and she stared into my eyes.

The entire place was silent. Silent except for the sounds coming from us and the crackling of the fire.

“Baby,” Mae murmured as I pressed against her clit with my finger. “I am going to… I am going to…” Mae’s eyes closed as she came. Mae gasped for breath as her orgasm ripped through her.

She was so damn tight, her pussy contracting and clamping down on my cock. Mae’s hips worked faster as she drew out her orgasm for as long as she could. But when she clawed at my back and latched her lips onto my neck, sucking real hard, I fucking came apart too.

Mae’s tits pressed against my chest as I slowly worked us down, then I laid back on the blanket, Mae still flush to my front.

We stared into the flames of the fire as I ran my fingers down her spine. Mae traced the tattoos on my arms, then lifted her head up and slowly kissed my lips.

Releasing her lips, she smiled. “I love you, River. I love how you cherish me like this.”

“L-L-Love you too, b-babe,” I replied and Mae lay back onto my chest.

Nothing was said for a while, until Mae asked, “Styx?”


“Are we staying at this cabin all night?”

“Mmmhmm…” I murmured back.

“Good, because I want to do nothing but be alone with you.”

I smiled as she sighed in happiness and I heard her breathing evening out. “Styx?” she murmured sleepily.


“I love Valentine’s Day…”

Then my woman fell asleep.

Linking her left hand through mine, I stared at the ring glistening on her finger and looked up to the black sky filled with stars.

She wanted to wait for her sisters to be happy before we married.

Lilah was fucking married to Ky and was now the happiest bitch I’d ever seen.

That only left Madds.

Closing my eyes, I sent a silent request to Hades…

 Fucking find someone for Maddie quick, so I can hurry the fuck up and finally marry my wolf eyed reason for breathing…

 Part Four

Thank you for caring


I had been sitting here at my window all night watching the moon… watching the stars in the sky, wondering what the world outside was like.

I liked it in my room, here in Mae and Styx’s new home. I felt safe just sitting at the window watching the birds fly in the sky… watching the fluffy white clouds roll by… and watching Flame pacing on the lawn just below the window seat where I spent my days.

He was out there now, walking back and forth. Eleven steps to the right and eleven steps to the left. Never more than eleven steps. Sometimes he would hold a knife, cutting at his arms eleven times before taking a rest, and other times he would scratch—eleven times—at his skin or pull—eleven times— at his strangely-styled hair.

Always eleven times. I always wondered why?

Flame fascinated me.

Of late, I found myself watching him more than I ought to.

And sometimes Flame would look up at my window… and sometimes our eyes would meet. When that happened, his almost-black eyes meeting my green, he would cease his walking… he would cease all his cutting, his scratching and the pulling of his hair.

When our eyes met, he did nothing but stare…

I did not like it when Flame hurt himself. It made something inside of me cry. So I tried to hold his gaze as long as possible.

I did not want him to feel pain. I wanted him safe.

I knew what it was like to feel real pain … and I did not want that for him… especially not for Flame.

I wanted Flame to find real peace…to finally be at peace with himself.

Too busy counting Flame’s eleven paces on the lawn, his eyes firmly fixed on the ground, I did not hear the sound of footsteps on the stairs. It was only when there was a knock at my door that I jumped and gripped at my chest in fear.

When I said nothing, another knock sounded at my door and my whole body began to shake. I did not like the sound of a knock at my door. It frightened me… made me think of when I was back in the comm—

“Maddie? Darlin’? You okay?”

My hands trembled on hearing the voice beyond the door, but I breathed slowly knowing that it was Beauty.

“Yes,” I answered quietly, closely watching the doorknob as it began to turn.

Beauty’s smiling face was the first thing I saw. She walked into my room holding a small red heart-shaped box in her hands.

I stayed still and watched her every move.

“I wanted to give you these, darlin’. I didn’t want Valentine’s Day to go by and for you to not get a gift.”

Beauty placed the box on my bed, and I craned my neck to see what it contained. The label read: ‘Luxury Chocolates’.

I did not understand why Beauty was giving me chocolates.

“You know what Valentine’s Day is, sweets?” Beauty asked, and folded her arms across her chest, leaning on my set of drawers.

I shook my head. Valentine’s Day? I had never heard of such a day.

“It’s a day to be all romantic,” she explained, but I knew my face remained blank.

Beauty clearly saw this in my vacant expression and slowly stated, “It’s a day when you show that one person who is special to you that you care.”

I stared at the chocolates and, holding my shaking hands together so Beauty would not see me tremble, asked, “And… you give ‘luxury chocolates’ to someone who makes you feel special? To show them that you care about them too?”

Beauty’s face broke out in a huge smile. “Yes, darlin’!”

My eyebrows pulled down. “Why?”

Beauty shrugged. “Hell if I know, sweets. I reap the benefits once a year and don’t complain!”

The red box caught my eye again. “Then why give it to me? We are not ‘romantic’.”

Beauty sighed. “Because I care about you, girl. All of us here do. I simply wanted to show you that, in my own little way.”

Beauty seemed to want me to say something else in return, but I did not know what to say. After minutes of awkward silence, she moved from my set of drawers toward the door.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, darlin’,” she said, and quietly left me alone.

Casting a glance down to the lawn, I saw that Flame was pulling at his hair and talking to himself. Seeing the box on my bed, I placed my feet on the cool wooden floor and crossed the room to study it.

The box was indeed in the shape of a heart. I placed my hand over my chest to feel the beating of my heart.

The chocolates were for someone who made you feel special… who you felt in your heart.

Beauty had said you give someone Luxury Chocolates to show that you care, or to thank them for caring for you.

I stared at the wooden wall of my room, then moved to the small white writing desk beside my bed. Taking a pen and a sheet of paper, I quickly scribbled a note.

Picking up the box of chocolates, I walked to my door and took a deep breath.

My hand shook as I gently turned the doorknob, but I really wanted to do this. I had to do this.

Creeping quietly across the hallway and down the stairs, I tiptoed past the living room where Beauty and her husband were sitting watching television.

Arriving at the back door, I unlatched the lock and opened the door, the cool evening breeze immediately hit my face.

Steeling my nerves, I walked round the porch, the wood groaning under my feet.

That noise made me freeze. At that very moment Flame came into view… he had moved toward the noise, his knife held high…

But he stilled when he saw it was me.

I felt like I could not breathe.

Our gazes were locked. But my heart skipped a beat when his dark eyes appeared red and tired.

Had he not been sleeping?

Hearing the chocolates rattling in the box due to my trembling hands, I tiptoed forward, then forward once more, until Flame stood only a few feet away.

Flame lowered his knife. I could see his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in his throat. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but no words escaped his lips.

Bravely, bending down, I placed the box of chocolates on the floor and pushed them slowly to his feet. Flame did not look down, he kept staring into my eyes.

As I straightened, I tried to smile, but nerves had me running back inside, where I quickly shut the door.

Hearing a noise, Beauty came running through. “Maddie? You okay?”

Tank came behind her. Nodding my head, I ran to my room. Taking a seat at my window, I watched Flame stare down at the box.

Then I held my breath, patiently waiting to see what he would do next…



One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

I counted my heartbeat. It was too fast.

Too fast.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

My eyes were stinging.  My head jerked and twitched.  All I could do was stare at this box. This red box. The red box at my feet.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

This box from Maddie… Maddie

She’d been here. She’d come outside. She’d looked at me. She’d smiled at me.

Me. She’d smiled at me.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

You needed to see her, you wanted to see her, my mind told me over and over again.

I did. But now I couldn’t move. She’d been right there, in front of me. And I couldn’t fucking move!

The box. She gave you a box, my mind pushed again. What’s in the red box?

My eyes were blinking, stinging, blurring. I reached down and picked up the red box.

My head twitched yet again.

It’s in the shape of a heart. Maddie gave you her heart, my mind explained.

And there was a note… a note written by her hand…

Read it. You have to read it.

I lifted the pink sheet of paper and opened it as gently as I could.

Don’t break it. You can’t tear it. Maddie wrote something to you.

I blinked the sting of no sleep from my eyes and read the short note.


Thank you for caring.”

My heart… my heartbeat was too fast again as I read her words…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

I closed my eyes. My heart was beating too fast.

Too fast because of Maddie.


Thank you for caring.”


Thank you for caring.”

She’d thanked me for caring. She’d given me candy for caring… and this note. She’d written me a note.

She’d written me a motherfucking note…



Maddie thanked me for caring…

No fucker had ever thanked me for shit… except her. For slaughtering that Moses cunt… for caring…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

Look up… Look up, my mind ordered.

I clutched the red box to my chest. I was extra careful not to break it. I couldn’t break it…

I looked up.

Maddie was at her window. Her hand pressed against the glass, watching…

Watching me.

Smiling at me.

Maddie was at the window.

Her eyes met mine.


My Maddie…

My head twitched and my hands shook again… I wanted to speak. I wanted to tell her…

… Thank you for caring too…

 The end 

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