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“Sometimes you slay a dragon. Sometimes you cut off its head and three more grow in its place.”
We’re loving it! A compelling, tragic, addictive, thrilling and sensual read we can’t put down
Available to Pre Order here – Releasing 13th Feb  Amazon US  and Amazon UK

Latest Favourite Reads

Did you see the fabulous books we reviewed in January? We had 5 x 5 Star reads this month! Wow! Talk about reading heaven. Check them out, there’s something for every reading taste here.

CRACKS DUET by L H COSWAY (First love, second chance heartfelt enduring love story)

‘The best memories live on forever in our hearts.’

The Cracks Duet reminded us why we adore L H Cosway so much. The way this author can bring such warmth, sincerity and relatability to her stories, we feel at one with the pain, the joy, the quirkiness of the characters, not to mention the beautiful soul searing romance that was at the forefront of this story, oh yes, we once again found ourselves falling in love with everything about this authors words.
Evelyn and Dylan’s story will put your heart through its paces and it’s worth every minute! –  5 Stars!

TRICK ROLLER (Seven of Spades #2) by CORDELIA KINGSBRIDGE (MM Romantic suspense Series)

‘…it was different this time. Everything was different with Dominic.’

We just cannot express how much we love this series; we bloody LOVE it! Both books –in this continuing series– so far have been five stars for us and we’re unbelievably excited for book three, so much so we can barely contain ourselves. The story and the character development is just fantastic as we get to know the characters even more, making us feel like we’re amongst friends as we’re reading. It’s just so wonderful to find a series that has absolutely everything we love. It’s thrilling, intriguing, exciting, compelling, sweet and very hot. A brilliant sexy whodunit. – 5 Stars!

THREE BLIND DATES by MEGHAN QUINN (Standalone swoony romantic comedy)

‘Three men. Three perfectly matched men. Three perfectly matched, handsome, amazing men…’

We now have a favourite Meghan Quinn book and without hesitation it’s this one. Oh how we fell in love with this wonderful romance, which had us swooning and laughing in equal measure. It was just perfection. We fell in love with all the characters and the storyline was just brilliant. It felt fresh unique and was quite simply the epitome of why we love reading romance. It was our first read of 2018 as well as our first five star read and we feel truly blessed. We also loved how it reminded us of the show we love, First Dates. – 5 Stars!

THE BITTERROOT INN (Jamison Valley ##5) by DEVNEY PERRY (emotional and heartfelt small town romance – single Mum)

‘I’d come to Prescott with a plan; to look out for this beautiful soul. My plan had just changed. Now I was here to win her heart.’

Oh wow, we loved this book so much, Hunter and Maisy’s love story was so emotional yet so heart-warmingly beautiful too. There’s something about Devney Perry’s heroes that have our hearts melt into puddles on the floor and their passion sets our pulse on fire. They’re not bad guys or anti-heroes, rather they’re sexy commanding good men with huge hearts. They’re refreshing yet also reminiscent of the book heroes we fell in love with many years ago. We actually think this author’s heroes are some of our favourites. – 5 Stars!

KEEP HER SAFE by K A TUCKER (Standalone gripping suspense with romance)

‘Fourteen years of this secret, festering inside her. What if it has festered too long? What if she has no real chance for recovery?’

Secrets, lies and cover up’s made for an exciting ride that had us riveted from the first to the last page. We couldn’t move! Keep Her Safe was brilliantly written with characters who each have their own burden to bear tied up in others’ in an intricate web of deceit and uncomfortable truths. Just who is telling the truth and what lengths will they go to in order to seek justice or hide what happened all those years ago? How far is the shadow cast from the sins of your loved ones? – 5 Stars!

LAST CHANCE by LAUREN RUNOW (A Standalone gut wrenching friends to lovers)

‘Why are my dreams coming true when everything else is falling apart?’

Beautiful and heart-breaking. A true soul mate love story; one that dreams are made of despite the direction the characters’ journey takes. Such a truly emotional journey that’ll have your heart caught up in every word and your tears fall in both happiness and intense sadness too. The heart wants what it wants no matter the circumstances and the intense moment of passionate love and happiness -no matter how brief- vastly outweighs never to have met your true love at all. – 4.5 Stars!

ESCAPE (The Getaway Series #3) by JAY CROWNOVER (Standalone cowboy friends to lovers romance with suspense)

“From the very beginning, since before I was old enough to know what it meant, I wanted it to be you and me, Brynn.”

We’ve followed them through Retreat and Shelter, catching snippets of their unrequited love story along the way, all the time eagerly awaiting the moment we finally got to know the nitty-gritty of the youngest Warner, and the woman he loved from afar, so it was fitting the final book in this fabulous series we’ve devoured, should belong to Lane Warner and Brynn Fox-Warner. Theirs is a journey of sacrifice, unrequited love, pain, forgiveness, loyalty, childhood friends to lovers, compassion, family and love, with the family theme running at its core.  – 5 Stars!

SKYE’S THE LIMIT (Doomsday Preppers #1) by ELLE AYECART (Standalone uniquely sweet romcom)

“Are you my safety net?”
“You bet I am.”

There was much to like about this quirky story that also dealt with some heavy issues. Although masked in humour, we experienced the sheer pain and emotion beneath the wit, our hearts going out to Sky during her moments of personal torment, drawing raw emotion underneath the fun delivery. he teasing and banter between all the characters and especially Sky and Logan was tremendous fun. The chemistry and passion between these two was off the charts HOT. – 4 Stars!

‘MIDNIGHT BLUE by L J SHEN (Standalone tortured gritty rockstar romance with arsehole hero)

Alex Winslow didn’t do love. He only did hate. I wondered if he knew that.’

If you love your book boyfriends on the broody, cocky, arseholery and tortured side, then you’re gonna love angst ridden rock god, Alex Winslow. But be warned….this quintessential bad boy British rocker will test your heart and stretch your resolve to its limits with his jerkish behaviour in this gritty romance. What an addictive read which captured the tortured hero perfectly! An angsty, emotional, raw and passionate journey. There were times our hearts took a beating and we really did wonder if Alex would ever sort his shit out and see what was right in front of him. – 4 Stars! 


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