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 “I’m broken, Liam.”
“No, little siren, you’re breaking free.”

And….breathe! Wow! What a fabulously twisty, sexy, emotional, heart stopping and all round bloody fantastic read Double Vision was! We felt as though we held our breath until the last page!

L.M. Halloran exemplifies why we love trying new authors! This is the third book we’ve read from this talented author since her first release last year! Each book has been vastly different – from rock star romance, professor/student forbidden love to her new offering, an edge of your seat gripping, cat and mouse, romantic suspense set around the Irish Mafia, with lies, deceit, passion, duplicity and a story where nothingand we mean nothing is as it seems. Our minds were working overtime trying to anticipate how Liam and Eden’s story was going to end. And yet nothing prepared us for the ride we were embarking on!

“Men like Liam feed off control. They don’t play the game with us mortals. They create the game board. Sometimes they like to flip it upside down and watch us fall.”

L.M. Halloran is a chameleon, and she is the real deal. A truly talented and terrific storyteller, her writing is nothing short of stellar and in this story she battered our hearts, put our stomachs in knots and just when we thought…can she really wrap this story up to our expectations? She went and delivered a fabulous ending, and kick arse epilogue……seriously….we were goners! Brilliant. Wonderfully brilliant perfection, and a perfect way to end Liam and Eden’s chaotic love story..sigh….

“It’s my fault. I made you the center of my universe. But you’re a man, not a god. Men aren’t meant to be worshipped.”
“No, we’re not.”

Twenty Two year old, Eden Sumner was a vulnerable yet tough young lady contemplating her future as she is ready to embark on her final stint of medical school. There is an internal battle going on with Eden. Part of her is ready for her next step, part of her is hesitant. There is a part of Eden that’s confused about her desires, her need to be dominated. Men like Liam Rourke are her weakness!

I blurt “What do you want from me?”
He doesn’t look at me when he says, “More than I should.”
That makes two of us.’

Out on a rare night with friends, Eden encounters the handsome, wealthy and somewhat dangerous Liam Rourke…oh dear, be still our beating book hearts…Liam Mathias Rourke….what a man…what a sexy, complicated, commanding, mysterious and utterly fascinating man, at a party. Liam recognises something in Eden he desires to explore. Eden finds herself demanding her needs from Liam.

‘He’s the sun, dissolving my darkness and filling me with molten light.’

Was their meeting accidental or something else entirely? Is either Eden or Liam who they think or say they are? Are they hiding secrets? Well, we’re not going to reveal anything to you except to say…strap yourselves in for a ride full of emotion, excitement, suspense and heat.

“I’ve often wondered if it wasn’t me that found you but the other way around.”

There’s so much we’d love to tell you about this story, however, to experience the heart pumping adrenaline spiking story you need to go in blind. Trust us, you’ll thank us for that advice! We can tell you Eden and Liam’s love story will test you, tempt you and torture you…in the best possible way. Irish mobsters, a complicated love story, duplicitous characters all make this one fabulous journey!

Fellow readers, if you haven’t already, be sure to give this incredibly talented author a 1click because with her latest offering, she has just catapulted herself to the top of our TBB must 1click author fave list!

‘I don’t know how this story ends – for either of us – but I’m sick of reading.’


Everything has a price, and the price of truth is steepest of all. 

Eden has an ironclad five-year plan. In three months, she’s saying good riddance to Los Angeles and returning to the Pacific Northwest for medical school. Nothing is going to get in her way.

Nothing… but the impossible.

When she glimpses her doppelgänger at a party, the seemingly accidental meeting turns her life in a direction she never imagined, shredding everything she knows about herself and where she comes from.

The one constant in her collapsing world is Liam Rourke, a man whose dark desires are matched only by his tenderness. But Liam is more than a master in the bedroom—he’s a master of lies.

Uncovering the truth might cost Eden her life.

Her family.

Her love.

Some things are worth dying for.

Author’s NoteDouble Vision is a dark romance. Before you experience the story of Eden and Liam, please take heed of the following content warning: This novel contains themes which may be difficult for some readers. These elements include BDSM, criminal activity, dubious consent, violence, torture, and explicit sex. 18+ only, please.

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