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“Can we be scared together?”

Oh gosh, we LOVED this book! Everything about it left with a warm and giddy feeling of happiness. The feverish chemistry, by text and in person, the witty, flirty, fun and sexy banter, the emotional pull of two people afraid to let their hearts fly, and especially the beautifully sweet, sincere and wonderful way in which Natasha Boyd delivered Trystan and Emmy’s story. It was perfection, and we soon found ourselves texting our own love for Accidental Tryst whilst reading, unable to contain our excitement for this fabulous romantic comedy…..

OMG I’m loving this book
I love Trystan already
I’ve got a huge grin on my face
Me too! Their banter between Emmy and Trystan…its perfection!
I love everything about this book. Everything!
OMG! Me too! Everything! Natasha Boyd has written a blinder! Love it!

Well….you get the drift…we enjoyed this book immensely! We delighted in getting to know Emmy and Tristan thanks to a mix up at the airport which saw them grab each other’s mobile phones. With Trystan heading to South Carolina and Emmy heading to New York, they are unable to rectify the problem for a few days due to personal commitments.

‘Maybe most people never meet that someone, or maybe they don’t recognize when they do. Maybe they pass them on the street and share a look, but they don’t realize the size of the opportunity they are passing. Or they do but their hands are tied.’

Trystan L Montgomery initially came across as an uptight grumpy arse. A workaholic who seeks physical pleasure with no commitments or complications. However, as we came to know him, discovering so much more beneath the sexy and oh so VERY swoony Mr Montgomery!

Emmaline Angelique Dubois can’t get a read on Trystan. He’s all over the place…sweet and flirty one minute, a grumpy cock the next. Emmy has her own problems and doesn’t need her developing feelings for this man adding to them, but is helpless to resist the handsome Trystan.

‘I never saw him coming, but I knew he had quickly become an addiction that would be impossible to quit.’

We loved the way in which Emmy and Trystan’s relationship developed, and the way we were captivated as we learnt the reasons for Trystan being an emotionally disconnected relationship-phobe. At the same time, we discovered Emmy too was carrying her share of baggage, as Trystan and Emmy began to open up about their feelings and pasts before meeting in person.

“I’d really love to fall asleep talking to you.”

As Emmy and Trystan’s feelings develop, there were moments of tears as emotions felt so real, moments when we fanned ourselves over Trystan’s dirty talk and the intense passion between the two, and OMG! The intensity of their first meeting…we died!! Without question, we felt every look, every touch!  And that first kiss….one of the best first kisses we’ve ever read…..oh good Lord, did we swoon! As we turned the last page of Accidental Tryst we were left feeling warm, gooey, and very happy, as Natasha Boyd dealt out all the elements we were in the mood for.

 “Throw yourself into love, Emmy. It’s scary. I know.”

We’re so looking forward to the next standalone, Inconvenient Wife, – Beau’s story which releases in May.  We think we’re going to be seriously addicted to this series!


A new standalone, sexy, romantic comedy! Meet Trystan Montgomery. Suit monkey, commitment-phobic serial dater. No more than three dates, unless he hasn’t … you know. 

What a disaster! I only just made my flight to New York to help my uncle, and the phone I’m holding is not mine! It seems to belong to some commitment-phobic serial dater who’s never made it past four dates (according to the constant notifications he’s getting from his fake dating profile…) And worse? I have a sinking feeling it’s that hot suit-monkey with the arctic grey eyes I just had a run-in with at the airport. Somehow I have to persuade him not to get a new phone until I get back. My whole life is on that phone. It’s only a few days. Surely we can handle it.

Trystan :
This is a joke, right? My life could not get more f*cked up. I’m in the middle of selling my company and on my way to a funeral and that hot mess hippie-chick stole my freaking phone. I’m not sure how she convinced me not to immediately walk into a smart phone store and get a new one, but now she’s going to have to play stand in and distract me while I deal with my long-avoided and estranged family. I don’t have my dating apps after all, and frankly she’s pretty funny. And sexy. And why can’t I stop texting her? And now we’re talking. And … look, I’ll admit that I usually run for the hills the morning after, but the morning after phone sex? That’s not really real, right?

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