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“I wanted to chase darkness where we could hide beneath the shadows of a million sunsets.”

If there’s one thing we know when we pick up a Jewel E Ann book, it’s that we’re guaranteed a distinctive and extraordinary read. We also know we’ll meet characters who will burrow their way into our hearts and that this author will put those very hearts through emotional high jumps ensuring we experience feelings of epic proportions, and that certainly happened in in the Transcend Duet. A read we’ve no doubt makes its way into our Top Reads for this year!

‘He grabs my face and rests his forehead against mine. Without a confession, I feel his guilt. Without a single word, I feel his love.’

We’re not going to lie. We were both excited and hesitant to start Epoch, the conclusion to this fabulous duet. Excited to continue the story after that heart stopping cliff-hanger in Transcend, hesitant because we knew to brace our hearts for the rollercoaster of emotions we knew we were about to embark on.

“Thank you.”
“For what?”
For finding me.”

We won’t be telling you anything about the story in Epoch because, wow, you need, you really, really need to read Epoch completely spoiler free. Will your heart hurt? Absolutely. Will you heart soar? Absolutely! Will there be times you feel as though your heart won’t recover? Absolutely! Will you close this book feeling as though you’ve finished an epic love story, with tears unashamedly pouring down your cheeks? If you’re anything like us, you will!  Will it be worth the beating your heart will take? Absobloodylutely! We wouldn’t trade one intense, gripping, emotion filled heart stopping moment for anything!

“You ask me about my day, and…” I shake off the pain that’s suffocating me “…I know it’s not small talk. You really want to know about my day – about me.”

We know readers of this duet are either #TeamNate or #TeamGriffin…for us, it’s very much the latter. We’re both devoted Griffindors and we never swayed! We love Nate, but Griffin…that man really is a book boyfriend like no other. Now, regardless of whose team you’re on, your heart will experience everything we’ve mentioned above. Doesn’t matter if you love Nate or Griffin, you need to prepare your heart for a workout in Epoch!

‘Four walls. Two bodies. One love.’

If you’ve read Transcend you know the journey Swayze is on, and you know how conflicted and confused she is as she delves further into her ‘déjà vu’ moments. If you haven’t yet read Transcend, don’t worry, we’re not giving anything away, but know this, this story will consume you!

‘How can the touch of two different men reach my soul?’

Jewel E Ann has penned a brilliant, emotionally charged, suspenseful, swoony romantic and interesting story, interjected with the warm humour that is this author’s trademark. Swayze’s story began in Transcend and draws to its dramatic and epic conclusion in Epoch. We liken it to an intricate puzzle – a cleverly orchestrated puzzle that saw us clenching our hearts waiting for the final piece to fit in. Wow! We think we can finally exhale now that we’ve turned the final page.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers, letting her gaze drift to the floor.
“For what?”
“For waking the dead.”
“You didn’t wake the dead. You comforted the living.”

So, we guess you’re asking…was it #TeamNate or #TeamGriffin in the end, and were we happy with the outcome? Come on, you know us better than that, we’re not going to give anything away and plan to keep our poker faces intact until you’ve encountered the outcome for yourselves. All we’ll say is that we’ve experienced something so very special that will stay in our hearts for quite some time.

‘I’ve been loved by two men, neither feeling they were the worthy one, when the truth is I’m the one not worthy of this kind of love from them.’


Some lives end unfinished, and some transcend time.

After a horrific incident, Swayze finds herself trapped between two lives. Patchy memories and fear for her own safety thrust her into a gut-wrenching journey to uncover the truth.

Will she let her dreams slip away to seek retribution and find the missing pieces to a puzzle that existed a lifetime ago?

“I’m not going to watch you self-destruct. I’m not going to watch you fall in love with another man.”

Or will she discover the only truth that matters?

Epoch pushes the boundaries of what we believe and what we know. It redefines fate and proves that the only thing separating the heart and the soul is an infinite timeline.

“I think a part of you will be mine to love in every life.”

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