Wow! Another week has passed, and what a reading week we’ve had!
First up, head on over to our TotallyBooked Facebook Page for a fabulous M Robinson Giveaway! El Diablo and El Santo are gritty anti hero reads that blew our minds! El Diablo is a standalone, El Santo is part of the Saint-Sinner Duet.

What we’ve got for you this week!
If you’re after a fabulous weekend reading recommendation, we read three books this week we absolutely loved! Check out our Favourite Reads below for weekend reading inspiration!
We also share the latest Bookworld News, bring you some amazing Sales, keep you updated on all the New Releases, give you a comprehensive list of Upcoming Releases for April and catch you up on this week’s Cover Reveals! It’s all right here, in one place!

Before we go, we saw this Tweet the other day from @itsJoeHunt which gave us pause for thought….
A barista spends 3 minutes making you a $5.00 coffee, you tip them. A writer spends a year writing a book. You complain that $4.99 is too high.’

Happy Reading!

B B Easton – released Star, her next book in 44 Chapters (see our review‘I was wrong. She cannot be contained. She tricked me with her laugh and her falling ways. I didn’t know it was over. She’s not a falling star. She’s a supernova.’ Available now on amazon us | amazon uk
Abby McCarthy – gave us a tease from her upcoming mature age biker romance, Stronger Than This, releasing 30th April  “Do you think one day you’ll kill me?” “Only if you try to leave me.” ‘The first chance I got, I was running.
LJ Shen – gave us some news about about the All Saints High series!!! ‘Drama in Todos Santos, who would have thought?’ Pretty Reckless Book One – Daria’s story – Pretty Ruthless #2 (Vaughn’s story) – Pretty Restless #3 (Knight’s story) is in the works. This is the next generation from………….. but first, she tells us…Bane will be the next release. LJ recently released The End Zone, if you missed that. Available amazon us | amazon uk
Kathryn Andrews said she’s ‘super excited for y’all to meet Reid and Camiles in Chasing Clouds, her upcoming novel and said ‘I’m loving this story so much”
Kerry Heavens gave us all some fabulous news – Lucky Scars her adult standalone romance will be releasing soon. We’ll be adding this one to our TBR’s as we’re dying to read this authors work!
Emma Scott gave us a tease of One Good Man. Previously part of the Team Player anthology…‘His toughest game was winning her heart.’ releasing 19th April. (Our Emma Scott recs)
Ella Maise keeps teasing us with The Hardest Fall which is glaring at us on our TBR’s! We’re itching to start this one!  “Stay.” he said roughly. It took only one word. I stayed until he was ready to let go.’ (Our Ella Maise recs)
Jewel E Ann is enjoying success with her TBB5Star recommended Transcend Duet and gave readers a tease…’The greatest discoveries in the history of mankind have come from bold minds who dare to believe the unbelievable and venture to do the impossible.’ Arrgghh this duet……it toyed with our hearts. Check out our 5 Star review here and here.
Karen Ferry gave us a tease of Love Strung. ‘Mine, my heart whispered. Home, my soul sighed. Forever, my mind screamed.’ Oh wow!
Isla Madden-Mills gave us this tease from I Dare You, her upcoming sexy sports romance (and have you seen the cover!!!) releasing 28th April.  ‘Maverick Monroe is the best football player in the country. Just ask him.’ Oooh a cocky football playing hero…sign us up!
J R Ward gave us a sneak from her new release, The Thief…“Tell your King I want to meet with him. I think it’s about time.’ Available now amazon us | amazon uk – You’ll find the full BDB Reading order and all our BDB reviews here.
K A Linde gave us a tease of one of our most anticipated upcoming releases, Blood Type, a PNR read we’re dying to sink our teeth into (no pun intended!) “Are you so ready to give your blood to me, little one.” We do love our PNR reads and can’t wait to read this one releasing 24th April and available to pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Sunniva Dee gave us a tease from Regretfully Yours, coming 17th April – ‘Here he is, my captor, the beautiful psychopath who ells me he’s my soulmate.’
Jessica Ruben shared a tease of Rising (Vincent and Eve, Book 1), a dark MMA series we’re itching to start! ‘I’m the lister, the dreamer. The girl with her head in a book at all times. But even I know that in rder to survive here. I’ve got to belong. Loners get picked on and picked off.’  Ooooh angsty! Rising releases 1st May
Aly Martinez is plotting her next duet, The Truth about Lies and The Truth About Us. She says ‘Holy shizzle. Buckle up now y’all. This is gonna be a wild ride.’ Woohoo, we can’t wait. (Check out our Aly Martinez TBB Rec Duets)
Jodi Ellen Malpas will be satisfying our Royal Wedding Fever when The Controversial Princess (Smoke & Mirrors #1) releases on 22nd May. Did you know it’s up for pre order amazon us | amazon uk. We can’t wait…a princess and an actor….’Her father is The King of England. She is The Controversial Princess and he is the scandalously sexy American actor who becomes the princess’s ultimate vice.’
Alison G Bailey has a new book coming summer 2018. Alison says ‘Doug and Sophie from The Dance get to tell their own crazy, sexy, love story.’


Disgrace by Brittainy C Cherry releasing 26th April
One Good Man (Novella) by Emma Scott releasing 19th April
Stronger Than This by Abby McCarthy releasing 30th April
The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay releasing 8th May
Showmance by LH Cosway (New cover of existing book) Available amazon us | amazon uk
Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas releasing 17th April
Fling Club by Tara Brown releasing 14th August – pre order amazon us | amazon uk
The Misadventures with a Professor by Sierra Simone releasing 6th November pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Play Dirty by J A Huss releasing 27th June pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Unwritten by Rachel Lacey releasing 1st May
Straight Up Love by Lexi Ryan releasing 8th May pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Screwed by Kelly Jamieson releasing 28th May
Tulsa by S L Scott releasing 3rd May
Bloom by Cassia Leo releasing 4th May
Bittersweet by Carmen Jenner & Lauren K McKellar releasing 1st May
Sparks Fly by Nicole Douglas releasing 11th June pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Bad Intentions by Charleigh Rose releasing 30th April
Behind Me by Piper Reagan releasing 8th May pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Lyrical Lights by Maria La Serra releasing 19th April pre order for 99c/99p amazon us | amazon uk
Craving Mr Kinky by A M Madden & Joanne Schwehm releasing 20th June

✲Did you see the trailer for You by Caroline Kepness. Watch it here. OMG this look amazing! You can check out the book here amazon us | amazon uk
C J Roberts is elbow deep in the screenplay for The Captive in the Dark duet. We are dying for this one and will keep you posted. If you love dark romance and haven’t read this duet, you really need to! Check out the Duet here.
✲The DVD of Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin. will be available 24th April – You can pre order here  amazon us | amazon uk and check out our book review here.

Latest Favourite Reads

What an incredible reading week we’ve had! Again, each read was so different and each had our book hearts beating for very different reasons.
Check out the books we fell in love with this week!

5 Star MM Standalone Romance – An incredibly moving story of life, love and hope. Don’t miss this one!

“I told you, I don’t even recognise myself, anymore, and it’s because there are chunks of my heart that are missing and I’m not sure will ever grow back. But Jess –  …All I can tell you is that everything that’s left is one hundred percent yours. This broken mess – this needy, mixed-up shell of who I used to be – is utterly committed to you. I’m yours if you want me, and if you don’t, I get it, because God knows you can do better.”

Sometimes you read a book that reduces you to absolute tears to the point you’re unable to carry on and have to put your kindle aside for a while. Point of Contact is this kind of story. It was stunningly beautiful, heart-breaking, highly emotional, inspirational and hopeful. It was a story of love and overcoming tragedy and grief. A story of friendship and passion. Beauty and love can be found in the darkest of night. As has been said; only in complete darkness can you see the light of the stars.

A love story emerging from the shattered debris of war. A connection, a shared grief and a journey of healing. We experience the before then the after. Our hearts raced our hands felt clammy and our breathing became erratic as we absorbed ever word and its vivid imagery.

Available now amazon us | amazon us

EPOCH (Transcend Duet #2) by JEWEL E ANN
5 Star Duet – A unique, emotional, heartstopping and unforgettable read!

‘He grabs my face and rests his forehead against mine. Without a confession, I feel his guilt. Without a single word, I feel his love.’

If there’s one thing we know when we pick up a Jewel E Ann book, it’s that we’re guaranteed a distinctive and extraordinary read. We also know we’ll meet characters who will burrow their way into our hearts and that this author will put those very hearts through emotional high jumps ensuring we experience feelings of epic proportions, and that certainly happened in in the Transcend Duet. A read we’ve no doubt makes its way into our Top Reads for this year!

We know readers of this duet are either #TeamNate or #TeamGriffin…for us, it’s very much the latter. We’re both devoted Griffindors and we never swayed! We love Nate, but Griffin…that man really is a book boyfriend like no other. Now, regardless of whose team you’re on, your heart will experience everything we’ve mentioned above. Doesn’t matter if you love Nate or Griffin, you need to prepare your heart for a workout in Epoch!

Transcend is now available to purchase amazon us | amazon uk | our review 
Epoch is now available to purchase amazon us | amazon uk

Standalone – sweet, swoony yet angsty and emotional romance with a twist we didn’t see coming!

‘Love in all its splendour is a damned nightmare if kept secluded to a timeline. You don’t just stumble upon the love of your life and expect things to work out in your favour.
Love by its definition is a lie, its true definition is work and fuck lot of it. 
…….. Love is meant for the brave.’

We were wooed by ‘The King of Woo’ and bewitched by his ‘Witchy Woman‘ in this sweet, swoony slow burn romance which coasted along gently and beautifully as we connected to Cameron and Abbie and their unfolding relationship.

When the angst hit, our hearts went into overdrive as Kate Stewart tackled a subject that all too often is swept under the carpet. Our hearts ached for Abbie and Cameron as they went into their relationship with a naive understanding that they could leave their past baggage checked at the door. It wasn’t to be.

Kate Stewart delivered a real story, of real love, with real characters who had experienced real life, penning a brave passionate and highly emotional slow burn romance that will surprise you with its provocative honesty.

‘Live early’ – available now amazon us | amazon uk
Review coming soon!


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