Another week has passed us by! And what a week it’s been!
We bring you the latest Bookworld News, Recap our April Reviews, tell you about our Latest Book Love, our Current Read…plus some fabulous Sales, New Releases and all the Upcoming releases for May and beyond!

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Check out the books that got our hearts racing in Amazing April! 

Point of Contact by Melanie Hansen – Standalone. An emotional MM with military theme Our Review
Epoch (Transcend Duet #2) by Jewel E Ann – Duet. An epic romantic journey  Our Review
Accidental Tryst by Natasha Boyd – Standalone. Sweet and swoony rom-com  Our Review
Wishing Well by Lily White – Standalone. Twisty, emotional and riveting romantic suspense. Our Review  
The Birthday List by Devney Perry – Standalone. Emotional, second chance at love. Our Review
The Real by Kate Stewart -Standalone. Emotional, angsty friends to lovers.  Our Review
The Hardest Fall by Ella Maise – Standalone. Slow burn emotional sports romance.  Our Review
Blood Type by K A Linde – First book in Trilogy. Addictive, paranormal romance. Our Review 
Sergio : A Mafia Romance by Natasha Knight – Standalone. Raw, gritty non      Our Review
World’s Worst Boyfriend by Erika Kelly – Standalone sweet sexy romance Our Review
Stronger Than This by Abby McCarthy – Standalone. Gritty, raw MC romance (older characters) Our Review

M Robinson gave readers a surprise when she sprung the release of El Pecador (Saints-Sinners final conclusion) on readers last Tuesday! ‘I was a good person. I had feelings. I lost my rock, the only person who knew me inside and out. My weaknesses. My faults. My heart.’ Readers are losing their minds over this book! Available now amazon us | amazon uk – See our review for El Santo, Book one.
M Robinson served up a double whammy with a sexy cover and news that Lost Boy will release 24th July! We cannot wait. Available to pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Beth Flynn gave us some fabulous news! She will be releasing Tethered Souls on 22nd May! Here’s a tease “I’ve been driving my entire life toward this moment, and Christian has always been my destination.”
Jodi Ellen Malpas teased us with her upcoming release, A Controversial Princess which releases 22nd May and we can’t wait! “I have a few vices, Mr Jameson. And I believe you just became one of them.” Says Her Royal Highness Princess Adeline Lockhart. Arrgghh Royal Wedding fever has hit us! Pre Order is available amazon us | amazon uk
Tillie Cole gave us the cover for A Wish For Us, her upcoming emotional book which we can’t wait to get our hands on! Releasing 11th June.  A story of love conquering all. Pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Faith Andrews gave us a tease of her upcoming Duet, Every Breath You Take, ‘Id never seen her so breathtaking and that was saying because she always took my breath away.’ Oh be still our romantic hearts! Releasing 21st June. Also, check out her In Dreams Series, currently on sale! See our Reviews
Alyson Santos shared some exciting news! She has a new book releasing 25th July called Young Love. It’s about a 38 year old divorced woman who meets a younger man, and it sounds amazing! “Sometimes you need to let yourself fall.” We’ve loved her rockstar angsty romances, and now this book sounds like another winner!
Amelia Hutchins announced a new series coming Summer 2018. The first book is, The Dragon King and it’s about Dragon Shifters!! Yes please. Have you read her Fae Chronicles series? Talk about hot, gripping and addictive!
Roisin Black shared a tease from All The Little Pieces releasing Spring 2018. ‘He’d go through a thousand shitty yesterdays if it meant making just one of her tomorrows better.” Ohhhhh
A Meredith Walters gave us a tease from Ashes in the Sun releasing 20th May. ‘The first steps were the hardest. Sometimes you fell. Something you hurt yourself in the process. Sometimes the only way to learn was to start at the very beginning and figure things out all over again.’
Suanne Laqueur was freaking out with excitement after signing with a literary agent in NYC and a co-agent in LA who only does book-to-film deals. OMG! Which wonderful book will be made into a movie? We’d be happy with any! If you haven’t read any of this authors work…you need to! Check out our reviews
Victoria L James continues to teas us with her dual POV, mature YA/NA romance crossover…or her ROMANGST (hehe) as she calls it.  ‘For a brief moment…he came back. Just as he was.’ We can’t wait for A Girl Like Lilac releasing
Nicole Williams wrote The End on her next book and said it killed her! She’s currently ‘attempting to put her soul back together’ lol
Addison Moore told us she has a booked called Throne of Fire releasing Summer 2018
Amie Knight is killing us with these teasers for An Imperfect Heart which releases next Tuesday 8th May! ‘Countless times I felt a need to kiss her. The want rushed over my skin like a thousand tiny stars shooting across the sky.” While you’re waiting for An Imperfect Heart to release, we seriously recommend putting The Line (standalone) by Amie, on your TBR’s. It’s amazing!
Cat Porter gave us a snippet from Dagger in the Sea, her next releasing coming 6th June ‘Turo was a knight born of darkness, walking in shadows.’ Oooh this book Mafia/Anti Hero book has our full attention! We can’t wait for this one!
J M Walker has a book coming out on 7th May we are desperate to read! We’re told Red is going to put our hearts through the wringer! Oh bring it on! ‘It started without trust. Passion. Lust. An all-consuming need; that was all we had in the beginning.’
Emma Chase made our romantic royal hearts race with the news that a blurb and cover will be revealed soon for Royally Yours, releasing 14th August. If you haven’t already done so, you need to read the Royally series. It’s fun, swoony, sweet and sexy! A perfect weekend read! Check out our series reviews here.
Stephanie Rose had a tease to a book we’ve been hearing fantastic feedback about! “You can spend time with anyone. Be with anyone…without issues and a ton of baggage.” But that someone wouldn’t be you.”  Simmer is said to be a passionate slow burn standalone about second chances with an older woman/younger man…we’ll be waiting impatiently for its release on 16th May.
Harper Bentley gave us a tease for Simon Says which she says is coming soon! ‘I’ll get her back if it’s the last f***ing thing I do.”


Lost Boy by M Robinson releasing 24th July – pre order amazon us | amazon uk
El Pecador by M Robinson now available – amazon us | amazon uk See our Review for Book #1.
A Wish For Us by Tillie Cole releasing 11th June – – pre order amazon us | amazon uk
One Baby Daddy by Meghan Quinn releasing 17th May – see our series reviews.
Playboy by Katy Evans releasing 29th July- pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Piece of Work by Stacy Hart releasing 17th May
Bane by L J Shen releasing 10th May
Even Money by Alessandra Torre releasing 4th June
First Love by Gillian Jones releasing Summer 2018
The Problem With Him by Rachel Higginson releasing 26th June – pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Stay With Me by Kristen Proby releasing 29th May – pre order amazon us | amazon uk
Your Honor by Kristi Pelton releasing May 2018
Chaos & Bloom by A M Johnson releasing 30th May
End Game by Toni Aleo releasing 12th June – pre order amazon us | amazon uk

Latest Favourite Reads

Another week has passed us by, and it’s been another week of FABULOUS reads!
God Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo wrecked us! Oh our hearts1
We’re currently holding our breaths in suspense whilst reading the searing, passionate, suspenseful, witty and adrenaline filled final two books in the Original Sin Series by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain!
Check them out below!

Standalone deeply emotional, warm and provocative story

‘.. you can’t put life on pause and then catch up with it later when you have more energy to give. You have to play it all the way through to the end.’

Oh our hearts. We are wrecked! Wrecked we tell you. Emotions are at an optimum during our time spent with Trixie and Jacob because at a point Tiffanie De Bartolo draws us into Trixie and Jacob’s life and love experiences and these guys ceased to be characters, instead they felt like people we know, people we care about and people we love.

Tiffanie De Bartolo’s writing is breathtaking. Just as in To Kill A Rockstar, one of our all-time top favourite reads, this author delivers words that impact your life and heart with what appears to be a natural and effortless talent. Her words are poetic, profound, thought provoking, honest and sincere. Nothing is sugar coated, we get a warts and all look at a love that’s intense, organic, beautiful and flawed, through the stunning prose. Her musings via Trixie left us shaking our heads in awe.

Available here and currently on sale Amazon US | Amazon UK

Continuing series – edgy dual pov romantic suspense

Payback is owed.

And Maddie Clayton is going to collect. This time Carlos and Logan have gone too far. People are dead, lives have been changed, and she’s had enough. Plus, she’s got the Devil on her side, so when an enemy turns into a friend with an idea of how to take Carlos down, she’s in.

Tyler Morgan has been fighting back his whole adult life. He’s ready for anything when it comes to payback. But endangering Maddie can’t be part of the deal. Unfortunately for him, once Maddie gets an idea in her head, there’s no stopping her.

Her debt has been paid in blood and she wants revenge.

His fight is still there, but now he’s got more at stake than himself.

The end is coming.

But even if they win against Carlos, they can still lose each other.

Available now Amazon US | Amazon UKOur Series reviews 

Review to come soon! 

Final installment in a fast paced, edge of your seat passionate romantic suspense.

Old demons are back.

Maddie’s dealing with the fallout of her choices. Safety and happiness are relative, elusive things she’s desperate to have. But they will forever remain out of reach until the demons of her past are laid to rest.

Tyler’s mistakes resurface to haunt him and he’s just beginning to understand that money can’t fix a broken relationship. He must open his heart and search for answers he’d rather not find.

She wants peace in a world made of chaos.

He wants to rid himself of a lifetime of guilt.

They’re soul mates, but that’s no guarantee.

They’ll need to rely on each other to find their happily ever after.

Because the fight never ends—it just gets easier with someone at your side.

Available to pre order for 8th May Amazon US | Amazon UK

Review to come soon! 

Upcoming Releases

Wow! Check out the books headed our way this month. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the months for 2018! 
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Be sure to check out our Recommended Reading Lists Pages for fabulous weekend reading recommendations. Whether it’s a gritty, dark read, a rom-com, an ugly cry or a paranormal read, these are the books we’ve read and personally recommend. <3

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