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Here’ a recap of the books that made our hearts skip a beat in August.

Check out some stellar reads to add to your to-read pile if you haven’t already. Click on the title below for more info!

One Day in December By Josie Silver

Dancing in the Dark By T.L. Martin

Fauxmance by L H Cosway

Lost Boy By Author M.Robinson

The Earl of London By Louise Bay

His True Queen By Jodi Ellen Malpas

The Chase by Elle Kennedy

Shimmy Bang Sparkle By Nicola Rendell

Bishop By Sawyer Bennett

Beauty Found By TillieCole

Latest Favourite Reads

An older woman/younger man emotional and passionate romance with some unexpected twists. A sweet and sassy heroine going toe to toe with a gorgeous cocky arsehole hero in an enemies to lovers romance – two books that filled our hearts with BOOK LOVE this week!
Check out Cinq A’ Sept and Dirty Headlines below.
Plus, check out A Monster Like Me, our current read – a fantasy story that is taking our breath away!

Standalone older woman/younger man emotional and passionate romance

‘Love is the most beautiful illusion there is.’

We fell in love with M.J. Fields writing in Cinq A Sept, her characters and the story itself was fabulously addictive. It had everything we love in a great book, especially the -older woman younger man theme- which we find so enticing. There’s such a stigma when an older woman falls for a younger man. A stigma that just isn’t there when the tables are turned, it’s a stigma that is both unfair and quite frankly irrelevant. Sure, we all have views and opinions on issues such as age gaps, at what age and the consequences to the couple involved. Morally this should not be an issue between consenting adults and quite frankly it’s none of anyone’s business. If you think it – don’t give a voice to it, because words hurt as much as actions and really; who is anyone to judge? Age is a number only – not a sign of maturity nor life lessons lived.

Oh, how we loved this sexy, swoony and at times angsty love story. So many surprises and twists we didn’t see coming with messages of the utmost importance all wrapped up in a hot passionate tale.

Purchase Cinq A’ Sept on Ebook and Paperback

Standalone enemies to lovers office romance.

“I can’t fall in love, Célian. I’m broken.”
“Good. Let’s be broken together then.”

Not since Sparrow have we enjoyed an L J Shen book as much as we did Dirty Headlines! From the sassy, warm, sweet and strong willed Judith “Jude” Humphry to the cocky, gorgeous arsehole Célian Laurent, and all the witty, caustic banter, heat and swooniness in between, this book hit all right spots for us! L J Shen certainly has a formula and in Dirty Headlines, that formula worked to perfection and we loved it!

The perfect balance of heat, arrogance, swoon and twists, Dirty Headline was the perfect read at the perfect time. If we had to don a coloured pair of Chucks to suit our mood during this read, it would be a mixture of feelgood yellow, and orange for happiness! Yep, this ticked so many romance boxes for us!

Purchase Dirty Headlines Ebook and Paperback

Second book in a duology – emotional, breathtaking fantasy romance

“You are everything good. And I am everything children are afraid of.”

This is a redemption story; a story about survival, and yes a story about love. It is even a story about hate. It is all of those things. But mostly, it is a story about learning to forgive. For it is in forgiving that we can open our hearts enough to learn to live again. Truly live.

We are in the throes of the breathtaking, emotional and wonderful world created by Pamela Sparkman. This story picks up from The Moon Shines Red, so be sure to read first. Zeph’s story is already giving our hearts a workout. We’ve been saving this book to devour this weekend. Ruled by shadows and armed with secrets he never intended to share, Zeph will be put through his toughest battle yet: the war within himself. We can’t wait to find out!

Purchase The Moon Shines Red for *99c! #TBBRec Ebook and Paperback / Our Review
Purchase A Monster Like Me Ebook and Paperback

Upcoming Releases

Wow! Check out the books headed our way in September!
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