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For you, I would
Bring down the stars,
Wreath their fire
Around your neck
Like diamonds,
And watch them
To the beat of your heart.

Well didn’t Emma Scott just bring our hearts through the ringer in this heart-breaking yet wonderful love story. Her writing never fails to evoke every emotion, every tear that falls from exquisite sentence upon sentence belongs to her. Every ache and every stumble of breath comes from her placing her heart and her soul into the pages.

What is happening between us? The three of us?

The Beautiful Hearts duet is a story of loyalty, friendship and love. So many questions are asked. How far would we go to protect and care for those we love? How much can our loyalties stretch, and what are we willing to sacrifice to the detriment of ourselves?

“How did you know I was crying?”
“I’m starting to memorize you. Not just your words but how you talk. The silences between words. The sound you make when you’re thinking. The quiet where you try to hold back, and the little floods where you don’t. I know you’re crying because I can hear you.”

Weston experienced a traumatic event in his childhood which has left a deep scar and in many ways greatly influences how he lives his life, his relationships and ultimately his path. Weston stole our hearts and is without question the character we treasured the most whilst reading this duet. His love and loyalty is limitless, his heart as pure as snow on a winter’s morning. His words of poetry, oh his words, they had us melting as they brought tears to our eyes. This man would sacrifice himself before taking what should be his, by right.

‘Long live the twice born hearts
Like mine.
It beats only for you
My love
Unending and infinite,
I will take you with me
Into the next life
And a thousand beyond that

We connected immediately to Weston and marvelled at his deep friendship with Connor and the brotherly love between the two. Connor was a harder character to fully understand and connect with. Whilst we felt incredibly sorry for him we never really got beneath his skin, but did ‘feel’ him more towards the end of this duet. Actions, no matter how well they’re meant and the place in which they come from have consequences -be they good or bad- and these boys certainly learnt that the hard way.

“Fight for you. For who you are. At long last, fight for yourself and what you love. Who you love.”

This is a story of two childhood friends who are on a path -albeit not chosen, rather a path enforced by circumstances- living with what seems unattainable dreams in their hearts. That is until Autumn, the girl with wild red hair and a dreamy soul, with the nature of a sweet and sensitive romantic, enters their lives. Roles become blurry, darkness enters, dreams become reality and beauty is found.

‘She’s in love with my soul, and my soul is you.’

We read this as a duet in one go, and we’re glad we did. Bring Down the Stars felt like an introduction to the much meatier Long Live the Beautiful Hearts. The foundation set made for a highly emotional and angsty story which had us deeply enthralled. Emma Scott took a path which has been taken before, yet she made it unique and relevant. She wrote a hero that’s all-encompassing. She touched upon such important aspects of life and love, real life in all its messy and splendid glory. She shone a light on perceptions and expectations in a language that sweeps you up and makes you stop and take notice. She wrote a story of love, yet it’s so much more than that. It’s a story of life, of self-discovery, tragedy and healing. It’s a story which must be read.

‘The love he scratched into a notebook, bound with tears and blood…It’s real. It’s mine.’

Bring Down the Stars 4 Stars
Long Live the Beautiful Hearts 5 Stars


I fell for Connor Drake. I didn’t want to; I fought against it, but I fell in love with him anyway. With his words. With his poetry. With him. The gentleness and beauty of his soul that speaks directly to mine. He writes as if he can feel my heart, hear its cadence and compose the exact right lyrics to accompany every beat and flow.

I’m in love with Connor…so why do I feel an inexplicable pull to his best friend, Weston? Grouchy, sullen, brooding Weston Turner, who could cut you down with a look. Fiercely intelligent with a razor sharp wit and acid tongue, he’s the exact opposite of Connor in every way, and yet there’s electricity in the air between us. The thorny barbs Weston wraps around himself can’t keep me away.

But the more time I spend with these men, the more tangled and confused my emotions become. When they both sign up for the Army Reserves during a time of increasing strife in the Middle East, I fear I’ll never unravel my own heart that sometimes feels as if it will tear straight down the middle…for both of them.

Bring Down the Stars is an emotional, angst-filled novel of unrequited love by bestselling author, Emma Scott, and is inspired by the classic tale, Cyrano de Bergerac. (Roxanne) It is Book I in the Beautiful Hearts Duet, coming this summer. Book II, Long Live the Beautiful Hearts, to be released a few weeks later. THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL LOVE TRIANGLE #confusedhearts #notamenage


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