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“Mistress Nora told me there’s different kinds of loneliness,” she said. “There’s the lonely where you’re lonely for someone else. But there’s also a kind of loneliness where you’re lonely for your real self. You think you’re missing someone in your life and it turns out it’s you.”

Picture Perfect Cowboy from Tiffany Reisz was surprisingly as swoon worthy sweet as it was hot and kinky. Whilst it featured the trademark Tiffany Reisz strong, feisty and sweet heroine it had a different feel to it as a whole. It felt like an awakening. A dom/sub discovery and coming to terms with who you are and learning to embrace it with the help of a sassy seasoned pro. The writing was as always stellar and had the cheeky sense of humour we love.

“I need to believe I’m a good man,” he said. “I don’t know if I can be that or do that and also be a good man.”

Ex pro bull-rider, Jason “Still” Waters steps in to do his best mate a favour. A quick ‘in and out’ naked modelling shoot for a charity calendar. Is there such a thing as a quick ‘in and out’ though? Not for Jason! Never did he think this would set off a journey of self-affirmation and love. That he would meet a spunky pink haired beauty who’d take everything he’d been indoctrinated in and flog it out his system…make that out of his system by flogging her. Jason was such a sweet and sexy cowboy. Can someone who has a heart of gold with an almost reserved well-mannered innocence really convince us that he is also a dominating authoritative figure of all things kink? Absolutely! He dominated with heart.

‘She almost asked him to give an order right then and there. She wanted him to order her not to fall in love with him. A simple order to give. Maybe an impossible one to follow.’

Simone is such a strong female lead, emphasising that being a natural sub does not make you meek, weak or apologetic. She has immense inner strength and lives a life safe in the knowledge of who she is and what she wants. She’s unique and quirky, just how we love our heroines. When she meets Jason an instantaneous attraction and super charged chemistry is evident and she has no doubt who Jason truly is. Helping him, by shedding layers of brainwashing by his parents, she leads him into a world of acceptance that kink is okay.

“You just get this idea in your head of who people want you to be and you can forget real easy that who they want you to be and who you are, well, they aren’t the same person. And you can’t be two people so I’m just going to be the man who loves you.”

Whilst we really enjoyed this sweet and sexy -quick read- romance, the icing on the luscious cake was when Nora and Soren came into Jason and Simone’s story. Be still the beating heart and racing pulse. This feeling never gets old and the craving for more time spent with them never diminishes. What a fabulously sexy and funny read from our beloved Tiffany Reisz.

 “…the lies our parents tell us have barbs in them. They not only stick, but they tear when you pull them out.”


Jason “Still” Waters’ life looks perfect from the outside—money, fame, and the words “World Champion Bull-Rider” after his name. But Jason has a secret, one he never planned on telling anybody…until he meets Simone. She’s the kinky girl of his dreams…and his conservative family’s worst nightmare.

“Picture Perfect Cowboy” is a standalone erotic romance from Tiffany Reisz, set in her bestselling Original Sinners series.

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