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‘There are three sides to every story: my side, your side, and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each one differently.’

Wow! If first impressions are anything to go by, then Sydney Jamesson has just become an automatic 1Click author for us! We were completely blown away by the uniqueness, the creativity, the depth and the vividly splendid writing in The Darkest Corners. Our first taste of this authors work certainly left a lasting impression, and so consumed were we with Max and Harriet’s intense and suspenseful relationship we had to put life on hold, unable to move until we finished the last word!

Sydney Jamesson’s writing in The Darkest Corners was quality, to say the least. There was a somewhat poetic brilliance to her prose that captivated us immediately! Phenomenal and oh so very clever, not to mention, it’s so rewarding to pick up a book and be surprised, to be constantly thrown and not pre-empt every twist. Yes, we saw some coming, yet others knocked us sideways!

‘Those haunting hours between dusk and dawn when I was left alone with my memories were the worst – a kind of living hell. I’d find myself calling out to her….’

We must stress this is first and foremost a psychological suspense, though it is woven around a complex and emotional love story of second chances, guilt, and secrets; of two damaged people attempting to shed their pasts. We weren’t sure what to expect from this story, but admit our expectations were most certainly surpassed in this smart, gripping, and compulsively addictive read. If you’re a reader who needs romance in your story, you’ll be satisfied with that element in The Darkest Corners.

‘I placed my hand on my heart and felt it steady and rhythmic against my hand. I knew what it was to have a broken heart…..’

We read The Darkest Corners with a constant nervous feeling; afraid to venture forward, timidly waiting for the masks to slip and reveal the secrets of the persona’s hidden beneath. We all wear masks to protect ourselves and the complexities in this story were haunting and potent, and most certainly kept us on our toes.

Maxwell Grant a singled Dad, crippled with grief following the loss of his wife, Hope, four years earlier. It is only the responsibility of his sweet and effervescent nearly four year old daughter, Poppy, that Max manages to pull himself out of a drink-induced hangover every morning to face the day. On a side note, we have to say, Poppy was one of the most fabulously written child characters we’ve ever read. This delightful little girl had age-specific dialogue and personality for her years. She was adorable, the relationship between the two is truly beautiful.

‘My wife was the rarest of creatures: a mixture of mind reader and muse. But, best of all, she was mine…’

Max is a talented and successful artist who hasn’t picked up a brush since Hope’s death. He’s riddled with guilt and is the shell of the man he once was. He teaches an adult art class each Tuesday night and it is there he meets Harriett ‘Harry’ Harper who changes his life in many ways.

Harriett is a troubled woman who is dealing with her own awful past and we learn this through her journal, which she leaves behind in class one day, only for Max to find it and delve into her frightening life before he met her. Harriet’s tragic past jolts Max, with the journal becoming a cathartic part of Max’s healing, he realises the assumptions he made about the outgoing Harriet were way off course.

‘Without even trying Harriet had caused a chain reaction.’

A friendship develops, and little by little their relationship advances, pulling Max back into the land of the living. But, is all as it seems? Well, just you hang in there because you are about to go on a quite the journey with Max and Harriet and trust us, your heart will be in your mouth most of the time as you guess and surmise how this heart-stopping and intense love story will play out.

‘Harry was raising me from the dead one limb at a time.’

We won’t say any more because you need to be surprised by this book. The unpredictability kept us on our toes, the emotional aching was felt deep within us as we ventured into the human frailty, with each word eliciting compassion as we uncover weaknesses and strengths of the characters involved. The relationship between father and daughter stole our hearts, it was truly heart melting stuff, and this, together with the emotion and suspense which emanated off the pages, kept us enthralled all the way through. Upon closing, we were left to reflect, dissect and discuss all that unfolded. Bravo, Sydney Jamesson what a deliciously thought-provoking story!

‘I did not want to think. I did not want to feel. I wanted to forget….’


After surviving a life changing event, celebrated artist Maxwell Grant has not touched a paintbrush or a woman in four years. During that time, he has tormented himself over an unspeakable act he dare not admit to, even to himself.
His one chance at redemption comes through a journal left behind by Harriet Harper, a mysterious woman in his night school class.
Shocked by what he reads about her tortured existence, he becomes obsessed by her and falls headfirst into a dangerous game of he said, she said, not knowing who to believe—who to trust.
When a dangerous character from Harriet’s past appears, events take a turn for the worse and he must say and do whatever necessary to save his sanity and, more importantly, his four year old daughter, Poppy.
Some secrets never get to see the light of day; others are just waiting to be uncovered … with shocking consequences

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