We read some truly fabulous books in 2018. Two hundred books or so, and it was hard narrowing it down. Many left their mark, however, these were the unforgettable stories that moved us in so many ways. Whether they made us laugh, cry or took us out of our comfort zone, these are the books that have stayed with us long after turning the page.

If variety is the spice of life, we sure put the spice in our reads in 2018. From giggle-inducing warm your heart, rom-coms -heart-aching stories that brought us to our knees –  suspense tales that had us on the edge of our seat –  gritty stories that kept us guessing – and angsty love stories that made our hearts race and our Kindles fear for their lives, we’ve read and experienced them all!

So, without further ado, we give you our Favourite Reads of 2018 and hope we inspire you to 1Click these amazing books!

Happy New Year Reading and bring on 2019! Don’t forget to check out our Upcoming Releases Page to keep track of all the fabulous books heading our way next year!



We’ve had our hearts shredded, healed and been taken on some unforgettable journeys with these characters and their stories. These are the emotional reads that struck a chord with us, they’re books we’ll relive over and over again. Take a look at our favourite emotional reads from 2018.


    ‘I hugged her. I was holding her with every part of me, every piece of my flesh that could reach her.
    And I didn’t let go.
    Not even when she fell asleep.’

    From our Review: As we wipe away our tears, we declare this to be one of our favourite reads this year. This is one of those books we feel the need to grab every fellow reader who appreciates an extraordinarily well written and heartfelt story, one that relies on raw human emotion rather than unnecessary drama or theatrics and yell, read this book. The feelings you’ll experience from this story will leave you breathless, cherishing every moment, and remembering Alix, Dylan and Smith’s story as though you lived it. We were so lucky to read an advance copy of this book, and, whatever you do, make sure THIS book is on your must-reads for January!

    Available to pre-order : Ebook | Paperback 


    ‘A lot of people can’t pinpoint the exact moment they fall in love with another person.
    I can.
    It just happened.’

    From our Review: All Your Perfects is a wonderfully written insight into marriage; into how life in all its myriad of technicolour can affect us as individuals as well as impact the love, friendship and relationship we have for and with that one significant other. Colleen Hoover writes an honest, touching and heartbreakingly accurate insight into how a devastating reality can make or break the happiness and dreams of two people who love each other fiercely.

    This story was raw, highly emotional and so incredibly soulful whilst filled with angst and breaking hearts. It’s a story of love and remembering what love is and how to find -the happy- again focusing on all the perfects.

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    ‘Life was made up of moments. Some good, some bad, some like this one that swept everyone up in a burst of sunshine. This was a moment you wanted to swallow whole so you could absorb every second of it.’

    From our Review: Zed and Caspian’s story begins when they’re in their early teens. A chance meeting. On the surface it seems like these two boys are night and day in life- what with family, religion and sexuality all playing poignant roles. However, years of childhood hurt dressed in different guises makes their bond instantaneous. In each other, they find a possibility of a better life- with love, respect and dreams. A life without pain. A life with each other by their side.

    Zed and Caspian have to go through so much, together as well as individually. Love is severely tested but true love stays true and have a funny way of proving again and again that it will not be defeated by life nor the cruel actions and intentions of others.  Make sure you add this beautiful MM love story to your tbr’s!

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    ‘I stared at the girl I loved more than life itself. The who’d cracked my heart. The girl who would forever have the power to break me….’

    From our Review:  Every now and then we’re blessed to read a book that reaches into our soul, touching us in ways we know we’ll never forget. A story that leaves us in complete awe of an author’s phenomenal talent, pondering how we can ever do justice to the words we’ve been so privileged to read.  A story where the words, the feelings, the characters and the journey the author took us on are indelibly etched into our hearts, constantly reliving all the heart-warming, heartbreaking and memorable moments over and over again. The Ribbon Duet by Pepper Winters is that book.  We experienced the complete sphere of emotions in Ren and Della’s unforgettable soulmate love story.

    We promise you, Ren and Della’s story is one remember long after closing the last page!

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    ‘I’ve never had a love like this to lose before now. How am I supposed to know what this is? Feelings of stupidity and inexperience mix with fear.’

    From our Review: What a compelling read; we were hooked- furiously turning the pages yet never wanting this brilliant story to end. We had a feeling of dread the whole way through as revelations made our pulse race and our hearts bracing for possible breakage. The last page….oh wow, talk about jaws hitting the floor, we were gobsmacked. Now we’re counting the days till we find out where this duet is going to take us.

    Transcend was everything we love about Jewel E Ann. Her writing is sublime, perfection to the optimum level which meant we could not put it down for love nor money. It was addictive and compelling with characters that are a trademark to this Author. We fell in complete book love and the characters immediately stole our hearts. Especially Griffin. Oh dear, that man is luscious; the perfect balance of sexy, cocky, romantic and passionate.  We love our grocery store guy! Transcend is everything we love. It had intrigue, romance, and an otherworldly feel to it; ultimately it was full of high emotion, tension, humour, angst, and passion.

    Purchase Transcend Book #1 Ebook | Paperback
    Purchase Epoch Book #2 Ebook | Paperback 


    ‘When it came to right and wrong. I answered to American legislation. He answered to his God.’

    From our Review: Cal and Michaels story was thought-provoking, devastating, heartbreaking and deeply moving. It’s a story of faith love, despair and sacrifice, and it’s one that has left its mark on us.

    To love and to be loved is a basic human need, love shouldn’t discriminate, and we wanted Cal to feel free to love without guilt or shame as we experienced such anger at a society and a faith that is so intolerant and so judgemental of a person’s love.  Love truly should be love.
    We will never forget this story and want to applaud the author for listening to Michael and Cal, and for telling their story with honesty, gut-wrenching honesty. You stayed true to these men, you listened to their words, we listened to yours, and now…we need time alone with our thoughts.

    Purchase The Silver Cage Ebook | Paperback
    Purchase The Silver Cord Ebook 


    “You’re safe, Amelia. I’ve got you.”
    “Is that what you think?”
     I ask sadly, then shake my head and walk to the door. “No one’s got me, Doc. Too many missing pieces.”

    From our Review: The character development in The Fall Before Flight was second to none. We completely connected with Amelia, we understood her, empathised with her and we felt everything she was going through. Her emotions, passion, confusion and her reactions. Amelia is retrospective in nature, seeking acceptance of who she is, yet not fully understanding the true nature and purpose of her actions.

    The power of L.M Halloran’s words never fail to compel us. Once more she excited us with a wonderfully addictive and compelling story which had a slow burn, simmering romance that at times took a backseat to the important story of following a road to self-discovery and healing. The Fall Before Flight was an outstanding character driven story which left us breathless at times. Full of soul searching and a complex life broken by dark tragedy; it had a great dose of angst, twists, passion and ultimately love.

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There’s nothing like getting lost in a swoony romance that allows us to escape with a permanent grin on our faces, and warmth in our hearts. These are our favourite swoony/feelgood romances of 2018.


    ‘If anyone asks me if I’ve ever fallen in love at first sight, I shall say yes, for one glorious minute on 21 December 2008.’

    From our Review: So quintessential British, so very romantic and dreamy. So heart-breaking, lost and persevering. So full of regrets, sacrifices but also hope and loyalty. So angsty and conflicting. So very funny and delicious. Every single character plays an intricate part of this story of life and love. A cast of people who all come across incredibly real in all their flaws and all their perfects. We experienced every step of this story as Josie Silver never just told, rather she showed us through masterful writing which ensured we felt the story with every breath we took as friendship and loyalties were tested in the pursuit of love and happiness.

    We absolutely adore our Christmas movies; you know the ones that we sit and watch again and again every year as part of the tradition. The ones that make our hearts warm and happy, maybe cry a tear or two whilst we curl up on the couch under a blanket with a glass of wine in hand. Well, if ever there was a case to bring a new one into the Christmas movie -must watch- fold then One Night in December stands proudly at the forefront. There’s a good reason why this book just hit number #1 on the NYT Bestsellers list – it’s a story tailor-made for the romantic in us all!

    Purchase Ebook | Paperback | Audio 


    ‘I never saw him coming, but I knew he had quickly become an addiction that would be impossible to quit.’

    From our Review: Oh gosh, we LOVED this book! Everything about it left with a warm and giddy feeling of happiness. The feverish chemistry, by text and in person, the witty, flirty, fun and sexy banter, the emotional pull of two people afraid to let their hearts fly, and especially the beautifully sweet, sincere and wonderful way in which Natasha Boyd delivered Trystan and Emmy’s story. It was perfection, and we soon found ourselves texting our own love for Accidental Tryst whilst reading, unable to contain our excitement for this fabulous romantic comedy…..

    We delighted in getting to know Emmy and Tristan thanks to a mix up at the airport which saw them grab each other’s mobile phones. With Trystan heading to South Carolina and Emmy heading to New York, they are unable to rectify the problem for a few days due to personal commitments.

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    “You’re the person who describes me. You give me meaning. Even when we were fighting, I felt it. You’re the one thing in the world that helps me make sense.”

    From our Review: In Professor FeelGood we loved the emphasis on the enemies to lover’s romance, it was written to perfection. And what a wonderful premise, because whilst we love our arsehole alpha heroes, we do revel in that certain vulnerability some of them possess and no more so than in this case, the brokenness of our Professor FeelGood. What a man, they don’t get much better than this. Once again you could’ve spooned us off of the floor, we were in puddles.

    Professor FeelGood was hilarious, sexy and oh so romantic with dashes of real heartbreaking angst thrown in. The way in which Asha and Jacob’s story was written had us furiously turning the pages as we devoured every single word waiting for that moment all us romance readers wait on tenterhooks for. It was a slow build that was all about the story and its characters. Brilliant job Leisa Rayven, you’ve only gone and done it again and we love you for it.

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We’ve been sideswiped, gripped our Kindles in suspense, been shocked, awed and everything in between this year with some truly fabulous thrilling reads. Whether we’ve been taken on an angsty rollercoaster with an anti-hero or been taken out of our comfort zone, these are the books we’ll remember for thrilling our suspenseful hearts in 2018!


    ‘My mother used to say that houses have a soul, and if that is true, the soul of Verity Crawford’s house is as dark as they come.’

    From our Review: If you’re wondering whether Colleen Hoover, the author responsible some of the most gut-wrenching emotional dramas and beautifully sweet emotional romances we all love so much, can pull off a gripping, horrifying and edge of your seat harrowing suspense-filled romantic thriller, you only need to read Verity to know the answer is a resounding YES! An eerie and unequivocal YES!

    Verity warns in her manuscript that… ‘there is no light where we’re going. This is your final warning. Darkness ahead...’ And boy, there sure was! Some of it incredibly uncomfortable, some parts we read with a feeling of revulsion, at times bordering on abhorrent, yet so utterly addictive and twisty! Colleen has delivered an engrossing gritty story we know readers will devour!

    Purchase Ebook | Paperback  


    ‘For the last three years, he had felt like an empty well, drained and useless. But the satisfaction of each kill was slowly filling him up. He wasn’t returning to the man he used to be but becoming a new one. An empowered one. A man who was in control of not just his fate, but the fate of others too.’

    From our Review: Her Last Move is an impressive, well-paced suspenseful story with a sinister undertone, complex and emotional characters brought together with spectacular writing that took us on an adrenaline-fuelled hunt against the clock for a serial killer hell-bent on revenge in the most gruesome of ways.

    This was an uneasy, hair-raising story that kept us guessing, whilst also moved us with some truly sad and heartbreaking moments.  Joe and Becca cut such troubled characters in their personal lives as they fight to stay one step ahead of a man hell-bent on revenge. John Marrs didn’t pull any punches in this thrilling gut-churning suspense and delivered a story that left our mouths agape. What a subtle yet impactful ending to a cracking read!

    Purchase Ebook | Paperback | Audio


    ‘She’d known nothing but love here, nothing but kindness. But someone must have left a door open a crack and evil had snuck in when no one was looking.’

    From our Review: This book had us up all night reading; we could not put it down. It was compelling, tragic, addictive, thrilling and sensual. Tiffany Reisz truly has a way with words that are uniquely hers. You are never unsure of just who’s book you’re reading when you pick one hers up. It was intense, humorous, sarcastic, devastating and full of heart and soul.

    When Tiffany Reisz writes a character, by the end of the book you feel as if you know them. You go on a personal journey with them. The depth and complexity of the characters is second to none. The weight of friendship and love in her stories is remarkable; the characters make her stories what they are: wonderful and unique with an individual sense of tragedy and realism. She always touches upon issues that spark numerous debates yet she does so with care, attention and sensitivity.

    Purchase Ebook | Paperback | Audio 


There was one series that stood out from the rest in 2018, and that was the suspenseful, witty, passionate, gripping and emotional edge of your seat MM series, the Seven of Spades. Wow! We can’t say enough about this series! Every book has been a 5 star and we’ve already booked in a series re-read for when the final book hits our Kindles next March. This series had everything we love! 



    ‘Dominic had always loved Levi’s hard edges, his acid tongue, his ruthless streak. Underneath all that prickly sarcasm lay an achingly compassionate heart …..Dominic had enjoyed peeling away all those layers, had relished the knowledge that he was one of the few people in the world Levi trust enough to be vulnerable with. ‘

    An addictive, enthralling, evocative, suspenseful, extraordinary, passionate and thought-provoking read. Your talent for telling this story is staggering, your ability to constantly keep us guessing is mind-boggling, your expertise in delivering nail-biting suspense and making our hearts anxiously race is astounding. We’re sitting here in awe of your incredible talent!

    Every single book in this series has been 5 stars, and if you’ve read The Seven of Spades so far, you’ll know why. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Jump into Levi and Dominic’s gripping story now! We’ll endeavour to relay our thoughts by not giving anything away because you really, really have to go into each book spoiler free, it’s imperative you do so. Just prepare yourselves for the ride of your lives!

    Purchase the Series Ebook | Paperback 


Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for your support over the year. You guys really are the reason we do what we do. Sharing our love of books with you and chatting about them is what this is all about, and we can’t wait to chat about the books we fall in love with in 2019.
Wishing you all a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3

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