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**Complete Spoiler-Free Duet Review**

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‘I yearned for her to feel me. To see me. To love me. The man who would die for her.’

The Pierced Hearts Duet by Monica Robinson is a perfect blend of raw emotion, soul-searing love, broken hearts, and dream-inspiring hope and happiness. We were dying to read Aiden Pierce’s story! He was an enticing enigma; a sexy angry alpha mystery, who had our hearts beating and our pulse racing. We were not prepared to feel such heart-breaking sadness, confusion and have conflicted feelings as we did, whilst reading this duet. Whilst Monica Robinson is known for her angsty romances this slow build duet came across more as a healing journey of survival after immense tragedy, finding absolution, acceptance and a life after loss.

“I always got you. Me and you against the world, remember?”

It’s not often you begin a book and immediately tear up with a sense of despair and foreboding. We knew what was possibly coming was not going to be easy to read, as the words told a story straight from the heart and mind of a little boy, Aiden. A boy who suffered the worst tragedy a child can experience and became almost lost in a system of neglect and violence. When at the lowest, a sweet lost girl, Bayley, takes his hand in the darkness and helps him find his way, just as he does the same for her. Finding their light in life. Oh, our hearts!

“You’ll find someone who will always be there for you.”
“I will?”
“Yes, I swear it.”
“How do you know?”
“Because, Aiden. I’ll personally send her your way. I promise.”

Choosing Us, book one in this duet tells the back story of a young Aiden Pierce as well as building up a story set in present time told by the beautiful, Camila. The first instalment leaves a myriad of questions, a mystery and conflicting feelings in its wake. The voices of all the characters having such an emotional teary impact. The behaviour and actions in stark contrast with the beating of hearts. The humour and cheeky banter so refreshing, when we most needed it. Choosing Us left us confused as to how this story was going to play out, we were hesitant to what transpired in the present as our hearts belonged to the love of the past. We needed convincing, before we too could fall!

‘Without words, he was showing me the deepest part of him. His oldest wounds. His jagged scars. His regrets. His life…And the damage it all left behind.’

Choosing You, book two in this duet, paves an emotional detailed journey to the answers we were seeking, with such poignancy. The intensity is breath-taking in the moments that count. The laughs are aplenty and the heat is scorching. The characters and their journey is captivating. Where Choosing Us was slow building, the second instalment felt fierce and fast paced with that angst, this Author is much loved for. Our questions were answered and our struggle unravelled.

‘Would I ever have him? Truly have him?’ My mind told me no, but my heart, my soul, was in his hands. Choking the life out of me.’

Aiden & Bailey; whilst your story of survival and finding love broke us, it made our hearts full and overflowing with love. Camila, your patience, love and nurturing heart overwhelmed us. Jackson, Jagger and Journey; your story had us in tears and we willed actions to speak louder than words.

‘For the first time in my life, I’m struggling with the reality that maybe you’re allowed to love more than one person in a lifetime. That maybe you’re allowed to have more than one soulmate.’

We loved catching up with loved ones from Monica Robinson’s previous books, it felt like coming home, to a family which we’ve been a part of and love fiercely. Whilst we did find that the latter part of Choosing You felt a bit rushed, the epilogue more than made up for this, our hearts left soaring. Our love cemented, by this Author’s vivid beautiful words, wicked sense of humour and the heat she infuses so well.

‘I gave her everything. My friendship. My heart. My soul. My love and devotion…’


Choosing Us Synopsis

What do you do when you meet your soulmate at seven-years-old?

You give…
You live…
And you love…
To have and to hold.

Until you hear the words, “I just don’t love you anymore.”

Putting an end to me.
To you.

To us.

Choosing You Synopsis

The truth was even if Journey wanted to go to Camila, I wouldn’t have let her go. I held her in my arms, slowly rocking her back and forth. Pacing the nursery.

No one.

Could have taken my baby girl away from me in that moment. It was the first time is over ten months I felt her weight in my arms.
Her heart against my chest.
Her breath in my neck.
Hating myself a little more for waiting this long to hold her.
She felt like everything I ever wanted.
Remembering, there was a time…

She was.

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