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Valentine followed Ari’s gaze, taking in the scattered bits of makeup and a pair of emergency panties and all the other odds and ends which had spilled out of her fallen bag. She couldn’t figure out what was fascinating him so much – it was all fairly standard girl stuff.

Then he took a step away from her and bent down towards the mess, and she honed in on what had his attention. She laughed softly as he picked up a pair of shiny handcuffs.

“Got a third job as a cop?” Ari guessed, dangling them from one finger as he stood upright. “Or a dominatrix?”

“I wish. I’ve got all sorts of work stuff in my bag, you know, like a spare outfit, insoles, a wig. My boss has been planning this Cops-and-Robbers themed night, but he keeps changing the date. I finally started keeping the costume in my bag, just in case,” she explained.

“So if I were to search your bag right now, I’d find a sexy cop uniform?” Ari checked.

“Do you want to play Cops-and-Robbers with me?” she teased, giving him a cheeky smile. “Want me to chase you around and arrest you?

Ari didn’t smile back, though. His eyes were back on the handcuffs. They were very authentic looking, she knew; they were shiny and had weight to them, and there was even a key somewhere in the depths of her bag.

“No,” he finally spoke in a low voice. “No, that’s not what I want at all.”

Valentine could feel the mood in the apartment abruptly change. Almost like the lighting had dimmed, or the temperature had risen. The atmosphere became charged, like it some times did before a storm or a natural disaster.

“And what do you want?” Valentine asked, her voice husky. He stared at the cuffs for a moment longer, then turned his gaze to her.

“I want to chain you to my bed,” he said very simply. “And I want to do anything I want to you.”

“Ooohhh, very kinky, Mr. Sharapov,” she breathed.

“I want to have total control over you.”

Ah. The magic words. The poisoned words. Terrifying and exhilarating all at once. To not be in control … what a gift. She let her eyes flutter shut. To have someone else take control, make her decisions, tell her what to do – it sounded like heaven.

But giving someone like Ari control, that sounded like danger. He already had some sort of strange pull of her. If she submitted completely, would she ever be able to get free of him again?

This wasn’t life, though, she was being silly. This was just sex. This was just a couple hours where he could be the person he really wanted to be, and she could just let go of everything. Could just be …

Saint Valentine.

“Then take control,” she finally whispered back.

His hands were on either side of her neck, pulling her into him. He still had a cuff hanging from his finger, and the metal was cold as it pressed against her skin. She trembled when she felt his mouth at her ear.

“I going rip this fucking dress off of you,” he stated. She nodded her head.


“Then I’m going to cuff you to my bed.”


I want to be in total fucking control.


Valentine gasped when Ari made good on his word – he grabbed the neckline of her dress and gave a solid jerk, yanking on the material so hard she stumbled in place, her eyes opening wide in surprise. The dress split down the front and she was impressed; he’d ruined it in one shot. The fabric pooled at her feet and she was left in just her heels, a strapless bra, skimpy panties, and the necklace with his key on it. He plucked the key away from her chest, then wrapped the chain around his fist, pulling it tight.

“Never take this off,” he growled, and she managed to nod.

“I won’t.”

He yanked on the chain, pulling her in for a rough kiss. While he staked his claim on her mouth, his hand went into her hair, the metal from the cuffs once again biting into her skin. She hissed, then gasped when he bit down on her lip.


He still had a grip on her hair as he forced her across the apartment and she stumbled along in her heels, wondering if she should kick them off. Then she decided not to because hey, he was in charge, after all. He would decide when she should take things off.

Once they were beside his bed, her bra was discarded. Valentine knew he had a particular fondness for her breasts, but Ari ignored them, spinning her around and shoving her over, instead. She planted her hands on the bed and gasped when he ripped her underwear away from her body.

That’s two pairs he owes me now.

He handled her like she was in trouble. Like she was an object. Shockingly, it didn’t feel degrading at all – it felt liberating. Valentine spent all her time being everything to virtually everyone in her life. It was exhausting.

Our Review

‘This was the moment to walk away. This wasn’t a fantasy – no matter what he said or did, this was still reality. ‘

It’s been a while (too long judging by our reaction to this book!) since we’ve read an erotica novel and What We Do in the Night was the perfect book to clear off our erotica cobwebs. Wow! We loved this book so much! We inhaled every word, and it wasn’t just the erotica aspect that won us over so convincingly, it was the writing, the story, and the characters, the main and secondary, including one arsehole hero who oozed sex appeal, and a sexy heroine with sweet innocence and fiery passion.

 ‘The sun is rising – things that happen during the night need to stay in the night.’

Ari and Valentine were something else! This is one of those times we felt the heroine matched the hero in every way – both characters tantalisingly seduced us with their intense and alluring chemistry, which was off the charts electric, volatile and passionate and we lapped it up.

‘She wondered if he had any idea that his idea of punishment was her idea of pleasure.’

We’ve been huge fans of Stylo Fantome’s emotional storytelling, and after this first taste of her erotic offering, we were equally impressed! Her execution in What We Do in the Night is enticing, intoxicating, provocative, passionate, steamy and utterly addictive.

‘People swore they found religion in Cache. Others said they lost their faith.’

Valentine O’Dell is a twenty two-year-old woman with a mountain of responsibility. Having left a design school in New York following a betrayal by her sister, Val now lives in Chicago looking after her ailing grandmother attending school, working long hours and dealing with the financial burden of her Gram-Gram’s care. She’s exhausted and to top it off she has to partner in an assignment with an asinine spoilt woman who seems hell-bent on belittling Valentine at every opportunity.

Valentine was such a contradiction. Demure and innocent by day, sultry and seductive by night at her job at Cache, a living fantasy nightclub. Valentine catches the eye of Aaron (Ari) Sharapov, a successful ambitious lawyer who wants to occupy Valentines time solely for himself and he’s prepared to pay very handsomely for the privilege. He doesn’t want strings and Val needs the money..but at what cost?

“You’re really bad at this whole fantasy thing.”
“I think it’s more that you’re really bad at this whole reality thing.” Ari challenged her…

With trepidation, Valentine agrees to Ari’s terms and the heat between them explodes! Both Ari and Valentine are complex and contradicting characters. The ingénue who is no shrinking violet and the slick commanding, a man with a deep-seated vulnerability Valentines seems to draw out.

Ari – oh geez, this man! He could be a right bastard and certainly didn’t possess a lot of finesse where Valentine was concerned, and he was a right cock, but what he lacked in romance he more than made up for with his commanding, formidable sex appeal. Ari Sharapov oozed sex on every page!

‘He was rough and aggressive and dominant. He probably tore his opponents apart in the courtroom, and he was no different in the bedroom.’

You’ll love discovering what transpires between Ari and Valentine – the spirited innocence of Valentine, her need to relent to control and the unflinching obnoxiousness of Ari who desires control. The magnetic pull between the two, the dramatic effect of the story and the sizzling connection, will leave you begging for more, and as desperate for the next book as we are!

“When the sun goes down, you become mine, Saint Valentine.


Just five months ago, Valentine O’Dell started working at a very special kind of club – one where you can dance the night away, or live out your greatest fantasy. She’s learned to lose herself to her nights, forgetting all her day time woes as she charms every man she meets. It’s easy enough to do when she doesn’t let her feelings get involved.

Then Ari Sharapov walked in and changed everything.

Working for his father’s law firm has left Ari with very little control over his life, so when he meets Valentine for the first time, he sees a girl who is desperate for someone to take care of her. To take over her. So what he can’t get for himself in the day time, he’ll simply take for himself at night. But when power struggles lead to real feelings, who’s actually controlling whom?

Some relationships are better left in the dark.

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