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“It happened fast. We shared trauma.”
“So would you show him your Google history?”
“Pshhh, girl, please. I would rather walk buck naked in the grocery store during bush-week winter than let anyone ever see my browsing history. Not even you are privy to that information.”

We love Kate Stewart, so we were beyond excited to pick up The Guy on the Right. This is one of those times we can say that hand on heart this book is exactly what it claims to be, a true friends to lovers romance. It is without question one of our favourites in this trope. What we loved about it was that it was all about the characters, it was ‘simple’ in story yet at the same time it packed such a strong punch because in its simplicity pure magic was achieved. It never felt over-written or over-dramatic, rather, it felt easy and flawless. It felt real, specifically in its honesty of friendship and romance.

‘We met at the same crossroads and that, in and of itself, makes her valuable to me as a friend more than anything else.’

We cannot explain how much we loved Laney and Theo, both were written with such care and attention to detail, that we felt we knew them almost from the get-go. Their insecurities, their hang-ups, their hopes, and their dreams. Their needs, desires, and wants. We understood their friendships and their relationships. What we especially loved about these two characters is the shift from what is considered the ‘norm’ in romance novels. Kate Stewart gave us a male character that was portrayed in such a manner that we recognised him, not from other novels but from real life.

“I did the table settins’ for the dinner. You like them?”
“Very elegant.” I didn’t notice them, but in my defense, I have a penis, and right now it’s pointed straight at her and has been the whole night.

The slow burn friends to lovers were written perfectly. We felt that initial common bond when Laney and Theo first met, we felt when this bond turned into a strong friendship. And we felt it the very moment this friendship turned that tentative corner into something more, a whole lot more. We felt the indecision, the questions, the hesitation, the fear, and the extreme need and want. The butterflies that suddenly appeared and the inability to think of anything else, yet being too scared to act upon it.

‘Relief covers me briefly, and I kiss her my confession. I kiss her long and hard to show her everything I’ve been hiding, everything I’m feeling. I kiss her so deeply, I’m unsure if I’ll ever be able to tear myself away.’

The Guy on the Right was incredibly funny, it was sweet, honest and somewhat tender at times. It had some brilliant comedic moments that had us crying with laughter and in turn some real heated passion too. The secondary characters were absolutely brilliant and we feel like we want more from them. We will say though that whilst we thought there would be more angst, it was surprisingly low on it, which is unusual from this Author. An important sentiment to take from Kate Stewart’s wonderfully honest story is that there is no shame in vulnerability, insecurity nor self-doubt. It is how we rise to face this -head on- that matters!

‘How did I not see this? How could I have not seen this incredible man for what he is? In a matter of life-altering hours, Theo has just become the most irresistible man I’ve ever known. If I’m completely honest, I’ve been falling for him, in pieces, since the night we met.’



Strike One-My mother named me Theodore after her favorite chipmunk.

Not cool, Mom.

I‘ve spent most of my life answering to Teddy, because I couldn’t make Theo work.

Except for here. College. The place where all bets are off, and I’ve managed to redeem myself.
There’s only one problem, my new roommate, Troy, is football royalty and looks like he stepped off the set of an Abercrombie shoot.

Doesn’t matter, I cook a mean breakfast for his panty parade, and we get along well.
And anyway, this year I got the girl. And she’s perfect.

That’s right. Theodore Houseman, former band geek, now marching band rock star has finally landed the girl of his dreams.

Everything is perfect.

That is, until Troy takes a good look at her.

I’m not going down without a fight. As a matter of fact, I’m not going down at all. As glorious as these days may be for my all-star roommate, Laney is my end game.

I may not know much about play strategy, but I’ve been the good guy my whole life. I’ve been listening and I know exactly what women want. Framed in a picture standing next to me, Troy may seem like Mr. Perfect, but he’s underestimating the guy on the right.

Spoiler alert: In this story, the underdog is going to win.


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