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I was almost done when someone said, “Oh, pardon me.”

Speak of the devil, Cameron stood in the doorway. When he just stayed there staring at me, I arched an eyebrow.

“I was looking for Rory. Have you seen him?” he asked.

“No, I haven’t.”


“Can I help you with anything else?”

Cameron kept glancing at my top then looking away, like he was trying not to stare. Confused, I looked down and saw the wet, see-through patch Jenny’s tears had made on my pale cream blouse. You could see right through to my lacey white bra. There were also a few dots of black mascara. I was going to have trouble getting those out.

“It’s rude to stare.”

He cleared his throat. “Yes, I apologise. It’s just—”

“Do you know how my top got like this?” I said, suddenly irritated. I couldn’t believe that yesterday I’d actually been contemplating how to navigate the beginnings of a relationship with him. That I’d entertained feelings for a person who could be so completely callous with others. How could he push a colleague to tears, then just go about his day like nothing happened? It really bloody bothered me.

I’d promised Jenny I wouldn’t tell anyone about her crying, but he needed to know that his actions had consequences for other people. “I just spent the last fifteen minutes consoling Jenny. I found her in tears because you insulted her in front of a client. Do you have any tact at all, or do you always just say exactly what’s in your head?”

Cameron’s expression darkened. “Jenny did a poor job of the work she was assigned. I had every right to let her know.”

“You called her a blithering idiot.”

“Yes, but—”

“In front of a client.”

“That’s neither here nor th—”

“And her cat just died.”

Now he looked incredulous. “You expect me to treat her differently because she lost a cat? It’s just an animal.”

“Animals are people, too.”

“I think you’ll find they aren’t.”

“I think you’ll find they are. Also, you’re a dickhead,” I blurted then immediately put my hand over my mouth. Had I actually just said that? It seemed after all these years of being nice to people, Cameron was the one to make me snap.

He took several strides toward me until I was backed up against the wall.

Oh, hell. Now I was in for it.

He stared me down. “What did you just call me?”


“That’s not what I heard.”

“Perhaps you need to see an ear doctor. I believe they give you a discount for the first visit.”



“Shut up.”

A second later, his lips crashed onto mine. I had an outer-body moment where I wondered if this was really happening. Then I gasped and sighed when his tongue slid into my mouth, coaxing mine to respond. His body was hard against me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him. However much he might frustrate me in real life, when Cameron kissed me, I forgot all about how aggravating he could be.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for days,” he rasped as he sucked on my earlobe. Then he ran his mouth over my neck to lick and nip at my jaw.

Um, what? WHAT?

My body turned to jelly as my head fell back against the wall. Luckily, the photocopier was in a small room at the back of the office, affording us some privacy. Still, anyone could happen by at any time.

I needed to stop this right now.

But then Cameron was kissing me again, and I couldn’t think straight. His hands were all over me, and I felt his hunger in the way he groaned when he massaged my breast over the top of my clothes. I sensed his desperation, like his lonely heart yearned for mine even if he’d never admit it.

Yes, Cameron Grant was just as lonely as I was. I could feel it. He longed for human connection, but he also denied it to himself for reasons I couldn’t quite discern.

His hands wandered down to grip my backside, and the next thing I knew he was lifting me up onto the photocopying machine. His mouth laid siege to mine, and I was lost in him until I heard footsteps approach.

Quick as a flash, I jumped down, fixed my clothing back into place and focused intently on the sheets of paper I’d just copied my report onto. They were still warm from the copier, so we couldn’t have been kissing for that long. It was just hard to tell time when Cameron’s mouth was on me. I hated myself for succumbing to his kiss when I was still angry at his behaviour with Jenny. But he’d kissed me so ferociously my lips were sore; he’d kissed me like he was starved for it.


Our Review

“I take it back.”
“Take what back?”
“What I said about your smile.”
He reached out and caressed my cheek. “It’s not off-putting at all, it’s captivating.”

Oh, swoon!! It’s no wonder we ADORED Happy-Go-Lucky! Talk about a fun, sexy, totally swoon-worthy, endearing read! We adored Maisie, her friends, her family and of course Cameron Grant! We really ‘get’ this author’s humour and the cute Maisie Wilkins had us grinning from ear to ear.

L H Cosway really does write some fabulous heroes and heroines. They’re fun, feisty and vulnerable all at the same time, and we also love a good office romance, and boy were there some sizzling office dalliances between the grouchy, unsociable Cameron, and the happy, eager to please Maisie. We’ll never enter a stationery cupboard without getting all hot and bothered EVER again!

“You know what I think?” he asked, expression intense.
“What do you think?”
“I think we both have a lot to learn from each other.”

Centred around the medium-sized private investigation firm of James & Peterson Investigations, we meet thirty-year-old Maisie Wilkins, a researcher who is such a sweetheart. Maisie just wants everyone to like her. She’s friendly sweet, attentive, and this young lady doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  The thought of a co-worker being annoyed with her would send her into a spin.

‘I would much rather be like me and get hurt than be like Cameron and never be upset by anyone.’

Cameron Grant is the head investigator at the firm and the opposite of Maisie. He’s closed off, doesn’t mix or socialise with the other employees and pretty much glares at anyone who approaches him, and he couldn’t care less what his co-workers think of him, Cameron is also Maisie’s ‘work crush.’

“Is that what you do? You keep away from people so they can’t hurt you?”
“No, I keep myself away from people because most people irritate me.”

One drunken Christmas party sees Maisie go against everything in her personality by sleeping with Cameron – well, she was sozzled, and he is irresistible in that handsome cool way…so you can’t blame the girl! But… they must work together and put their moment of passion behind them. Yeah right…not with their chemistry!!

‘Cameron Grant? His affection was so rare. I imagined it must be wonderful to be on the receiving end of all the love I was certain hid behind his stoic, near impenetrable mask.’

Being this is set in a PI firm, there’s a bit of mystery and intrigue surrounding a certain case Maisie and Cameron take on which adds to the story. It’s a fabulous ‘whodunnit’ mixed into the romance that kept us on our toes, as Maisie and Cameron try to unravel a case that appears to have many layers.

L H Cosway has written some of our favourite stories so it’s no wonder this lady is an automatic 1Click for us. In Happy-Go-Lucky she has delivered yet another heart-warming, romantic and sexy story with the subtlety that consistently draws us in. Whether it’s in the humour or emotion she injects into her stories, there is always a balance to the endearing way she brings her stories to life, never failing to spread warmth and happiness into our hearts. Yep, we LOVED this book.

“You are relentlessly cheerful.”
“And you’re relentlessly grumpy.”
“We’re a match made in heaven.”

Whilst we would’ve liked a little more time with Maisie and Cameron, we hope to meet them in the next book (about different characters), and we may have squealed with delight when we realised the connection to Fauxmance! Spectacularly done!


Every workplace has that one person you don’t want to mess with.

At James & Peterson Investigations, that would be Cameron Grant: sullen, grouchy, intimidating, oh yeah, and sexy as hell. He can make your soul wither with a single disapproving glare. And he never, ever socialises with his co-workers.

This is why Maisie Wilkins, happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine, can’t fathom why Cameron finally decided to show up at their annual office Christmas party. Every year he received an invite, and every year he failed to attend. But not this year.

Curious as to why he’s there, Maisie can’t resist sitting next to Cameron. Before she knows it, she’s had one too many drinks and is drunkenly hailing a cab back to his place. Office party flings are not something she normally does, but despite his intimidating character, Cameron has a charm she can’t resist. Or maybe it was just those five gin and tonics blurring her judgement.

Whatever the reason, Maisie now has to navigate the awkward, tension filled waters of sharing an office with someone she’s slept with.

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