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“We need to keep things platonic.”
“We are. Unless you’ve been making out with me without my knowledge.”

Boss Man Bridegroom was everything we were hoping for and more. We have been so intrigued by Rath since meeting him in The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister where we cried tears from laughing at his bromance with Bram Scott. This was followed by Diary of a Bad Boy where we fell even more in love with the enigmatic Rath and once again cried laughing from the hilarious carry-ons of Bram, Rath and Roark. This series is without question our favourite by Meghan Quinn. This series is GOLD!

“Either women want me for my money, or they want me for my dick. They don’t want me for my soul or my heart.”

So just who was going to bring Rath’s heart back to life? Well, it just couldn’t be anyone more perfect than Charlee Cox, or as she is affectionately known, Charlee bag-of-dicks. A kindred spirit; fun-loving, adorably eccentric, stationary hoarder and historic romance-loving reader. We fell in love the minute we met her. We’re not surprised that Rath was intensely intrigued and also slightly scared of her! Their banter was hilarious and comedy gold! Charlee quickly became one of our favourite female characters, she’s a tad over the top sure, but she’s real and comes out with the most hilarious lines that we bizarrely related to and found so endearing and funny.

‘Fuck, she’s adorable. Really fucking adorable. Her smile is infectious, her excitement thrilling…’

Rath had his heart broken and we knew when we started his book that it would take someone quite special for this man to finally open up and accept love again. He’s a formidable man with a heart of gold, a great sense of humour and wickedly passionate. Whilst he showed us two different personas they were really just two halves of the same man. And what a man!!! He really wasn’t prepared for Charlee or the impact she would have on his life.

‘He made me feel things I haven’t felt in a really long time, or maybe ever. He made me question my sanity every time he laughed, he made me swoon when he smiled, and when he was leaving, he made me feel like I couldn’t take another breath if he didn’t kiss me right then and there.’

 ‘That man, the considerate thoughtful man, is far too dangerous for my heart.’

We loved everything about Boss Man Bridegroom. So much laughter, so much swooning and the angst and emotion was easily blended in for more serious moments. Brilliantly written characters, Grandma Janice was just fabulous, and a great storyline, what’s not to love?! The icing on the cake though was once again the bromance and the fact that Rath, Bram and Roark started a historical romance book club on football night. Classic!

“You are undoubtedly the most vibrant person I know and that’s saying something because I’m pretty sure Bram shits rainbows.”

This series can be read as standalone’s, however, once again we urge you to pick all three books up because Meghan Quinn has proved once again that she really is the queen of romantic –HOT- comedy. Why do we love her romcom’s so much? Well, because this Author has no filter, there’s funny and then there’s ‘Meghan Quinn funny’. Meghan Quinn is an author who writes natural flawless humour with no social modesty. Just the way we love it! This is a series we can re-read over and over because we fell in love with every single character and their hilarious shenanigans. This series is a must-read and once you meet these characters you’ll know why!

“Who knew boss man bridegroom was going to be a good kisser?”
‘Who knew Charlee Bag of Dicks was going to sweep me off my goddamn feet with one simple kiss?’


“Will you do me the greatest honor of all time and be my bridegroom?” she asks, hope in her eyes . . .

How did I get here? My assistant, bent on one knee, holding my hand, her expectant face waiting for an answer.

Just . . . how?

How did I go from being insulted by Charlee Cox to hiring her to be my assistant? How is it that she’s chaos in color – making me crazy and my life better at the same time?

I never thought I would be staring down at her bright blue eyes begging me to go along with this ridiculous scheme I suggested.

Yes, I suggested. Like the idiot I am, I thought hey, why not start an HR nightmare and have my assistant ask me to marry her?

Confused? Don’t worry, so am I.

But try to follow along, because this is how I became Boss Man Bridegroom.

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