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‘What I’m not: the radical feminist, man-hating bitch I’ve been accused of being more times than I can count.
What I am: a strong, fierce, ambitious woman who isn’t afraid to speak her truth for the world to hear, and to inspire other women to do the same.’

The Three Kiss Clause by Christopher Harlan was not only a great romance, it also had hilarious one liners and a great message about stereotyping. The writing was engaging, flawless and full of humorous banter, as well as scorching chemistry. We really enjoyed Tori and Cormac’s ‘fake boyfriend’ story which was told in dual pov’s, so flawlessly. Can an experiment between a publisher and potential new Author prove just why a ‘controversial’ book should be published?

‘Whichever way this whacky thing goes, at the very least, maybe I can show her that not all guys are total assholes.’

Well Tori was one sweet but emotionally messed up girl despite her success as a ‘man-hating’ podcaster, vlogger and social media queen. Whilst we absolutely understood the foundation of her thought process and what stemmed from there, she didn’t exactly endear herself to us to begin with. Rather, she put us off with her generalisations and the way she came across as arrogantly dismissive of those who disagreed or questioned her. However, we did not let her –at times– hypocrisy defeat us as we were too intrigued and knew there had to be a valid reason. It’s so easy tar everyone by the same brush and not practice what you preach, isn’t it?!

“You’re doing that thing you do again.”
“What thing?”
“Assumptions. You are making a lot of them.”

Tori’s ‘bloke banter’ and observational behaviour with her bessie mate, Shoshana was at times exactly what she criticised men for; the sexualisation of the opposite sex. Whilst it did grate on us in parts, some of it was spot on, so by the time we truly got to know Tori and connected with her character, we understood her core message and her aim to be a positive supporter of women. Her humility and her sense of honesty was very refreshing.

‘I think I might not hate our little three kiss clause after all.’

Cormac Delaney was so easy to like, a gorgeous man through and through with a heart of honest gold. He wasn’t without his own insecurities and sometimes abrupt manner. However, he was definitely one of the good guys and we fell in love with him and how real he came across with no unnecessary dramatics or over the top behaviour.

“The greatest danger in the world is seeing only one story – seeing a person for only one thing.”

We have to say that our absolute favourite character in The Three Kiss Clause was Tori’s best mate, Shoshana! That girl had us in stitches throughout the entire story. Everyone needs a friend where you have absolutely no way of guessing what she’ll say next. Fun-loving, infectious sarcastic humour and an unrivalled loyalty and sense of right, Shoshana was our kind of girl. She stole every scene she was in!

‘Crap, maybe she does have a point about us men. She’s trying to wipe her water-spit combo off my freshly dry-cleaned shirt and I’m taking it like some kind of kinky foreplay. I’m a sick bastard.’

We really enjoyed this romantic comedy from Christopher Harlan and definitely hope he writes more. If and when he does we’ll be first in line to read it, especially if it’s Shoshana’s story, fingers crossed! The Three Kiss Clause was so very sexy, so very sweet and so very funny leaving us with huge smiles on our faces.

‘I learned that it’s not just women who can be self-assured badasses – there are some great men out there who balance out all the shit heads like my ex, and all the exes out there. I learned that some of the qualities in men that I used to roll my eyes at aren’t always bad.’


Cormac Delaney was everything I hated about men—arrogant, smug and condescending, but he was also everything my body responded to—gorgeous, tall, brooding, and confident. Oh, and he happened to be a partner at the publishing company I was trying to get signed to. My book—“Fu*#$@Boys”—about how men are selfish, sex-crazed pigs—was one vote away from being published—his vote. But not only did he hate my book, he asked me a question that would change things between us forever:

“How can you be an expert on men when you’ve never been in a real relationship?”

He had a point, but I wasn’t about to let him know. Instead I did what any self-respecting writer and podcaster would do—I proposed a radical social experiment. Cormac and I would live together for one month as boyfriend and girlfriend. If he could change my mind about men I’d withdraw my book. If not, he’d agree to publish it.

My only condition? No sex, or anything physical, whatsoever.

I never thought he’d go for it, but I guess I was wrong about him, in more ways than one. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Cormac Delaney, even if he is easy on the eyes. . .fine, he’s good looking. . .alright, he’s hot as hell, but still! To do this I’m going to have to remind myself of a few things: we’re only an experiment, nothing more. He’s not the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen in my life, he absolutely does not have a body that makes me tingle in all the right places, and I’m never, under any circumstances, going to let myself fall for him. . .


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