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“I know it was you,” I snap, pushing Mason into the room. “That song was your idea!” I slam the door behind him and cut off his defense with a kiss. He only startles for a second before dissolving into it. His surrender is a drug, though, and now I’m totally lost.

Gah! He tastes like sex, that chocolate mousse from dinner, and every delicious, forbidden fruit, all wrapped up in one disgustingly hot package. I just wanted a kiss—needed one—but that small taste only lit my fire. I rake my fingers in his hair, fighting to absorb him into me. Too many layers separate us. Forget the kiss. I need him naked. Now.

I’m already ripping off his tux jacket when I realize he probably should have a say in this. I didn’t mean to attack him—it’s just—he doesn’t know what it was like to watch him all night. To stand behind him as he owned that stage and poured out his soul for me. He can’t possibly understand how incredible it was to forget about Chris for those few minutes, because how could I think about anything else when Mason eclipsed him? The entire room was his, every witness in that place, and all I could think about was getting him back here. Consuming him. Ripping his clothes off and shoving him onto a bed. I couldn’t even look at him or speak to him all night out of fear I’d lose control right there on the ballroom floor.

By the way he returns my kiss and hardens against me, he must have been suffering too.

“I know there are a million reasons not to, but can we worry about that tomorrow?” I breathe against his neck. “Please, Mason. Just one time.”

I have his button-down open, and I’m pissed he has an undershirt beneath it. How many layers did this man have to wear tonight? He helps me free him of the shirt, but I’m too hungry to wait for the rest. I lock my hands around his neck to secure our kiss while I drag him toward the bed.

“Say something,” I bark out, pushing him down. “Say you want this too.”

“Of course I want it—”

Good enough. I tug my dress over my head and love the way his speech stalls and his eyes widen in awe. I hover over him for an extra moment to let him get his fill. Clearly he didn’t know this was a braless dress. He, though, still wears way too much fabric.

“Why are you still dressed?” I hiss, prowling toward him. He falls back on the mattress with a smirk that totally distracts me from my mission. Now, I need to taste that too, and soon we’re back to swallowing each other whole. Multi-tasking. You’re good at that, Lib.

We separate just enough for me to yank his shirt over his head, and yeah, the sacrifice was worth it. I straighten for a better view and decide that Mason shirtless on a bed, propped up on his elbows with a sexy grin and messy hair is pretty much the standard of perfection. But I’m an artist, and true artists are never satisfied.

I fumble for the button on his pants and damn. Thankfully, he helps me with this part because I suddenly lose half my IQ. When his pants come off I transform into a freaking animal, driving forward on instinct and attacking him with the urgency of a woman who’s never known hunger before. I’ve had sex. I’ve enjoyed it. But need it? No. Not like this.

Mason’s smile grows as I shove him back to the mattress, and the way he surrenders to my aggression makes me think he’s imagined this moment as well. Maybe a lot. Maybe as much as I have, and now I keep picturing that bowtie—not in a frilly circle around his neck, but open and snaked on the floor where I tore it off.

Our Review

‘Did I see him first? The way he breathed music and bled poetry from a stage the never saw him coming.’

Alyson Santos mirrors our souls when it comes to capturing the way we feel about music in Rising West, the first book in her new Turner Artist Rocker series. Based around the rock star signings of Turner Artist Management company, we meet their latest find in the reclusive and very sensitive, Mason West. Not only does Alyson Santos capture the heart of the music, but she also captures the emotion, the turmoil, the excitement and the technical side of the music industry and we were transfixed by Masons grasp at fame from the very first page!

“What do you want, Mason?” I look up into his face and trace his jaw when I see it clench. “Does anyone ever ask you that?” Just when I thought there was nothing more painful than sharing that silence, his stripped, broken voice shatters it:
“I want the sun to rise in the west.”

This author delivers her music knowledge in a somewhat poetic, almost hypnotic prose. It’s beautiful and renders the heart at one with the sad and lonely Mason. This man truly does have that sensitive artist vibe and his story tore at the very fabric of our hearts.

‘Tomorrow I will be lost again, but tonight I’m home.’

Mason West has seen more heartbreak in his young years than many see in a lifetime. He’s crippled with insecurity and questions every aspect of his worth – his musical ability, his ability as a father and his worth as a human. He’s plagued by guilt and is his own worst enemy as he fails to see the beautiful and talented human others clearly see if only his inner voice would give him a break.

‘What’s left inside the shell of a could have been rocker whose soul aged faster than his years?’

After a once-promising career, a series of heartbreaking and painful events see Mason struggling to make ends meet by working in construction and a single Dad to an adorable little girl, 4-year-old Brooklyn. His thirst for performing is quenched by playing to a few bar patrons at The Fat Eagle pub, on every now and then. This man is extremely talented and soon catches the eye of the agent, Sam Turner.

Sam is looking for a replacement front man for Burn Card, a successful band consisting of the brilliant Liberty Blake, her twin brother Aaron and their friends Mitch and Tivo, and until recently, their lead singer Chris Lundstedt, who has left the band to pursue a solo career. Mason is asked to audition, and from the outset, it’s clear he has what it takes to bring Burn Card to the next level. But can the band agree on him as a replacement? Will Liberty be the stumbling block to Mason’s second chance at success? What lies behind Liberty’s reluctance to take on Mason as their new lead singer? After all, he oozes talent, charm and incredible good looks!

‘This isn’t the kid who believed he owned that stage four years ago. This is a man who doesn’t know where the hell he belongs anymore….’

Oh the romance of this story! Both Liberty and Mason had so many issues to deal with and despite their personality differences, we believed in them every step of the way. Alyson Santos sure did give us those rock star vibes we crave. The unique way in which we glimpsed into Mason’s past was beautifully done, giving us the opportunity to see Mason through another set of eyes.

‘Mason can’t dream because he has no idea who he really is. So I guess the question is…Can I believe enough for both of us?’

We loved Rising West, the story and the characters…little Brooklyn completely stole our hearts! We can’t wait to meet Sam Turner’s next signing when Falling North, the second standalone releases in April!


Turner Artist Management Urgent Action Item:

✔ Find a new frontman for Burn Card.

When one of your top artists loses their lead singer to a solo career, you jump on the problem. When it also involves a devastating breakup with the band’s queen bee, you drop everything and run.

So I did—run. To the east, where I found a young single father so mesmerizing, his talent almost makes you forget he comes at a price. Enormous potential steeped in personal tragedy, what’s an agency to do?

See, I’m just the manager. The story that follows actually belongs to my client Liberty Blake and the enigmatic heartthrob whose world is about to be blown apart.

Because now that the industry wolves have the scent, everyone’s desperate to know:


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