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“They say all the best records are built with bricks made of heartache.”

Vicki James can certainly tell one hell of a rock star story and has propelled herself onto our list of ‘favourite rock star authors’ with yet another 5 star read in her standalone Rock Star Romance series! We can’t get enough of beautifully engaging words!

For us, this theme must have the perfect balance of rock, romance, angst and emotion. And as much as we crave the emotion of the story, we crave the rock star experience just as much. You know…to live the rock star life with every beat, every song, every performance and every backstage interaction. To feel as though we’re experiencing it firsthand. Did Vicki James achieve this? That would be resounding yes! First with Cherry Beats and now Dirty Rock.

“When you step into the spotlight, you learn how to fight in ways others can’t.”

We first met Rhett in Cherry Beats, and Dirty Rock begins with us going back and briefly meeting Rhett aged 15. Young Rhett is a very different person to the powerhouse that would be frontman Rhett Ryan. Young Rhett strikes a lonely chord. Somewhat of an outcast, bullied, and if not for his best friend Ollie, life for young Rhett would have been even more unbearable. Young Rhett has big dreams for a boy from a small village. He wants to be the next Billie Joe Armstrong, to belt out a tune and fill a stadium. Little did he realise what his wishes would bring…good and bad.

“If you save everyone else, who saves you?”
“I save myself.”

Fast forward to twenty-six-year-old Rhett, who, for the past 3 years has fulfilled his dream as the frontman for Youth Gone Wild, arguably one of the most talked-about and popular bands on the music scene. Rhett is living the quintessential sex drugs and rock and roll lifestyle, and whilst he loves his music and his band, inside Rhett is an empty shell, a cynic who feels he’s devoid of ever feeling love.

‘I didn’t know how to be the good guy. I was only good at being bad.’

For three years, thirty-two-year-old Julia Speed has been the talented Publicist responsible for propelling the British rock band, Youth Gone Wild, consisting Rhett, Presley, Big D, Hawk and Coops into the stratosphere of success. Julia isn’t just an employee, she’s a fan, has mad respect for their talent and music, and believes in them with all her heart.

‘She had the ability to be the best decision I’d ever made or my greatest heartache.’

Rhett has always respected and loved Julia for what she does for the band, but after three years, Rhett has an epiphany and finally opens his eyes to the beautiful, strong and caring woman before him. Julie gives him purpose and inspiration, but the cynic of love isn’t giving his heart too quickly.

Vicki James gave us so many layers to Rhett as we learned of his vulnerabilities and fears, but it was Julie and her story that knocked us for six. The controlling publicist certainly had one hell of a story and delivered a few twists along the way. We loved the way the author delved into their characters revealing their scars and past, bringing us to tears on a few occasions. Rhett also had a lot of redeeming to do and Vicki James delivered this with aplomb. You must read their story to appreciate their journey right to the resounding finish. And the epilogue was…the…. best!

“How?” I whispered.
“How, what?”
“How the hell haven’t I seen you before?”

If you’re wanting to escape into the rock scene with a bad boy frontman with a huge heart, spend time with a woman whose tenacity will have you cheering, experience a true rock star, ‘in your gut feeling’ story where the buzz, excitement and music stimulates the senses from an author who allows your imagination to run rampant in a story of rock, passion, friendship and love.. then grab a copy of Dirty Rock now! You’re going to love this one! We hope this series just goes on and one!

‘When you can have everything for nothing, you crave nothing at the cost of everything.’


The master of the tease.
The god of rock.
Frontman of the world’s most desired band, Youth Gone Wild.
I’m Rhett Ryan, and I get what I want.

Women? They were lining up.
Money? I had enough.
Accolades? My shelves were full
Love? I didn’t have time for that.

Not until I had no choice but to pay attention to the last woman I expected to fall for.

My beautiful, sassy publicist, Julia goddamn Speed.

She was a vital part of the band’s success, and she was as off-limits as they came. I’d never wanted anything more in my life. But Julia wasn’t like the rest, and my advances only pushed her further away. She was the first woman to make me work for it, and Christ, did I suddenly want to work for it!

Even if I knew it would end in disaster.

Even if I knew there would be tears.

I was willing to play dirty to make it happen.

I just had no idea how much I’d change in the process, or how something that had once been my everything would soon become nothing because I’d jumped into the forbidden with her.

Stupid, Reckless Rhett.

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