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First Circle –  Limbo: Mason Strom
Second Circle – Lust: Jase Kesson
Third Circle – Gluttony: Sawyer Bennett
Fourth Circle – Greed: Taylor Marks
Fifth Circle – Anger: Damon Cross
Sixth Circle – Heresy: Shane Carter
Seventh Circle – Violence: Ezra Cross
Eighth Circle – Fraud: Gabriel Dane
Ninth Circle – Treachery: Tanner Caine himself. The linchpin of the group, the man who makes the hard decisions and calls the majority of the shots. A dark presence that repels as much as he attracts, he’s the poisoned apple I want to bite, even while knowing it will destroy me.’

We couldn’t wait to dive into Treachery which includes the Treachery Prequel:  by Lily White as it’s been a while since we last read this Author. The Antihero Inferno series is Lily White’s new dark romance series where each book focuses on one antihero from the circle of Inferno. The world of the nine Inferno men continues throughout the series so it’s definitely recommended to read in order, however, each book focuses on one particular couple. Treachery was the story of Tanner also known as Treachery, and Luca, the girl who is unwittingly running a gauntlet, trapped in a net of deceit and lies. Never accept a favour from any of these men, as the consequences can be deadly and completely annihilate dignity and minds.

“Long time no see, Luca.”
The deep tenor of his voice shakes me to the core.
“Are you ready to make a deal?”

Treachery begins at Yale College and is quite slow to build which is expected from a book one in a new series. It lays the groundwork for what comes after, whilst still enticing the reader with passionate heat, sarcastic banter as well as personal revelations and heated emotions. Treachery really does embody everything enemies to lovers, an indulgence of hate-love; a battle of heads. We honestly felt like we’d gone 12 rounds in one epic fight that didn’t let up. We feel exhausted but so very satisfied!

‘You see, that’s what happens when you make a deal with evil. Everything goes fine until the day comes when he calls in his debt.’

We devoured this book, it was everything we love in the dark antihero romance trope. Treachery was evocative in its twisted intrigue and was written so passionately that we fell in love with every single character. The thin line between love and hate almost undetectable. The intricate web of the Inferno was chaotic and a tad confusing at times, so we can’t wait to learn more of why these nine men are the way they are, why they do the things they do and how far they are willing to go. We did get intense snapshots which were both shocking and heart-breaking, but there are so many layers we can’t wait to unravel. What we did understand is that the manipulation, the violence, the lies and the hurt runs deep within these men, and it will take one hell of a woman to see past the cruel arrogance, the wicked game playing and desperation for revenge and retribution.

‘It’s Luca’s rage that lights her fire. The beauty of her anger. The steel that lines a spirit that is as strong and stubborn as mine. I can’t help but think it’s a damn shame I didn’t meet her under different circumstances. And an even bigger shame that I’m not a good enough person to sit back and let her get away from me.’

Luca was fierce, strong, sarcastic, annoying and relentless. We bloody loved her! She didn’t ask for or deserve much of what happened and we truly felt for her, but this girl sure knows how to pack a punch and fight for herself. She was the perfect sparring partner for Tanner! We’re not going to beat about the bush, but Tanner was LUSH. He’s everything we’d run away from in real life, though we wouldn’t say no to a taster session hahahaha. He’s a formidable character who comes across as having no emotion whatsoever other than loyalty to his ‘brothers’ and an innate hunger for vengeance and payback. Luca and Tanner together were HOT! Sexy, seductive in their fighting and forceful in their unique relationship. Lily White writes flawless character attraction and connection with compulsive and fiery desperation. SO HOT!

‘He doesn’t just take a woman to bed; he conquers her. And once he has you there, he takes what he wants without apology. I should hate him for this, too. But I don’t.’

‘A maelstrom. That’s what Tanner is. Whether good or bad. He is a violent turmoil that sucks you down. Until you no longer care that you’re drowning.’

Lily White really doesn’t hold back. Her characters have no shame in their arrogance and no scruples in the ruthless hunt where these broken souls leave scattered bodies and broken minds in the dust of their inferno. Wickedly delicious!

‘She stays. She’s mine. I’ve claimed her. There is no other choice.’

The next instalment is Fraud, which is Gabriel and Ivy’s book. The groundwork has been laid and we will be gearing up for the next battle of game playing, the game of hearts and more pieces of this intriguing puzzle of thrilling mystery.

‘Some monsters are frightening because they kill and maim without remorse. Some are scary because they get in your head and make you doubt everything you believe you know about the world around you.’


Ninth Circle.
Also known as Tanner Caine.

He is a temptation with cold, dark eyes.
A man with a seductive smirk and a body built for pure sin.
The linchpin of a group of wealthy bad boys known as the Inferno.

A dark presence that repels as much as he attracts, Tanner is the poisoned apple I want to bite even when I know it will destroy me.

Our story started in college, but I ran from him so far I believed I was safe.
I should have known he’d find me eventually.
I should have known that nobody escapes.

He has me in his sights again with an offer I can’t pass up.
I know better than to make a deal with the Devil.
Not unless I’m willing to pay his sensual price…

***Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots through each book connect in one world. For the best experience, read the series in order.

Nine Standalone novels. Nine dangerous men. Nine unrepentant sinners you’ll hate to love.

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