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Troublemaker by Kayley Loring was just what we needed. We just couldn’t stop laughing at the hilarious inner musings of both Emilia and Alex, as well as their brilliant banter and quick liners. And let’s not forget the sexual tension and connection which was on point! Kayley Loring nailed the romantic comedy and single dad aspect, so much so we are lining up the next book by her. Her sense of humour is completely in line with ours!

‘I did not hesitate to suck cake frosting off of his thumb – in my classroom. Like some sex starved mouth vacuum. Who does that? School teachers in pornos, that’s who.’

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Emilia fulfils her dream of moving to Los Angeles, working there as a teacher. Before term starts her and her best mate, Franklin go dancing, much to the chagrin of Emilia who would prefer to stay at home in her comfy chair, reading. Well, the stars align and Emilia meets a bloke who ticks every box she didn’t even know needed ticking.

“I was just thinking about you.”
“About me? The Hot Dad from Vomit Night?”

Sadly, a ‘vomming’ incident happened and she never managed to get his details. So, how long can you live on the memories of one night? Well, Emilia doesn’t have to wonder too long, as when she needs to book a meeting with one of her disruptive 2nd grade pupils, Ryder, she makes a happy but awkward discovery! We loved Ryder!!!

‘I can’t wait until my kid is old enough to actually tell me to fuck off, because that’s what his face is saying to me right now.’

We seriously fell in love with the characters in Troublemaker, every single one had that special something we immediately connect with. Emilia was such a quirky and lovable heroine. She was adorable, nerdy, funny, sarcastic and surprising. We felt like she became a friend whilst reading. She’s certainly a match for the gorgeous, dry humoured, Alex Vega. Alex Vega….ALEX BLOODY VEGA!!!!! What a man, what a PERFECT man! Not only is he a great single dad and one of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors, he’s got a wicked sense of humour, he’s swoooooony and yeah…we immediately fell in love with him!!!

“Thank you. Really. I can see fine now.”
‘I don’t know if you can, Miss Stiles. Or you wouldn’t be walking away from me.’

Troublemaker was saucy, it was funny and it was sweet. It also had the perfect amount of cheese and was a spot on romantic comedy with hilarious texts, journal entries and emails. We were completely in the mood for this type of romance. It’s been a while since we’ve laughed out loud as much as we did, whilst reading. Kayley Loring did a stellar job and little Ryder stole every single scene he was in. Our most favourite thing was his relationship with Alex. As far a single dad books go this is definitely one of our favourites! Gah…..Troublemaker made us so happy we cannot recommend it highly enough!!!

‘She’s the big bang. The big picture. The biggest dork we know.’


TO: Alex Vega
FROM: Emilia Stiles


Dear Mr. Vega,

I felt it necessary to follow up on today’s meeting, since we weren’t able to speak candidly in front of your son.

I was shocked to discover that you are Ryder’s dad. Given that your ex-wife will be out of the country for a while and you are currently his primary caregiver, I’m sure you understand why we need to establish boundaries and etiquette. I think it would be best if we just pretend that we met in person for the first time today.

Your son is a very bright (flirtatious and talkative) student and since his education is a top priority for both of us, I hope I can count on you to respectfully refrain from grinning at me, using that sexy tone of voice, and undressing me with your annoyingly beautiful brown eyes if we should happen to interact with each other again in the future.

Thanks so much,
Miss Stiles

TO: Emilia Stiles
FROM: Alex Vega

SUBJECT: Re: Well, hello again…

Dear Miss Stiles,

Great to hear from you. My son’s education is indeed a top priority. As such, I respectfully agree to refrain from doing all of the aforementioned things.

However, I can’t promise to stop thinking about that kiss at the bar this summer. I’ve been thinking about it for the past month. It’s interesting how humorless and uptight you are about my son’s totally awesome personality, given that I have personally witnessed just how flirtatious and talkative you yourself can be when mildly intoxicated.

You’re so welcome,

P.S. I volunteered to be a chaperone for your next field trip. See you then.

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