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‘A hollowness seeps into my chest. The things I’ve seen and done have chipped parts of my psyche. I might have been a child in Kosovo, but I saw and remember enough that it continues to have an impact on my life.’

Light My Fire by Jessica Ruben had everything we love in a mafia romance. It was gritty, dark and bold. It was passionate and enticing. It also highlighted the realities of war and oppression, family, love and loyalty. It highlighted the work of freedom fighters.  It was brilliantly written and had that ultimate suave bad arse mafia boss we love so much, as well as a sweet but feisty heroine! The way in which this slow burn romance was written was on point. Especially to be able to build the foundation of love in childhood, which can so easily go wrong. Jessica Ruben managed to build a connection so early on which grows and matures naturally. We fell in love with falling in love.

‘Nico left to Albania after Kosovo was freed. Using his connections from the Kosovo Liberation army, he grew the Albanian Mafia, also known as the Mafia Shqiptare.’

We also loved the fact this Author highlighted a nation’s history, a history which some people have never been taught in school. A history, which is so important to learn from, because it is the only step towards avoiding repetition and being aware of the horrific plights of countries and people, other than our own. To include politics, religion and the atrocities of history in romance is a daring move which we both admire and applaud. Education in fiction, whilst falling in love.

‘He isn’t beautiful or handsome. Nico is too rugged to be described with those words. He’s dangerous, chiselled and raw. He is physically everything a man should be. Tall, broad, and lethal.’

Light My Fire begins in a war-torn country with a family in peril – torn apart, and a band of freedom fighters, the Kosovo Liberation Army, led by the young, Nico. The story then takes us to the US, years later. Elira has loved her protector, her friend and her ‘hero’, Nico since forever. He may be a ruthless and aggressive Mafia Boss now, involved in illegal activities but he will always be her Nico. In the same vein, Elvira will always be the one woman who lives in Nico’s heart. Their story and romance certainly isn’t an easy journey, with all the twists and obstacles. However, it is so worth it and beautiful!

“You were a child when I knew you, but you’re a woman now. Men like me don’t play silly games. What I want, I take. What I hate, I kill. And what’s mine, I protect.”


He saved me from war.Fed me when I was in too much pain to eat.
Smuggled me and my family into America when it became too dangerous to stay.
But, Nico didn’t flee with us.While I began elementary school in the United States, he was building the greatest and toughest Mafia of the century.
The Mafia Shqiptare.

Nico is now King of all underground trades.
Sexy. Aggressive. Brilliant.

After years of nothing but silence, he’s back in my life,
Ready to do whatever it takes to bring me into his universe.
He isn’t leaving until he takes me with him.

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