HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our lovely fellow readers!

Whilst 2020 may have been…for want of a better word…a shit year, the shining light came in the form of some truly incredible reads! For this, we want to thank the authors from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with hours of blissful escape during a turbulent year.
What would we have done if we hadn’t had the joy of losing ourselves in their stories?

Dear Reader, we’re so pleased to share with you THE BOOKS that COMPLETELY STOLE OUR HEARTS in 2020!!

These are the books that left their mark. Whether they made us laugh, cry, hit our hearts with searing emotion, had us gripping our Kindles in heart-stopping suspense, stories that took us outside our comfort zone, or stories that took us away to magical lands, these are the books that stayed with us long after closing the very last page.

With the start of a new year, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support you’ve given us over the years. You are the reason we do what we do. Sharing our love of books with you and chatting about them is what this is all about, and we can’t wait to chat about the books we all fall in love with, in 2021 and beyond!

NB: BOOKS below are sorted in first name AUTHORBETICAL ORDER

Single Books from a Series or Standalone Reads (Marked accordingly)


    Standalone – MM Romantic comedy opposites attract romance
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback  Audio

    ‘I’m not as strong as you think I am.”
    “This isn’t about strength, it’s about who you’re choosing to make you happy.”

    A fake relationship, two beautiful men, a sort of enemies to lovers thrown into the mix, and the writing! OMG! We relished Alexis Hall’s writing style. The flair, the wit, the warmth, passion and romance….ohhh, it was all exactly what the book doctor ordered! What a fabulous feelgood story!

    Our hearts were positively bursting! We laughed, we swooned, and we fell in love with two vastly different guys, Luc, and Oliver!



    Standalone – sweet, funny and poignant friends to lovers romance full of emotion
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback  Audio

    “Promise not to fall in love with me.”

    You know those romance books where the romantic tension is so agonisingly slow that it builds and builds your anticipation into something so excruciatingly intense that you crave it so badly your anticipation is almost unbearable. The lingering touches the eye contact, the subtle body language and racing thoughts and hearts. The anticipation of that first kiss, the heated desire for what comes after. Emily Henry magnificently wrote this to perfection.

    Beach Read is also a truly wonderful love story which slowly builds across the chapters. One of our favourites for 2020!

  • FORTUITY (Transcend #3) by JEWEL E ANN

    Standalone slow build emotional second chance single dad romance  with an older hero and heroine
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    ‘This is it. This is what it looks like to love someone deeply…madly…to the depths of your soul. So much it rips your fucking heart out of your chest to let go.’

    We’ve read a lot of wonderful slow build romances this month and this is definitely sitting pretty in the top of the list! Mesmerising, compelling, addictive and had everything we love in our romance. This is a story of second chances and living with grief and heartbreak. It’s about family connections, strength in adversity and love. So much about love. Jewel E Ann is a magnificent Author who grabs your heart and doesn’t let go until the last word on the last page. It’s a marathon and a journey of emotions whereby the end you feel an exhausted sense that every word and every action got you to the finish line feeling an overwhelming sense of joy and satisfaction.


    Standalone romance with angst, suspense, heartfelt emotion – we laughed and cried in this one
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    “Feel it?”
    “What, Liv?”
    “Wanting something so much it hurts.”

    Our hearts…they furiously beat to the tone of the words, in amidst the laughs and the tears. Such a beautiful, exciting and thrilling love story. We cannot begin to explain how much we love these epic characters. Jewel E. Ann managed something quite extraordinary in Out of Love, this lady truly has an incredible talent and we are in awe of how amazing Out of Love was and how it made us feel.



    Standalone – Fast-paced and gripping suspense
    Available to purchase  Ebook   Paperback  Audio

    ‘He wondered how many other Minders there were and if, like him, they’d taken advantage… He felt like a completely new man because that’s exactly what he was.’

    Gripping and incredibly intense; a twisted roller coaster so fast-paced you literally cannot move or attempt to do anything else. Once again John Marrs teases with a chapter from each main character, which in its very own way ends in an ‘OMG what?!’ before moving on to the next character’s chapter. You feel like you’re racing a gauntlet of cliff-hangers, waiting to make a thrilling discovery for each character, but really you’re racing to know their ultimate fate in the race against cyber-terrorism. It’s not only fascinating but overwhelmingly frightening too. Compelling reading!


    Standalone sexy, swoony rom-com with sizzling chemistry. A feelgood romance
    Available to purchase  Ebook   Paperback  Audio

    ‘I could lose myself in this woman, find myself again…But then what?’

    One of our absolute favourites this year! Not just a Christmas read! This is an ‘anytime you’re looking for a pick me up’ read! We fell completely and utterly in love with EVERY single word and EVERY single character. Wait until you meet cocky lawyer, Declan Cannavale. Ooooh boy, this grouchy workaholic with the dirty mouth and beautiful heart had us swooning so hard we nearly fell off our chairs. This guy was everything!

    Swoony, sexy, smile-inducing, hilariously funny and all-round fabulous cheer as well. We cannot wipe the smiles off our faces. This book was THE PERFECT remedy for the shit show that is 2020!


    Standalone a witty yet utterly emotional romance about unrequited love 
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback   Audio

    ‘I knew I loved him; had always loved him. And there was no way I could tell him.’

    If you’re in need of a tender-hearted journey that hits every emotion, be it laughing, crying, swooning or simply filling your heart with engaging characters, we urge you to pick up this book and fall completely in love with every aspect of the exquisite romantic journey, just as we did. One thing; – Expect the unexpected and devour the surprises along the way! Dear Emmie Blue made us forget everything around us while we lost ourselves in this charming and beautifully woven story.

    Beautiful! Absolutely breathtaking! An incredibly emotional, witty and sentimental story of life, love and relationships.


    Part of the Twilight Saga – Edwards POV – Paranormal angst, emotional, forbidden love
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback  Audio

    ‘My life was an unending, unchanging midnight. It must, by necessity, always be midnight for me. So how was it possible that the sun was rising now, in the middle of my midnight?’

    Like everyone else, we have been waiting and hoping that Midnight Sun would one day land in our eager hands after all the debacle. It’s only been like FOREVER and we worried the day would never get here. And then it did, and FOREVER was worth it. Oh was it worth it! Midnight Sun was everything we could have wished for and more, it was beyond what we could’ve dreamed of or even expected.

    Our hearts ached when Edward reminisced, when his inner conflict reared its snarling head, it was heart-breaking. Edward is the eternal gentleman, the intelligent scholar, the voice of reasoning.

  • THE PRIEST (The Original Sinners #9) by TIFFANY REISZ

    Series – Erotic, emotional and thought-provoking, wit and heat.
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback  Audio

    “Don’t let him forget how loved he is. I love him and Kingsley loves him. Protect him and bring him home.”

    This compelling trio is like a drug of the best kind and every book feels like coming home to loved ones. The phrase ‘an infinite onion’, could not be any more apt as layers are peeled once more, letting us further into the soul of these three magnificent characters.

    I loved the mystical and pulsating setting of New Orleans, it drew me in completely and made the suspenseful dramatics that much more enticing. The vivid vibrancy was eerily charming. Whilst the cryptic case of the dead priest certainly led this story, there were epic moments of revelation of truths as well as a deep soul searching of the past between Søren and Nora. I lost count of my tears.

  • LORD OF LONDON TOWN (Adley Firm Book #1) by TILLIE COLE

    A British gang series. Forbidden love, passionate, hard-hitting, passionate dark romance.
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    ‘He had saved me. He had avenged me. And he had killed for me.’

    Wicked and seductively dark, violent emotional and passionate. This is Tillie Cole at her very best. Then again, when is this Author not at her best? Honestly, it is not often we come across a writer like Tillie Cole. An Author who literally can write anything she puts her pen to. Every trope and genre, Tillie Cole nails it. She’s not scared of branching out, she literally has no limitations! Tillie Cole wows us again and again.

    Lord of London Town was wickedly brilliant. All the characters were compelling in their own unique way; the story like nothing we’ve read before. Unique and addictive. Violent and erotic. We couldn’t look away and we didn’t want to.


    Standalone rom-com, enemies to lovers, opposites attract with heat and emotion
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    ‘I used to know my place with Harry. I didn’t like him. He didn’t like me. He was cold and arrogant. I was loud and annoyed him. Now…we were in a no-man’s land. One I couldn’t find my way out of.’

    What can we say about this book? Hmmm…we know! We bloody LOVED it! If you want to escape, swoon and laugh your tits off, then READ this BOOK! It’s that simple. In these trying time, we really do need some light relief, something to make us forget everything around us, and Thoroughly Whipped gave us all that! A sizzling sexy, seductively steamy, wickedly funny and swoony heartfelt romance with an enemies to lovers and opposite attracts themes that spoke to every single part of us! Oh gosh, we ate up every morsel of this story! We were in tears laughing when we discussed this book. Talk about the right book for the right mood!


    Standalone lead singer rock star romance with an older woman – emotional and raw theme
    Available to purchase  Ebook  Paperback

    “They say all the best records are built with bricks made of heartache.”

    If you’re wanting to escape into the rock scene with a bad boy frontman with a huge heart, spend time with a woman whose tenacity will have you cheering, experience a true rock star, ‘in your gut feeling’ story where the buzz, excitement and music stimulate the senses from an author who allows your imagination to run rampant in a story of rock, passion, friendship and love.. then grab a copy of Dirty Rock now! You’re going to love this one! We hope this series just goes on and one!

    As much as we crave the emotion of the story, we crave the rock star experience just the same. You know…to live the rock star life with every beat, every song, every performance and every backstage interaction. To feel as though we’re experiencing it firsthand. Did Vicki James achieve this? That would be resounding yes!


  • DUTY OF CARE Book #1

    Duet – suspenseful, twisty, thrilling and dark romance
    Duty of Care Book #1 Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    A sinister suicide shatters the perfect world of a devoted sister in this heart-breaking and heart-stopping psychological suspense duet about seeking truth and justice, at any cost.

    On her death bed, Emily Derbyshire’s mother made her promise to take good care of her little sister. Keeping her promise, twelve-year-old Emily did exactly that and became five-year-old Rita’s benefactor and bodyguard.

    As dark forces encircling Emily tighten their grip, and with everything to lose, she must make a life and death decision that she may live to regret.



    Duet – suspenseful, twisty, thrilling and dark romance
    The Caretakers Book #2 Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    ‘Take your worst nightmare. Throw in some of the most repulsive characters on the planet. Envisage the scariest scenario, and then put the person you love the most in the middle of it.’

    If you love a dark and twisty read….GRAB THIS DUET! Thought-provoking and brilliant! 5 heart-pounding stars! Sydney Jamesson started her Duty Bound Duet with a bang and never let up – not from the first page of Duty of Care Book #1 to the very last page of The Caretakers Book #2. From start to finish this was an at times difficult, dark, twisty, utterly gripping and rewarding read. The writing was exquisite, no other word for it. We ate up everything about this duet. It was heartbreaking and at times horrific, but it was also a story about the triumph of love and unbreakable bonds. A story of good vs evil and so much more!


  • TREACHERY Book #1

    Series – passionate anti-hero enemies to lovers romance
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    ‘You see, that’s what happens when you make a deal with evil. Everything goes fine until the day comes when he calls in his debt.’

    We devoured this book, it was everything we love in the dark antihero romance trope. Treachery was evocative in its twisted intrigue and was written so passionately that we fell in love with every single character. The thin line between love and hate almost undetectable. The intricate web of the Inferno was chaotic and a tad confusing at times, so we can’t wait to learn more of why these nine men are the way they are, why they do the things they do and how far they are willing to go. We did get intense snapshots which were both shocking and heart-breaking, but there are so many layers we can’t wait to unravel. What we did understand is that the manipulation, the violence, the lies and the hurt runs deep within these men, and it will take one hell of a woman to see past the cruel arrogance, the wicked game playing and desperation for revenge and retribution.

  • FRAUD Book #2

    Series – passionate anti-hero enemies to lovers romance.
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    ‘I’m claimed. His. I’m owned by the liar. By Fraud.’

    Fraud had intense chemistry, buckets full of drama, hilarious banter and thrilling suspense. Lily White is absolutely WOWING us with this series, we have those fluttering butterflies in our stomachs knowing we’ve hit the motherlode of anti-heroes and knowing we have so many yet to read, yet wanting them all like right now! No question, the Inferno guys with their arrogant, game-playing ways have stolen our hearts in this rollercoaster ride of a series with all its twists and turns. We are OBSESSED!

    Lily White writes enemies to lovers with perfection! It was relentless, it was funny, seriously hot and extremely thrilling at times. Once again the thin line between love and hate was explosive.

  • VIOLENCE Book #3

    Series – passionate anti-hero angsty forbidden romance
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback

    ‘There’s a wound on my heart he left, and a hundred scars on my soul that are all because of him.’

    If, like us, you crave that real antihero experience, where you wonder if the hero will ever redeem himself, you have to grab this series because if there was ever an exemplary example of how this theme should be written, then the Inferno Antihero series is it!  Each book is a battle of wills and a struggle for love told passionately and with a looming cloud for what is to come. Secrets. Secrets and more secrets.

    How does she do it? The wait between books isn’t very long, and yet each book is such quality. The writing, the characters and especially the way this author weaves each point of view into the story. Yes, it might be following similar timelines, but each book is unique and new, not simply a retelling of the story.


  • A HEART of BLOOD and ASHES Book #1

    Series – Fantasy and angsty dark romance
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback  Audio

    ‘She had promised to make his life a misery. He still believed she would. But in that moment, he’d realized his life would also be a greater misery if Yvenne wasn’t in it.’

    Epic! Positively EPIC! A Heart of Blood and Ashes is, without doubt, one of our favourite fantasy romance stories ever. Embarking on this adventure of vengeance, lust, passion, loyalty and love we became instantly swept up in Milla Vane’s fantasy dark romance! We met a brave and battle-hardened warrior and a heroine with the heart of a warrior-queen who both consumed us in a rich, seductive, passionate and vivid world so expertly woven together with masterful storytelling! What an adventure! Netflix…take note…you NEED to bring this book to our screens!

  • A TOUCH of STONE and SNOW Book #2

    Series – Paranormal fantasy and angsty dark romance
    Available to purchase Ebook  Paperback  Audio

    “You ease the pain in my heart, Aerax.”
    “Given a choice no other purpose would I have.”

    A Touch of Stone and Snow by Milla Vane is the second book in A Gathering of Dragons, one of the best fantasy series we’ve read in a long time. Every single book is EPIC and so intricately woven into a mammoth story. It’s not often it takes us a week to read just one book, however, Milla Vane is literally the queen of fleshing out her storyline and her characters. Because of the continuing quest to defeat a common mythical enemy, we HIGHLY recommend reading in order, especially if you love barbaric and erotic fantasy romance as much as we do. This series speaks straight to our fantasy book-loving hearts. Intense, mysterious, harrowing, dramatic, action-filled and super passionate. This series is everything and the way in which it is written, SUPERB! We cannot even begin to adequately pay homage to this incredible series and Author.

That's a wrap for our 2020 reads!

Well, there we have it! What did you think of our favourite reads for 2020? Did you have some of these on your lists? We’d love to hear from you about your favourite reads of 2020!

Don’t forget to check out our Recommended Reading Lists – they’re a fabulous source of inspiration and sorted in genre/themes to make choosing your next read an easy one! These are books we’ve read and personally recommend.

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We love you to pieces and send big hugs to you all! 

Jenny & Gitte – TotallyBookedBlog xoxo

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