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‘He stumbled as he caught me. Maybe if I held him tight enough, all those cracks and fissures in his heart would heal back up.’

Wow! This book! We were completely swept up in Tasha Boyd’s enticing, deliciously hypnotic love story. Someone needs to make this into a movie – it screams for its beauty to be brought to the screen!

Broken French is an incredibly beautiful, picturesque slow burn romance. Passionate, emotional, and so seductively addicting in so many ways! The scenery, the characters, the romance, and the writing…oh the writing! It was mesmerising! Everything about this story held us captive.

“The ache and need I have for you is the most delicious and painful thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Tasha Boyd has delivered something so very special in Josie and Xavier’s story. In a time when travel is something we can only wish for; she has managed to satisfy our wanderlust with her stunning imagery. Gosh, we could taste the food (we were salivating, our stomachs were rumbling), smell the sea, and imagine sunning ourselves on the deck of Xavier’s boat with the author making it so easy to visualise the surroundings with her vivid imagery. It’s an incredible talent to elicit such vision through words and Tasha Boyd does it spectacularly.

Josephine (Josie) Marin is a talented Architect, who realises she will never break through the glass ceiling of her firm when her misogynist boss hits on her. On a whim, she quits and is left in a quandary. Her friend Tabatha runs an agency and one of her clients, a ridiculously handsome single dad billionaire client we might add, needs a nanny to look after his 10-year-old daughter on their boat in the South of France. In the heat of the moment, she agrees, as an escape sounds good in her current situation. Little did she know the adventure that lay ahead!

‘It was one thing knowing the man you were with had walls. Quite another being personally told about their height, their breadth, and their utter impenetrability.’

On the surface, Xavier Pascale is a confident, handsome wealthy, and highly successful businessman who needs a nanny for his delightful 10-year-old daughter Dauphine. After losing his wife two years earlier, Dauphine is his reason for living. Meeting Josie is about to turn his world on its axis!

Xavier’s confidence is hiding a multitude of scars, doubts, and vulnerability, a side of himself he’s kept hidden…until Josie. Feeling the emotional attachment and intense desire between Josie and Xavier was potent and heady and hot! However, the sexual tension complimented but never overruled the complex emotion of their connection, a balancing act the author pulled off perfectly.

‘No wonder he had trust issues. This was more than someone lying to you. This was trusting someone with your heart. With your life.’

Josie and Xavier were brilliant characters. The relationship between father and daughter was heartfelt, the friendship between Xavier and his best mate and bodyguard Evan was a fabulous inclusion! We need Evan and a certain ladies’ story, and hope Tasha Boyd explores this! Every supporting character in this book charmed us immensely!

Although the story takes place over a short amount of time, the build-up was never rushed allowing us time to really believe in Xavier and Josie’s love – even if Tasha Boyd did put our hearts through the wringer! Oh wow, did she give our hearts a bit of a beating at times, and of course, we loved it!

“What about me scares you?” he asked
“The way you make me feel,” I uttered finally.

Grab this book! Prepare to be swept away in a story that tantalises all your senses and seduces you with every single word. As we said. What a story! Oh oui, what a story!


Take a decadent and sizzling armchair vacation to the South of France this summer …

Josie thought she was getting a promotion at her architectural firm, but instead, her career implodes. She impulsively takes up her roommates’ offer to nanny for a little girl on a mega-yacht in the South of France. Even though she can’t stand boats, this seems like fate giving her an opportunity to lick her wounds in a bucket list paradise while she figures out how to get her life back.

But this little girl she’s arrived to look after has a daddy. A widowed, hot, billionaire of a daddy. And if there’s anything that Josie needs less than having to be stuck on a yacht, no matter how luxurious, it’s an inconvenient and highly combustible attraction to her new boss. A man who, for all his wealth, is grumpy, conceited, and utterly closed off.

Xavier Pascale is on an emotional island of his own making. It’s just him and his daughter and he likes it that way. He works hard, his shareholders are happy, his best friends are his bodyguard, and the people who work for him. What’s wrong with that? But then he meets Josephine Marin. Her arrival in his life is like a deep ocean tremor along a catastrophic emotional fault line. And now… well, now, he’s very, very aware of his isolation and his very human need. But he can’t be distracted. When he gets distracted terrible things happen.

He should send the nanny home.

He really should.

But what if he just takes what he wants, just this one time …

This is a standalone, contemporary romance. It includes luscious scenes of sparkling blue ocean, and tantalizing, seductive food, as well as a smoking hot, dirty-talking Frenchman. If traveling scares you, or sexy times scare you, then this book is not for you. But if you’re looking for a decadent armchair vacation after being stuck in one place for over a year–a story that will make you laugh, swoon, fan yourself, and cry–then this one is for you!

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