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‘To be worshipped is a wonderful thing. Even if it’s by someone whose name I will never know.’

The Last Kiss by Anna Bloom is without question one of the most beautiful and epic love stories we’ve read, a favourite this year, no hesitation! We do not have the words to fully convey to you all just how deeply we felt every word, every emotion, and every seductive moment. Our hearts were pounding to the beat of the mood throughout, they beat with joy, passion, with heartbreak and with anticipation. We wanted to slow down, to appreciate the utter exquisite romance playing out before our eyes, written by Anna Bloom. The wonderment, the beauty the delectable seduction. Yet the undercurrent of intense heartbreak and trauma was never forgotten, and we couldn’t stop reading for anything, we needed, no we craved the knowledge that was beyond our grasp, at our fingertips.

‘It was only ever mean to be a night of fun. But I guess that’s life. It steals up and surprises you when you least expect it, squirming into all the tight spaces that you thought you kept carefully locked.’
“Don’t be scared,” he whispers.
“I am,” I whisper back.

Two beautiful strangers with an intense chemistry meet in a London pub, no names allowed – one night! Everything that comes after is what romance is truly made of. Fate bringing a poignant soul mate love but being a real bitch about the timing of it. The sheer agony was powerful, yet the swoon, the humour, the love; well, the balance was written impeccably. Julianna Brown, a tiny slip of a young woman, beaten by news she can’t grasp, yet displaying an incredible strength. A woman in the prime of her life who feels like she’s never truly lived. Henri the larger than life gorgeous and older Frenchman who literally sweeps Julianna off her feet in one night. How many steps from here to the epic and eternal love affair?

‘To live without her would be unbearable. No, not even that; it would be impossible.’

What a phenomenal love story written by Anna Bloom. If we could, we would buy this book for every one of you to make sure it ended up in your hands, because this is one of the most romantic, exhilarating, intense, heart-breaking, emotionally torturous love stories and it deserves to be read by YOU ALL! We cried tears –so many tears- tears out of both love and hurt. This is pure untainted romance, written to perfection. This is romance in its purest and most beautiful definitions. This journey is wondrous and mesmerising. This is the epitome of the saying ‘without darkness you cannot see the light.’ Wow, just WOW! The Last Kiss should be a movie and what an epic one this love story would be. Julianna and Henri stole our hearts, and we gladly gave them away.

‘Life was simply a heartbeat. Love the silence between.’


My life began when I found out it was ending.

One Frenchman. One night. No questions. No names.
The perfect antidote for a stolen future.
Fate though has other plans and keeps throwing us together. Thing is, this doesn’t feel like a one-night stand, it feels like soulmates for a lifetime.
Whatever this is, it can’t be enough because I think we’re falling in love.
It has to be enough, because how do you tell someone it’s the end when all you want is for it to be the beginning?

Can you learn to live and love, knowing it might never last?

Travel with the characters from London to France via this inspirational, heartwarming, angsty love story from the pen of Anna Bloom.

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