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“Look at the stars,” Jonty whispered. “They’re so bright tonight. Makes me feel small and insignificant and a bit dull.”
“You’re not small, dull, or insignificant. You’re the most important thing in my world.”

We could read about Jonty’s shenanigans till the cows come home. He makes us laugh, we want to hug him and wow did we want to go to his spooky Halloween party! If you haven’t met Jonty yet you need to go pick up The Making of Jonty Bloom which is a standalone! Jonty’s Halloween is a follow-on and should not be read as a standalone. Jonty’s adorably endearing, he gives us whiplash, he has the biggest heart and he speaks at warp speed. He’s one of our favourite characters by Barbara Elsborg. We are loving these catch up’s and hope there’s more to come as it gives us a chance to catch up with Tay and Ink, Cato and Vigge as well as Ru and Jasim whose book we’re yet to read.

In Jonty’s Halloween, we find Jonty home alone as Devan’s had to go home due to his mum being sick. Jonty being his true self decides to organise a Halloween party at the hotel, and as we know he does not do things by halves. Whilst planning and plotting the ultimate spookfest, he also manages to uncover some underhanded funny business and gets embroiled in criminal drama. There were some real laugh-out-loud moments again because….Jonty!

“There’s no point spending your life feeling angry about stuff that’s happened. It doesn’t change a thing, doesn’t make you feel better. No one should let their past define them. It’s the way they handle the present and deal with the future that’s important.”

Devan is the calm to Jonty’s storm, he is the quiet to the exuberant. He is the perfect soulmate for Jonty. Their relationship is still swoon-worthy, cheeky, and hot. The love they have for each other is so intense, loyal, protective, and filled with sexual chemistry. There’s no more perfect case of opposites attracts, it just works and we still believe in their love! The banter between them had us in stitches, the tender moments and vulnerability had us melting into puddles. This was another wonderful installment of Jonty’s escapades with the gorgeous Devan standing a few steps behind ready to catch the love of his life. Sigh……

‘Jonty deserved to be happy, and Devan’s life mission was to make that be the case for the rest of their days.’


Jonty and Devan’s Big Adventure travelling around the world is cut short when Devan’s mother falls ill, and they have to fly home. Leaving Jonty to his own devices is never a good idea and before Devan can say no, Jonty has talked his way into hosting a Halloween extravaganza at The Dunes hotel.

Family and friends are roped in to help and perform on the evening, but someone has it in for Jonty who gets a fright he hadn’t expected.

Join Jonty and his friends and family in a Halloween extravaganza with a surprise ending!

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