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‘We collect that which we don’t want anyone else to touch. We’re greedy by nature, making sure to possess all the things that elude us, the beautiful treasures we want. Whether its money, power, or women, our nature tells us there’s never enough.’

We picked up Depraved by Trilina Pucci on a whim as we were in the mood for dark mafia with heat and wow we were completely satiated by the end. We’ve never read this Author before but have marked a few of her books to read over the years, now we will definitely be moving these up our to-read list. The writing was suspenseful, dramatic, passionate, humorous, and flawless. We do have to mention that we bought this book as it was listed as book one in a new Dark Mafia series, however, we discovered that it features characters from the Sinful Series in which this one is considered book three.

We have not read the previous two books in the Sinful Series so when we picked up Depraved, we thought it was all brand-new characters and new connections. Did this impact our enjoyment? We have to be honest and say, yes it did a little bit. We felt we’d missed out somewhat. So, if you’re in our position be aware that Depraved is book one in the Dark Mafia series yet book three in the Sinful Series too. If we had our time over, we would have read the Sinful Series first. Can Depraved be read as a standalone? Yes absolutely, however personally, as prolific readers we prefer to know everything that came before when characters’ lives are as entwined as they are in this case. We have to read in order. Despite this though, we truly enjoyed it and were completely compelled by this sexy, dark, crazy ride and we can’t wait for more.

‘Dante has a presence. You can feel him in the room. Everyone can. He’s a dangerous, powerful man…’ “Ask me for help,” he growls, fisting his hands at his sides. He knows I won’t ask. “No. I’d be making a deal with the devil, and you’d want my soul in return.”

Depraved had everything we love, a ruthless arrogant but hot as hell dominant anti-hero, a beautiful, sassy, and fierce heroine who is as bad arse as the man who wants to devour her. Oh, and of course it had an all-consuming dark and gritty mafia storyline! We will without question pick up the next book in this series as well as go back and read the rest of the Sinful Series as we loved how Trilina Pucci managed to give us something new in the mafia world.

‘He holds up his gun and waves it.
“We played a little game of Glock, paper, scissors. Glock beats scissors.”

Depraved is the fiery hot romance between Dante and Sarah. And let us tell you, it’s scorching! The sexual chemistry is on point and the character connection is intense and passionate. There’s obviously quite a bit of history between them but we quickly picked up on the intensity of their need and want. Dante Sovrano is the head of the Chicago mob. He’s not a man you cross without dire consequences. His band of brothers forged in loyalty and protection. Sarah works for Dante and his brothers, managing a classy sex club. She has secrets she won’t share and carries trauma from a horrific past she’s on the run from.

“Love is never a choice. It’s an affliction that you’ll want to die of. And there’s no better love than one from a man who wallows in his devotion to you.”

Suspenseful and fast-paced Depraved by Trilina Pucci kept us riveted. It was high on emotion and had fabulous character relationships. It was all about family, loyalty, secrets, and revenge. It was about love, honour, and payback. A thrilling ride we didn’t want to get off. So, if you love mafia romances like we do, check this Author out!

“You’ve never looked more beautiful,” I say reverently. “Because you choose to sit at my feet when you know that I would be the very ground you walked on if you asked.”


Savagery. Sin. Depravity—-these are my virtues.
My name is Dante Sovrano, head of the Chicago Mob.
I run this city. Everyone bows down to me.
With one exception—Sarah London.

The first night we met, I knew we shared the same appetites. She never said “Mercy”—and all I said was “Good girl.”
But the next time we met, Sarah stood up, looked me in the eye, and pulled the damn trigger.

It’s funny, the moment I saw her, I knew she’d be trouble.
And definitely my brand–fiery, cutthroat, wrapped up in a lickable package.
If anyone was made for me, it’s this woman.

But dark secrets are hiding behind those gorgeous blue eyes.
Secrets she won’t tell, but I plan to know them all.

Trouble’s found her.
And now Sarah knows she has to deal with the devil to solve her problems.
Too bad the devil always takes your soul.
And I’ll be keeping it.

Whoever wants to hurt this woman has to get through me.
Because nobody ever touches what’s mine.
Not if they want to keep their lives.

This depraved King is keeping his feisty queen. And I’ll take down an entire city to do it.

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