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WOW!! Talk about packing a punch!! This companion novella focuses on a side character from Before Us…There Was Him (which we loved!), named Amber Randall who went missing in that book. What was her story, and exactly what did happen to Amber? Well, hang onto your Kindles, because this is one insane, twisty, and stomach-churning ride. It made us mad, sad, had us hooked, and completely took us by surprise!

‘As much as I loved the man, he was the definition of a flake.’

We had no idea what to expect but crikey we know this wasn’t it! Where Is Amber may be a short read, yet nothing is spared! What it lacks in page numbers, it more than makes up for in the blow it delivers!! Lou Stock certainly knocked the wind out of us with this one! What a fantastic job she did to bring Amber’s tragic tale to life.

They say love makes you take risks, and Amber took a leap of faith when agreeing to live with Hollywood heartthrob Noah Jennings, a man she has had an on-again/off-again relationship with for 5 years. Amber has loved Noah throughout their ups and downs. But can she trust Noah’s sincerity when he asks her to try and make their relationship work? Can he give up his Hollywood womanising and drug-induced ways for her?

Where is Amber was a somewhat unsettling read from the outset.  We never felt comfortable as something was niggling at us! But that’s all we’re going to say – except, gah, it’s been a while since a book had us texting furiously after reading. We were venting, praising, and genuinely gobsmacked!

“They forget I’m a human being. They have no fucking idea how lonely it is being America’s golden boy.”

We adore Lou Stocks writing. She sure knows how to deliver the angst, which she did in spades in this engrossing story that is the antithesis of the hearts and flowers romance we usually associate with a Hollywood love story. A fabulous stomach-churning tale.


It’s not about death… it’s the path that leads us there.
I’d always been the cautious one growing up. Warning my friends away from perceived danger and constantly checking the shadows.
One vacation in California the summer after I graduated changed everything, and I fell in love with America’s sweetheart, Noah Jennings.
I loved him when he needed me and on his terms for five years, and now my patience has paid off. Noah Jennings wants me to move in with him.
I just never saw it ending like this.

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