Well, we’re a bit older than that, but our beloved baby, TotallyBookedBlog is ten years old!
We can’t believe we started this journey 10 years ago today! Where did that time go? Over those 10 years, we’ve published over 1500 reviews, pressed go on who knows how many posts on social media, we’ve travelled from the other side of the world to meet each other, and met hundreds of authors and readers on our journey. What a special time it’s been so far!

We met online about 12 years ago on an author page when we found a common love of reading and sharing that love. A friendship was formed on opposite sides of the world that remains as strong today. We talk a few times a week, we shared ups and downs, losses and triumphs and we’ve been there for one another through every step of our lives over the past 12 years. And, of course, we never stop chatting about books! We still find ourselves constantly texting and chatting throughout our reads. Ours is a deep-seated friendship that will last forever. Brought about through our shared love of reading.

All those years ago, we discussed starting a blog –  before we knew it, TotallyBookedBlog was born. What a trial it was! Neither of us had any idea what we were doing, but ten years late we’re still here, a little older, but still as passionate as ever.

When we pressed ‘go’ on our TBB Blog and Facebook Page, we remember thinking at the time – should we offer a giveaway when we reach 1000 FB followers, – that benchmark seemed impossible, so we decided to think about that another time. Well, imagine our surprise when one hour later, we had to scramble and ask Tarryn Fisher if she’d be kind enough to offer up a signed book to giveaway because we had just hit our 1,000 followers. What a shock that was!

We realised then, what a huge responsibility to be honest with our fellow readers, we knew how important it was that we share our ‘book feelings’ honestly totally spoiler free! The only thing that’s changed over the years, is that we now only review books on the blog 3.5 stars and over, however, something that hasn’t changed and never will is our love of reading and sharing that love with other readers seeking that next book high.

TBB was, and always will be a blog about readers, for readers, from readers. We are readers first and foremost, evident in the number of books we still read and review. After all, that’s what book blogging is all about. Reading and reviewing books!
Our love of reading and discovering that next book love, is something we’ll never tire of. Sharing that love of our latest favourite read will always be close to our hearts.
Thank you for sharing our journey.
Big hugs and kisses
J&G xoxo


Without authors, there would be no readers, so they are very special to us.
We’ve been honoured to witness so many Indie author’s stars rise over the years becoming bestsellers, with some authors having their work turned into movies and tv series. It’s so exciting to watch their success.
We have been blessed to have read some truly wonderful books during our ten years of blogging, so many will remain in our memories forever. So many authors have touched our hearts with their words, and we’re so honoured to have testimonials from some of them. Their words have truly humbled us.
Jane Harvey-Berrick, in her words, summed up just what it means to be a blogger, to share our thoughts with other readers, and the importance we feel in sharing our honest reviews – no matter which side of the coin they fall on.  Here’s what Jane had to say:

📚Jane Harvey-Berrick – Totally, Wonderfully Booked📚

The indie author is a curious creature, working away in the silent moments, crafting a story that will delight, appall or enthrall, but once that work is finished, these twilight people need to learn new skills to shout about their precious children, their books.

And who can we approach to tell readers about our creations? Not the traditional press who’ve never embraced self-publishing (and still occasionally refer to it as ‘vanity publishing’). No, it’s the blogger, the uber-reader, the person who reads and reviews from a sheer love of the written word, who longs to share their discoveries, the precious pearls of heart-pounding stories, memorable and immortal characters who live on in the imagination.

For ten years, the twin engines of Totally Booked have proved their love of the indie world over and over again, reading, reviewing, writing, and trumpeting their finds. Continents away and oceans apart, they found their reading soulmates, sharing first their treasured finds with each other, laughing and crying together over books that moved and inspired, and then taking their first steps to sharing those stories with others: Totally Booked was born.

Jenny in Australia via her native UK, and Gitte in the UK via her native Denmark, laughed, cried, and fell in love with book boyfriends from their indie favourites, always discovering new lands in new books, sharing their book boyfriends, and proclaiming their discoveries from their blog and website.

So many firsts have come from these tireless readers, our industry leaders, and their five-star rating became the gold standard of reviews. They were the first to understand the power of the reader and the first to bring their beloved authors to a UK reader event in London. Those who were privileged to be at the Hilton Metropole in November 2013 are a band of sisters (and a few brothers) who found their tribe at this event and made lasting friendships.

Because the indie world is not just about achieving bestseller lists or sticking it to the previous gatekeepers, the traditional publishers, it’s about finding our tribe and forging friendships.

Gitte and Jenny, you have worked tirelessly for ten years, sharing your deep and heartfelt love of books. Always fair, always professional, you have supported indie authors and brought our book-children to the attention of others. And in doing so, you have become treasured friends. Congratulations on ten years of Totally Booked. And thank you. Jane Harvey-Berrick xo


📚Sylvain Reynard – Happy Anniversary to Jenny and Gitte of Totally Booked Blog! These enthusiastic, generous readers have shared their love of books for ten years. Reading their reviews is like strolling through a bookshop, where the proprietors personally show you their favourite reads and take the time to tell you why they loved them. Positive, engaging book bloggers are a gift not only to readers but to authors. So thank you Jenny and Gitte and here’s to ten more years and beyond. With much appreciation, SR.

📚E.L. James – Happy Tenth Anniversary, TotallyBooked! Huge congratulations to Gitte and Jenny for serving the book-loving community with such grace, humour, and kindness over the last decade. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me, my fellow authors, and our readers with your wonderful book reviews. Here’s to the next ten years! Much love. x

📚Raine Miller – Totally Booked Blog was there at the very beginning of my authoring career. After reading and reviewing Blackstone Affair they reached out to me and I was utterly floored by their praise for my story. I guess I never really thought through what it would be like when others weighed in on my writing. It was such a powerful experience for me when it happened though, their validation was my motivation to keep going. So, the biggest thank you goes to Gitte and Jenny for being such a very important part of my journey. In fact, they are mentioned in the Acknowledgements for ALL IN, The Blackstone Affair part 2 which was released at the beginning of November 2012. “In writing this second part of the series, I faced some new challenges. All In is Ethan’s story. It is the narrative of a British man the whole way through and while I knew it was how I wanted to write the book, I didn’t completely have a grasp of what it meant to do that until I was into it. Well, guess what? I learned fast! I am, after all, an American woman. snicker So, to Gitte and Jenny at TotallyBooked, I have one ginormous thank you to you two girls, for your guidance and knowledge of the Queen’s English, and also for the not-so-proper British slang that I used much more of in this story. I never would have managed it without your help!” All my love and gratitude.

📚Tarryn Fisher – The power of the book blog started with these women. They changed my life. 

📚Tillie Cole – Gaining a book review by Totallybooked was the Genesis of my career. They gave me a chance when I was a green and inexperienced author, and they have been my staunchest supporters ever since (and gorgeous friends). Congratulations, Totallybooked on ten phenomenal years as an epic book blog. You truly change lives.

📚Colleen Hoover – Jenny & Gitte from TotallyBooked blog has been instrumental in both the book world and my career. I follow their reviews for book recommendations because I trust that they are fair and honest and have great taste. It’s been a pleasure being a part of their journey.

📚K.S. Adkins – Cheers to 10 years! It was 8 years ago I had added my debut novel to Goodreads having NO idea what to do, how to gain readers, or even promote myself. One private message from Totally Booked Blog changed my life when the sweetest women on earth asked to read my book. Authors and readers alike adore Gitte & Jenny. The Bookverse wouldn’t be the Bookverse without you both! All my love and gratitude, KS–

📚Kitty French/Josie Silver – Huge congratulations on ten years together, Gitte & Jenny, Totally Booked Blog is the original and still the best! I feel so lucky to have been one of the authors at the TBB signing event all those years ago – you set that benchmark high, ladies! Thank you for supporting me from day one, from my Kitty French days to now as Josie Silver. You’re two of the loveliest people in the business – professional, kind, and just all-around fabulous.  Proud of you ladies! I’ll raise a glass to the mighty TBB tonight.   xx

📚Vicki James – At the very heart of the book world you’ll find a handful of respected, trusted, honest, dedicated, and selfless blogs that give their absolute all to the industry—the ones every author dreams of getting their novels in front of. TotallyBooked, without a doubt, sits at the top of that list. I can’t thank these two ladies enough for the encouragement and support they’ve given to me on my author journey. It truly changed my life. Congrats, Jenny and Gitte! Here’s to ten more years of awesomeness.

📚Nicole Jacquelyn – You guys helped jump-start my career 9 years ago. 🙂 I took a nap with my toddlers and when I woke up I had 30 notifications screaming, telling me that you’d reviewed my first book. Love love love you. 

📚Kayley Loring – I truly love reading Totally Booked Blog posts and browsing the TBB website when I should be working on a novel. The reviews are consistently well-written. Gitte & Jenny have impeccable taste—despite their questionable affection for my books—and I just adore them as humans because they’re my kind of passionate, sharp, reliable, daffy broads. Congratulations on ten bonzer years, mates!

📚Barbara Elsborg – Gitte and Jenny have been part of my publishing life from the very beginning of theirs and almost the beginning of mine. They didn’t even desert me when I went to the dark side (MM). Supportive and fun friends from the outset, their ability to see JUST what an author was trying to with their book makes them brilliant, talented reviewers. Always thoughtful and incisive, it’s been my pleasure to be reviewed by them. Congratulations on a brilliant ten years!

📚Mia Sheridan – When I first started writing, I learned very quickly that Jenny and Gitte were the gold standard when it came to reviews that were heartfelt, insightful, enthusiastic, and engaged readers in a way few others did. I can’t count the number of times one of their reviews came up on my screen and I found myself heading to Amazon to add it to my cart. It was the thrill of a lifetime when they first picked up one of MY titles (literally, I remember right where I was when they sent me the review!) Ten years later, their talent for crafting a review that truly gets to the heart of a story without spoiling it is even more unrivaled. Cheers to you both for being bright stars in the reading community, and leading so many to the stories you love. What a gift! ❤

📚M Robinson –  I still remember the day I released my first book and TotallyBooked Blog read it and reviewed it. I was a new author and had such a high admiration for this blog. I’d been reading their recommendations for a good year before I released VIP. From the hour their review went live, my brand new book was almost breaking the top 100. For me, Gitte and Jenny made my career come true! Forever grateful for these women

📚Jodi Ellen-Malpas – Two of the original bloggers, Gitte and Jenny at TotallyBooked have been instrumental in many authors’ careers with their detailed, honest, and respected reviews. The book world wouldn’t be the same without them. Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment, you two. And thank you for your support over the years. JEM ♥️

📚Samantha Young – Gitte & Jenny at Totally Booked read and review books with a genuine passion to bring awareness of the books they love to readers. Their reviews are honest, fun, and thoughtful, and I’m unendingly grateful for all the support they’ve shown me and my stories these last ten years. Thank you, ladies! You’re tremendous!

📚Rebecca Yarros – The first time TBB picked up one of my books to review, I squealed with the feeling that I’d finally made it! They’re such a trusted name in our industry and their feedback is invaluable!!!-

📚Leylah Attar – TotallyBooked Blog is totally awesome! Powered by a love of reading, Gitte and Jenny have been chasing and sharing the next book high for over a decade. Their thoughtful, spoiler-free reviews, lovingly selected recommendations, and enlightening commentary makes you feel like you are discussing books with a friend.

📚Kristy Bromberg – TotallyBooked. 10 years. What can I say? When I wrote my first book, I was terrified and thrilled when Jenny and Gitte decided to read Driven. They were/are so well respected that I knew a positive review could be the start that I needed in this industry because readers listened and respected their reviews. Thank you for 10 years of bringing us honest reviews, great recommendations, and all-around class in this book world. Here’s to another 10 years! 

📚Pepper Winters – I’ve always been a massive fan of Totally Booked Blog because Jenny and Gitte have very similar reading tastes to me and I can be sure that what they recommend is 100% going to be amazing AND because they’ve been so wonderful in liking my own work! It’s a huge honour to be enjoyed by two bloggers who regularly find such great books to recommend and it means the world to be amongst them! ❤

📚Nina Lane – TotallyBooked is the gold standard of book blogs! Gitte and Jenny are not only fantastic, insightful readers and writers, they are amazing ambassadors for the book world and authors. Many kudos and thanks for a decade of book love, and with hopes for many more years to come! We are so fortunate to have you in our corner.

📚Rebecca Shea – Happy Anniversary TBB! Thank you for providing years of truly honest reviews and supporting authors in this amazing community! I cannot wait for the next ten years of book love, recommendations, and reviews!

📚Emma Scott – Long before they read one of my books, the ladies of Totally Booked were known to me for their honest, authentic reviews that never fail to dig into the heart and soul of a story and discuss it in exquisite detail. Those kinds of reviews are gold, and yet they review with grace and kindness as well as honesty. I’m so grateful for all they do for the book community.

📚Penelope Ward – I remember going to TotallyBooked for my romance recommendations before I even became a writer nearly a decade ago. And they are still a go-to blog when I am looking for a sure-bet 5-star read. Happy ten-year blogiversary, Gitte and Jenny, and thank you for your support over the past decade! <3

📚L H Cosway – Jenny and Gitte have been such great supporters of mine from very early on in my writing career. I’m so grateful to them for all their help in spreading the word about my books over the years. Totally Booked remains one of my favourite book blogs and a place I always recommend to people when they’re searching for their next great read!

📚Penny Reid – I remember the moment I found out TotallyBooked had read and reviewed one of my books. I was just a wee, little baby author and was terrified! But I shouldn’t have been. Gitte and Jenny’s honest, thoughtful reviews are a blessing to both authors and readers and the difference they’ve made for so many once-upon-a-time wee little baby authors is innumerable. Here’s to another 10 fabulous years pairing readers with their favorite books!

📚Nashoda Rose – Eight years ago, I was honored when Jenny and Gitte read and reviewed my first book. Their dual book reviews are authentic, genuine and show their true love of books. They’re always professional and respect an author’s work. Much love and thank you for everything you do for authors, readers, and the entire book community. Happy 10 year blog anniversary, Totally Booked <3

📚T Torrest Author – Your interest in my 1st book turned my “little writing hobby” into the most amazing fricking life!! I’ve been given a dream career, traveled the world, and made so many incredible friends because of it. It wouldn’t have happened without you!!! Love you…

📚Mary E Montgomery -10 years!  Congratulations!! You guys reviewed my book Yesterday’s Tomorrows and I truly am grateful. It was my bestselling book!

📚SC Stephens – I adore TotallyBooked Blog. Jenny and Gitte have been so kind and supportive over the years, and it’s an honor whenever they recommend my books to others. I owe them so much for helping to spread the word. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging!

📚Jennifer Hartmann – Jenny and Gitte are true gems to the reading community. The love and effort they put into their reviews, and the support they have for authors is unmatched. Thank you for shining your bright light in the book world.

📚Kate McCarthy – A fantastic achievement. Well done ladies. Your hard work and support have always been appreciated both as a reader and an author

📚Catherine Cowles – Gitte and Jenny write the most thoughtful and beautiful reviews. Having them as a part of my author journey has been such a gift. I can’t wait for another 10 amazing years! Happy Anniversary!

📚Tara Sivec – From the start of my publishing journey ten years ago, Totally Booked has been a big part of this book community. They took chances on indie authors they had never heard of before, and I love that they continue to do so today. Thank you for all of the support you have given to so many of us for an entire decade!

📚Sarina Bowen – Nobody brings more energy to the world of romance novels than Totally Booked! Thank you for all that you do!

📚Michelle Mankin– Congrats! So glad you found each other

If you want to join our TotallyBooked BookClub, join here
Without our fellow readers, TBB wouldn’t have lasted a day.
It was their shared love of reading, their continual feedback, and their desire to share their thoughts on books, that spurred us on and kept us going. Without them, we wouldn’t have maintained the passion we have all these years later.
We adore our fellow readers. Some may refer to them as ‘followers’ but we consider them a part of TBB. They are the heart and soul of our blogging, and because of that, we feel an obligation to them to be honest (and always respectful to the author) in our feelings about the books we read, understanding that not every book will work for every reader.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all you’ve done – for the friendships we’ve forged along the way, and for sharing our TBB journey. Every one of you has taken a piece of our hearts. 

Thank you, Jenny & Gitte xo

Some beautiful words from our fellow readers and TBB Bookclubbers: 

💗Lorraine Hatt – I can’t believe it’s been 10 years!! Like most people in 2012, I read 50 Shades and was eager to find more. It’s unbelievable now, but at the time, book blogs were few and far between. When I stumbled across your blog, it was like finding my Graceland! Thanks to you both, I’ve read some incredible books over the last 10 years and of course, attended my first signing with Totallybooked in 2013. You introduced me to such authors as Jodi Ellen Malpas, Colleen Hoover, S.C. Stephens, Kitty French… I could go on! I still rely on your recommendations to this day, and I always will – so you can’t give up! Ever! xx

💗Maria Black – Happy Bookblogaversary!! Congratulations!! I will take this opportunity to tell you that I adore your blog. I have been a follower of it for many years. Your blog is 100% responsible for me finding many of the books and authors I love and will forever be my favorites. You consistently recommend books that I always seem to end up loving.

💗Cassie Strahan – Gosh I keep meaning to write an email and keep forgetting! Absolutely love you ladies. I found you when I was just bridging the gap from YA into contemporary romance and NA. I liked Sarah Dessen and had no idea how to find more adult versions. Then I found an indie series by Amanda Hocking and realized I liked supernatural romance too. I just needed some kind of guide…so I stumbled upon a review I think on Goodreads and joined the book club. From there finding new books and new genres was easy. Because of you, I went to the first book bonanza (thankful I live in Denver). I wore TBB shirts the whole weekend and I remember when I met Tillie Cole she was so excited to see them. I owe most of my early reads to you both and I pretty much read anything you recommend. ❤️

💗Heba – I stumbled upon Totallybooked back in 2012, this bookclub literally opened a new world for me, full of books, authors, and wonderful women who now I call friends. The book club and those women (both of you included) helped me get through a lot of difficult times in my life. And with years passing were lots of events took place, the bond grew stronger. Totallybooked is no longer just a book club for me.. it’s a safe haven. I’ve always been passionate about books but my love grew with every recommendation.

💗Karen Cundy – Congratulations on 10 years! I’ll probably cry while I write this because I am ridiculously emotional. Totally Booked hasn’t only given me the joy of reading some amazing books, but it’s given me the most wonderful tribe of friends. We’ve laughed together, cried together, danced together, book signed together. Thank you, Jenny and Gitte for everything you do.
💗Ana JG – Happy 10th anniversary to that page I found googling what new books to read and ended up finding the bestest friends I could ever dream of. Totally Booked doesn’t only mean books, it means friendship and it means laughing uncontrollably and making me brave enough to catch a plane to meet some strangers from over the world that I’m really proud to call my friends. For a lot of years more!!! ❤️
💗Gemma Hitchen – 9 years ago I was given an Amazon voucher by my father-in-law and not wanting to waste it I decide to look at reviews and stumbled across Totally Booked. These ladies have changed my life! I’ve found my forever friends and travelled to places I never thought I would. It’s not just a book club it’s a tribe ❤️
💗Teresa Cole – I’m so grateful that I found TBB.  I always know that their reviews will be honest and spoiler free and I know without doubt that a recommendation from them won’t steer me wrong……. And the best bit is finding a tribe of ladies who are some of my favourite people in the world to chat with and spend time with 💕

💗Di Porteous
– Totally Booked Book Club reviewed Slammed & Bright Side opening me up to new genres which I have totally loved. Thank you

💗Sue Dilly – Likewise you guys are the only book bloggers I follow as you are always honest and fair. I have found many great reads through your recommendations. Well done on your 10 years.

💗Louisa Brandenburger – You are one of the first blogs I ever followed. You recommended (I think) JJ McAvoy, and you absolutely recommended Jodi Ellen Malpas – This Man (2012), Bang by E.k. Blair (2014!) Thoughtless by SC Stephens – Thoughtless in 2012) – these are just a few!

💗Martine Bittoun-Zatz – Congratulations. You’re the only blog I follow because you guys are always so honest about your reviews of new books or authors. Thank you for 10 wonderful years

💗Mary Haraf – This is amazing! 10 years, Congratulations I found your wonderful page in 2014. I don’t even recall how I found it, but I am forever grateful. Not only did I find a place to learn about new books that are in my wheelhouse, but I have made some wonderful friends.

💗Maria Constantino –  Congratulations first off second I wanna thank you so much for all that you have done I have read so many books from different authors and I love it insight all the books that you recommend.

💗Sian Lewis – 10 years!! Wow! That is dedication! I discovered you girls in October 2012, and you opened up the book world up to me completely. Who knew there was this whole self-published, indie book universe out there aka the good old days? I have the best memories…

💗Veronica A Tiger – Congratulations on 10 years. That is amazing. I write reviews for a blog, and I get most of my book recommendations from the blog I write for or from TBB. I trust your judgment and find your tastes match my own. I know if you say a book is worth reading

💗Robyn Ranoff Cacciapalle – Your reviews are spot on. When you 5-star a book, it’s like gold! It’s an automatic purchase that I can’t wait to read.

💗Traci Bishop  – I’ve found a bunch of indie authors because of you ladies. I think I found Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens from your blog (we love Kellan Kyle  )and probably Colleen Hoover as well. You contributed to my love of MM books also.  Congratulations on 10 years.

💗Michelle Chen – Congrats and happy 10 years! I’ve always been inspired by your reviews and enthusiasm for the books you love, making me feel like I already love them, too.

💗Amanda Cochran – Totally Booked Blog has been the biggest influence in my reading journey! I love your FB page, website, and your Goodreads annual book tracking! Thank you!!

💗Willow Dollbear –  Congratulations on 10 years Ladies! I’ve picked up some fab book recs from you – you’ve helped me get out of a lot of book funks!

💗Denise Dowkes – Congratulations on 10 years. Without TBBC I wouldn’t have rediscovered my love of reading. You changed my life for the better by introducing me to new authors and their unforgettable characters.

💗Dawn Porter – woo hooo ladies!!!!! That’s amazing  You ladies changed my life…not only have I read new authors but managed to meet them, read new genres, and the best bit my book tribe. ALWAYS XXX

💗Irina Kupenska – Thank you Jenny and Gitte for creating this priceless community of book lovers which gives us a bit of escape from everyday life. I remember finding you in 2013 and to this day you guys are still the only resource that I trust.

💗Jacky Beggs – The only book blog I follow, I’ve made some lifelong true best friends from discovering TBB years ago, the fact that most of us still speak daily all this time later just shows how close we are! Thank you ladies

💗Georgina Marie Kerslake – I found you ladies when you posted an interview with the D bags way back in 2014. You ladies have been such an integral part of my life since then. Whether it was getting me through that LONG hospital stay, or the daily messages of love and laughter in…

💗Vanessa Viner – Yours is the only book blog I properly follow as I trust your judgment and love your no-spoiler reviews. You’ve introduced me to new authors and shared some shenanigans along the way.

💗Karen Anderson – Wow I’ve been a member since Nov 2013, you guys are amazing I have read some great books recommended by you both… congratulations ladies

💗Michelle Kott Turner – I’ve followed you lovely ladies for nearly 10 years after discovering you on Facebook. Thoughtless by S.C Stephens was the first book I picked up through your recommendations and I’ve never looked back since. I’ve read hundreds of books through your awe…

💗Maxine Denton – I love my book tribe with a passion. We were brought together by you both and our little book tribe has talked every single day through messenger for years, shocked by how many years! Every. Single. Day.

💗Pamela Kaye – Nothing but love for you ladies! This club has brought me lots of laughs and good friends!

💗Dottie Fisher – Congratulations!! You guys are the best!!

💗Anna Lehtinen – Congratulations Jenny and Gitte! Happy anniversary  Your blog has given me recommendations but more importantly, it’s given me you   Thank you for the friendships I’ve made. It’s been a wild ride

💗Melanie Cesa – Happy Anniversary ladies!!!   And congratulations! Love your blog and the wonderful recommendations you give.

Latest Favourite Reads

Gosh, we’ve been blessed with sooooooo many good reads this last few weeks. Talk about variety! We fell in love with so many different books. Just look at these beauties we read in June and the first couple of weeks of July!

✿Between Hello and Goodbye by Emma Scott Click for more info 
✿Broken Play by Alison Rhymes – Our Review- Click for more info
✿Release (Stolen: A letter to my Captor Companion) by Lucy ChristopherClick for more info
✿Doctor Love (Masters of Love #3) by Leisa RayvenClick for more info 
✿Break by Mila CrawfordClick for more info
✿When Wrecked Meets Ruined (Lost Stars #4) by Emery RoseClick for more info
✿Hidden Waters (Tattered and Torn #3) by Catherine Cowles- Click for more info
✿Be With Me (Adair Family #4) by Samantha YoungClick for more info 
✿Some Kind of Love by Anna BloomClick for more info


This is a full-length standalone with characters from The Paper Swan.
See our Review of The Paper Swan here

About The Night Blossom

New York Times bestselling author Leylah Attar returns with a page-turning romantic suspense that careens down an emotional highway toward a chilling finale. Dark, thrilling, and ingeniously unpredictable.

“Do you ever really know someone, or do you just know the parts they want you to see?”

When her husband goes missing after a heated argument, Vee Roza finds herself caught in a dangerous web of deceit.

Not only must Vee clear her name and uncover the truth about Rafael, but also survive a high-risk pregnancy while guarding secrets of her own.

Is Rafael’s disappearance the ultimate betrayal or the ultimate sacrifice?

REVERSE  (The Bittersweet Symphony #2) by KATE STEWART has just landed on our Kindles!! OMG!
You guys, you HAVE to read this book!!! It’s now LIVE – grab it here on Kindle  
or Paperback  

If you haven’t already, grab Book One –  DRIVE (Bittersweet Symphony #1)  by Kate Stewart it’s currently only 99c/99p!

We nearly had heart palpitations when we heard this book was coming.  Drive remains one of our all-time favourite rock star romances, and Reverse is one of our most anticipated reads this year!
If you haven’t read Drive yet…OMG! What are you waiting for? It’s an angsty, tear-jerking, soul-hitting, stomach-churning romance! Grab it now before the release of Reverse this week!
OMG! The synopsis has our hearts gripped like a vice!

About Reverse

Thirty years ago, my father became the other half of a broken love story.

A relationship he’s kept hidden for decades.

Upon unearthing his secret through a series of emails in our paper’s archives, I began my search for the truth. Haunted by my father’s love story, and in my quest for answers, I never imagined I would discover a love of my own. Or that my love for Easton Crowne would be key in discovering the reason behind what split our parents up.

Doomed from the start and knowing the havoc our relationship would inevitably wreak on our families, I could never have prepared for the toll it would take or the cost of the truth.

But in order to find our ending, we had to go back to their beginning.

My name is Natalie Butler, and this is my star-crossed love story.



‘I wanted to love him and be loved by him. Not to become lost in Asher and give myself up to him, but to be more with him. More of myself than I yet knew. Because I had something to give, too.’

Everything from the cover to the story of Between Hello and Goodbye by Emma Scott was just beautiful! We always relish that exciting and enticing feeling as we open a new book by this Author. We know we’ll fall in love, feel emotionally invested and find moments of utter beauty and poignancy between the pages. Emma Scott writes from her heart, weaving parts of herself into her stories with sublime intensity and vivid imagery.

Between Hello and Goodbye is a story of new beginnings, healing, and love. It‘s about hardship, suffering, and grief. It’s about what comes after loss; human behaviour and self-reflection. It’s Emma Scott doing what Emma Scott does best; magnificent evocative storytelling. In a world that can ultimately swallow you whole into a swirling vortex of intense emotions and repercussions, your heart will fight on. You have the inner strength to fight on. Promise.


‘Catching the love of your life with another woman has a way of making you question your entire existence.’
“That’s the hardest part because I can never hate him enough to not have him part of my world. But how? How do I do that? How do I leave him and move on?”

Broken Play is the debut book by Author Alison Rhymes and what a book this was! We loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE spent with June and Drew (and of course Noah)! We have always had an intense love-hate relationship with books featuring cheating. When an Author writes it well, we absolutely LOVE the angst, passion, and high emotion and feel something for each character in their own right. However, not all Authors manage to balance that fine line perfectly, but we can wholeheartedly say that Alison Rhymes did just that. She nailed it. Bravo!

Broken Play had us hanging on every single word, furiously turning the pages, unable to put our kindles down for love nor money. We were enthralled, addicted, and compelled from the first page until the very last. It is one of the most well-written novels with adultery at its core, which we’ve read in a long while. This is how it’s done!

RELEASE (Stolen: A Letter to My Captor) by LUCY CHRISTOPHER – Companion Novel to Stolen

‘To everyone else, we only had one story: you, the evil kidnapper, and me, the helpless victim. I was innocent and you the opposite. But it was always more complicated, wasn’t it?’

Stolen by Lucy Christopher is one of our all-time favourite psychological suspense thrillers. Incredibly beautifully written and compelling, it tells the story of sixteen years old Gemma Toombs who was kidnapped and held by her stalker, Tyler McFarlane, in a remote desert in Australia. It was a book that completely broke us emotionally, where we experienced such problematic emotional reactions to the story of Gem and Ty. When we found out that Lucy Christopher was publishing Release a companion novel ten years later, we were beyond excited. We always wanted to know what came after. Did Gem recover psychologically from her ordeal and escape the clutches of her Stockholm Syndrome, if even that is what it was? And whatever happened to Ty after he sacrificed his freedom in order to save his kidnap victim?

Release was harrowing, heartbreaking, thrilling, obsessive, complex, and problematic. It was cunning as a fox! It was unputdownable from start to finish, Release is too smart to be unravelled, try as we might.

DOCTOR LOVE (Masters of Love #3) by LEISA RAYVEN – Standalone in a series

“You know, it’s hard for us to find our place in this world and even harder to find our person. But when you do, you don’t let them go, and you don’t run away. You make them your new sun and moon. You start and end the day by worshipping them.”

Doctor Love is the highly anticipated third book in the Masters of Love Series (the first two books are currently ONLY $1.99), starting with Mister Romance (Max and Eden’s book), Professor Feelgood (Jacob and Asha’s book), and now Doctor Love where we meet the sweet, intelligent Tobias (Toby) Jenner and the mysterious Joanna Cassidy.

Doctor Love is a slow-burn romance sprinkled with suspense, mystery, and intrigue, with Toby as the standout in this story – what a beautiful, tormented character he was. But the scene-stealer? That award goes to the witty, clever, and ever entertaining Jeeves. His chats with Toby – whether it was matters of the heart, or brainstorming their devious plans, never failed to put a smile on our faces.


‘I had a long way to fall, and Dashiell Cunningham had a long way to climb, but here we are together, about to bring down the house.’

Break by Mila Crawford was compelling and quite different to anything we’ve read in a while. It was toxic, emotional, problematic, and passionate. It was dark, dysfunctional, and disturbing. It was tragic, harrowing, heartbreaking, and intense. The scenes describing the dance though were written with such passion and beauty we felt as if we were watching it come alive.  Mila Crawford created something incredibly vivid with her words and we were there for the roller-coaster ride with Dash and Natalya as they navigated one fucked up relationship and dance career.

We have to say that this is our favourite book by this Author as it was so well-written with a myriad of emotions. The passion was intense and at times it was super-hot, we have to say we’ve never read about food kink before! ‘I’m already confused about food, and when Dash feeds me, it feels like foreplay.’ We do have to mention that there are a lot of triggers in this book, so go carefully into Dash and Natalya’s story  -to name a few- you’ve got CNC, violence, degradation, eating disorders, and mental abuse. It’s certainly not an easy read at times. But then again, there are also sweet and poignant moments too in this friends to enemies to lovers romance.

WHEN WRECKED MEETS RUINED (Lost Stars #4) by EMERY ROSE – Standalone in Series

‘He’d stolen something he had no right to – my privacy. My pride. He saw more than I’d ever wanted him to, and I had no intention of giving him another chance to see more.’

When Wrecked Meets Ruined is the fourth book in the fabulous Lost Stars series by Emery Rose, and it’s one of our favourite finds. Each book is in dual POV, telling us the story about each McCallister man and his rocky road to love. So far, we’ve met Jude (When the Stars Fall), Brody (When the Storm Breaks), Jesse (When We Were Reckless), and now it’s bad boy, talented future footballer, Ridge McCallister, the younger brother of Brody.

Emery Rose takes us on an angsty and heart-wrenching journey from first soul-deep love, through the ups and downs of maturity, about believing in yourself and learning you are good enough, that you’re worthy of happiness. A beautifully written soulmate story that spoke to our hearts and once again elicited an array of emotions as we became so invested in these wonderful characters. Now we’re DYING for the mysterious Gideon’s story that’s for sure!

HIDDEN WATERS (Tattered & Torn #3) by CATHERINE COWLES – Standalone in Series

“You’re allowed to be scared. You’re allowed to feel whatever’s going on inside you. You’re doing the bravest thing possible and living your life despite that fear. Eventually, it will subside. But you don’t have to face it alone. You have people in your corner.”

Hidden Waters is the third book in the fabulous Tattered and Torn series by Catherine Cowles. We absolutely love this series. Highly emotional, scrumptiously passionate and suspensefully thrilling, we have been so excited for Addie’s story. We highly recommend reading in order despite it being a series of standalones due to a common thread as well as character connections. This series should be enjoyed in its entirety! We’ll read anything this Author writes as we never fail to become completely engrossed in her stories. Sure, we have our favourites but every single time she releases a new story we’re there for it.

This series is all about family, heartbreak, loyalty, compassion, and love in all its guises. It’s about overcoming your demons and tragic experiences. About celebrating what counts and healing in the process. About finding love and trust. Catherine Cowles has such a beautiful voice which is almost poetic at times. We cannot wait for the next installment in this series!

BE WITH ME (Adair Family #4) by SAMANTHA YOUNG – Series

“It’s an anomaly. To have a family where so many of us are lucky to have found that one person who gives life meaning.”

Be With Me is the fourth book in the Adair Family series by Samantha Young, and whilst each book centres on a different Adair family member and their quest for love, we wouldn’t recommend reading it as a standalone, as each Adair sibling’s story weaves through each book – an aspect we love about this series. Increasingly we experience the closeness and camaraderie of the Adair family.

This is a story of love, trust, and taking that leap. The passion, emotion, and swoon are once again bountiful in Arran and Eredine’s story, and the growth between the characters emotionally was a joy to witness. If anyone deserves happiness, it’s these two! The issues between Broden and Arran were entertaining! These two brothers have a special bond, despite their issues when it comes to women!


“You once told me you thought our love was too easy…is it hard enough for you now?”

Amber French and Freddy Bale’s love was written in the stars. High school sweethearts who seemed destined to be together forever until a turn of events sees Amber flee their smalltown without a peep until her return some ten years later.

Some Kind of Love is a second-chance smalltown romance with a wonderful hero in Freddy Bale. This man’s patience and ability to forgive are beyond measure. Many a man would have handled Amber’s deceit somewhat differently.

Anna Bloom is a #1Click author for us and in her latest offering, she really captured the heartbreak of first love, the emotion of second chance love, and the friendliness and familiarity of smalltown living as well as the pain and happiness of recapturing those missed years.


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