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‘Happiness is something you wear, you know. Lights up every part of you. Inside and out.’

What a book! We absolutely loved it! Lia Louis has quickly become one of our favourite authors. Her ability to deal with the most painful of human experiences, with warmth, humour, sweetness, and love that never fails to leave us emotionally invested in her wonderful stories and characters. We find ourselves smiling one minute, in tears the next. We adore everything about her stories. If you’re a fan of Colleen Hoover you will LOVE this author, so be sure to add her to your TBR’s.

Lia Louis possesses a natural talent for scratching beneath the surface of human vulnerabilities with beauty and honesty. Her humour is spot on – effortless and so funny. Her skill for knowing exactly when to lift the mood is second to none. If you read this synopsis and think ‘I can’t read a book about grief’ think again. This book isn’t a downer, in fact, just the opposite, it’s uplifting.

“You’ll be surprised what you can see when you look. It’s always in the eyes.”

In The Key to My Heart, we meet 32-year-old Natalie Fincher, a young woman who has lost her way in her grief losing her husband Russ nearly three years earlier. Finding very little fulfilment in her life, Natalie is caught in a cycle of emptiness. She’s walking and breathing but she’s not living.

Natalie and Russ were blissfully happy. Living in their dream home, deeply in love and looking forward to their future together, and then it all ended. Natalie’s friends think she should have moved on by now. They want the ‘old ‘Natalie back. The fun, outgoing Natalie, not the sad grieving Natalie, and constantly try pry her out of her house for nights on the town, but Natalie isn’t ready.

‘This is what happens every single time I try to move forward. It’s like treacle. Like vines, wrapping around my ankles dragging me back.’

The highlight of Natalie’s week is playing an old piano at a London train station, gabbing with the vendors at the station, and it is here that a spark is awakened in her when someone starts mysteriously leaving sheet music at the piano. Music is a huge part of Natalie’s life, and the music all relates to important moments for her.

And so, the hunt begins to find out who is leaving the music. Along the way, Natalie meets some wonderful people, who, in their own ways, all take a part in filling her empty heart. Whilst each character plays their part, it was Tom who stole our hearts. THIS MAN! He was funny, sweet, handsome and everything we knew Natalie needed. In Natalie’s words ‘You look positively dashing. Very Mr Darcy. Or maybe – Mr Darcy’s rough and rugged young brother. Oh yummy!

The ending of this story was perfection! Talk about leaving you on a high! Lia Louis has once again delivered a winner. In a story about loss, grief, and self-discovery, she brought us hope and love, reminding us to never take a day, a minute, or a moment for granted. Life is too short. Live it and love freely! We will now (im)patiently await her next book with eager hearts.


A heartwarming novel about hope after loss as a young widow receives mysterious messages of love from the “must-buy author” (Jodi Picoult) of Eight Perfect Hours.

Sparkly and charming Natalie Fincher has it all—a handsome new husband, a fixer-upper cottage of her dreams, and the opportunity to tour with the musical she’s spent years writing. But when her husband suddenly dies, all her hopes and dreams instantly disappear.

Two and a half years later, Natalie is still lost. She works, sleeps (well, as much as the sexually frustrated village foxes will allow), and sees friends just often enough to allay their worries, but her life is empty. And she can only bring herself to play music at a London train station’s public piano where she can be anonymous. She’s lost motivation, faith in love, in happiness…in everything.

But when someone begins to mysteriously leave the sheet music for her husband’s favorite songs at the station’s piano, Natalie begins to feel a sense of hope and excitement for the first time. As she investigates just who could be doing this, Natalie finds herself on an unexpected journey toward newfound love for herself, for life, and maybe, for a special someone.

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COLLEEN HOOVER captured our hearts back in 2011 with her unique, warm, funny, sweet, and utterly captivating stories. Our love affair with this incredibly talented author has never waned. Colleen is one in a million!

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