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“Sometimes in this world, Eliza, we, as women of the ton, must do what is expected in order for us to do what is unexpected.”

One Night With the Duke is the first historical romance from Jodi Ellen Malpas and we absolutely loved this genre change from this much-loved Author. This is the twentieth book we’ve read by JEM, and we’ve always been huge supporters of this Author encouraging her through our reviews to push the boundaries and not staying in her lane. We loved that she did just that and it was a wonderful move because she aced it as we knew she would, marrying historical with a ‘modern’ twist undertone insofar as it didn’t feel unnecessarily heavy with regency anecdotes. Jodi Ellen Malpas has the writing skills to pen just about anything. So, in short, we celebrate this change of lane into something different where this Author showcased that she can indeed write historical romance with the best of them.

‘I realise it is utterly preposterous that I feel such fascination towards a man whose reputation is so smeared. But still, I feel it, and I cannot stop it.’

Eliza Melrose knows her own mind, and she certainly will not be silenced on integrity, injustice nor romance, however, she does so respectfully with an air of sassiness and courage. Eliza has an admirable sense of family loyalty whilst standing up for herself at the same time, all the while refusing to fall in love. Famous last words, right?!  Promised to another by her father, under shifty circumstances, she longs for freedom. Freedom to write, freedom to live as she chooses, and freedom of choice. Her intrigue is piqued when lo and behold, the son of the late Duke of Chester returns from the dead with the rumour of being a murderer hanging over his head.

‘If I am to be imprisoned forever and die a death of unfulfillment, boredom, and unhappiness, I should like some memories to take with me.’

Eliza is smitten and unable to keep away even though she knows she must. We would have struggled immensely too as the Duke is a historical version of Jodi Ellen Malpas’s much-loved alpha males. Commanding, controlling, fiercely protective, and with thighs that can crack a walnut. She is unable to hide her feelings, as is the Duke. However, that protective streak is fierce, as always.

“I find you unhealthily irresistible. Your smart mouth, your ambitions, your stubbornness.” He sighs. “To name but a few of your appealing qualities. But you shall be disgraced if you surrender to me, and I do not wish to tarnish your prospects.”

Jodi Ellen Malpas wrote an enticing slow-burn romance that takes you out of today into yesteryear of 1816. The world-building was fabulous and the ethos and important historical nuances, spot on. We felt as though, we too, were promenading alongside Eliza, shaking our heads at the injustice to women, wagging our pointy fingers at the audacity of men, whilst blushing at the glimpse of uncovered skin by our main rogue, the Duke, Johnny Winters *swoon*. Yes, we were completely on the same ride as Eliza, what a dastardly rake, but one we definitely wanted one night with too.

“Are you ready to be disgraced?”

We would have loved for the latter part of the story to not have felt a bit rushed, what with the enticing drama left till the very end, however, we also appreciate that this story is told purely in Eliza’s POV, she was as in the dark as we were. We did feel though, that we needed more afters with the tingle-inducing Duke and the lovely Eliza. Because yes, we’re greedy like that! Pure swoony escapism with romance, heat, shenanigans, and a mystery plot borne from murder, deception, and retribution. We can’t wait for what’s to come next in this series, as several characters desperately need to tell their stories! Also, we’re not going to lie…. we need more Johnny Winters!

“I wish you would smile more.”
“I save my smiles only for those who are worthy of them. Fortunately for you, Eliza Melrose, my wanton, wild sweetheart, you are worthy.”


One forbidden night…

It’s 1816 and nineteen-year-old Eliza Melrose, daughter of a printing magnate, is about to be launched into London’s high society – much to her distaste, the last thing she wants is a husband.

But then she meets the youngest son of the late Duke of Chester, a disgraced nobleman who is shrouded in mystery and proving quite impossible to resist!

As the season begins, Eliza is shocked to discover that she won’t even be given the chance to choose her own husband – and that the Melrose family fortune hangs in the balance…

But will she risk everything for just one night with the Duke?

Sexy, scandalous and utterly unputdownable, this is the regency novel you’ve been waiting for! Jodi Ellen Malpas is now published in more than 25 languages around the world.

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