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‘Maybe that’s why there are no do-overs in life. You can’t survive if you have to replay situations, hurt the people you love again and again.’

Some of it was Real by Nan Fischer is nothing at all like we expected. We thought more along the lines of a romcom and we couldn’t have been more wrong if we tried. This story is a real heartbreaker of a story. A woman lost in life seeking answers and peace through her psychic abilities and a broken man self-enforced to live in his brother’s shoes whilst needing to prove that clairvoyants are con artists. This is the story of Sylvie and Thomas, brought together at a point on their timeline where one needs the other no matter how much they’d argue against that notion. It was fraught with passion, emotion and mystery. It was weighted by tears, heartbreak and guilt. It was shrouded in deception, lies and manipulations. This Author wrote a powerful book with complex and intriguing characters in Sylvie and Thomas, both of whom have had traumatic pasts, both suffering from some type of identity issue; a compelling page turner from start till finish. We couldn’t put it down.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

Sylvie has grown up in a very religious home, one which she joined from foster care at a very young age. Whilst she remembers everything since the day she arrived, what came before is hidden and locked away. Sylvie dreams, she hears voices and she communicates with the dead. However, her own tragic story eludes her grasp. Her adoptive parents have all but disowned her as she travels the country putting on psychic medium shows helping people find peace. The burden on her shoulders is not an easy one as she suffers the premonitions and the heartbreak as if it was happening to her. She’s say she’s happy and content but Sylvie is anything but. She’s desperate to find out who she is and where she came from. Her confidence is at its lowest, she feels alone and scared. However, no one wants to help, rather the one man she feels a tinge of connection with is hellbent on destroying her and ‘her fraudulent kind’.

‘The worst blows, even when they’re not intended to harm, are the ones we don’t expect.’

Thomas needs someone to blame for his mums unhappiness and struggles. He needs someone or something to save him. Although, he doesn’t believe he is the one needing saving. Rather he carries an enormous guilt on his shoulders for what happened to his dad and brother. Thomas wants and needs to be liked, loved and accepted for himself. But first he must disprove everything to do with psychic mediums.

‘If you let people get too close, you’d have to answer the hard questions, and they’d really know you…’

Sylvie and Thomas journey was vividly compelling and exhaustive. It was frustrating, distressing and intensely thrilling. It was hopeful, sweet and powerful. It was quite the surprise read and we’re so happy to have gone in blind, having no inkling on what was in store or to come as we frantically power read the end with our mouths hitting our kindles. What a fabulous surprise this book was!

‘There are moments when you know, with absolute certainty, that if you take a step, utter a word, or make a decision, nothing will ever be the same. There is no return to before – and for better or worse, your life will begin again from that moment on.’


A psychic on the verge of stardom who isn’t sure she believes in herself and a cynical journalist with one last chance at redemption are brought together by secrets from the past that also threaten to tear them apart.

Psychic-medium Sylvie Young starts every show with her origin story, telling the audience how she discovered her abilities. But she leaves out a lot—the plane crash that killed her parents, an estranged adoptive family who tend orchards in rainy Oregon, panic attacks, and the fact that her agent insists she research some clients to ensure success.

After a catastrophic reporting error, Thomas Holmes’s next story at the L.A. Times may be his last, but he’s got a great personal pitch. “Grief vampires” like Sylvie who prey upon the loved ones of the deceased have bankrupted his mother. He’s dead set on using his last-chance article to expose Sylvie as a conniving fraud and resurrect his career.

When Sylvie and Thomas collide, a game of cat and mouse ensues, but the secrets they’re keeping from each other are nothing compared to the mysteries and lies they unearth about Sylvie’s past. Searching for the truth might destroy them both—but it’s the only way to find out what’s real.

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