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‘Let this be summer and forever. A summer that never ends.’

More With You by Erin Spencer is our first by this Author and what a moving and emotional introduction it turned out to be. Ben and Summer’s story of love was beautiful, poignant, and ever so heart-breaking. It took us a little while to connect to this story, as well as feel the intense connection between these two characters, but once it clicked, we felt it with our whole hearts. One of the most wonderful and unique moments in this story was that we got Ben’s pov in the form of diary entries or letters, whichever way you look at them. His heart was fully immersed in those pages. An artist, a poet, and a wonderful storyteller.

‘I can’t help but smile, thinking of her: the parts I know, the parts I don’t. Beautifully sad, or sadly beautiful; I’m not sure which.’

Summer has had a tough upbringing and has personal burdens on her young shoulders for which she must pay and work hard. Summer moves from place to place unable to establish her roots, but she has finally found what could possibly be her home. Working in a casino she meets both the good and the ugly in society. It is the good that finds her when the ugly decides to strike. When Summer meets the thirty-six-year-old Ben by him coming to her rescue there’s an instant attraction. However, Summer is a strong believer in fate and is very reluctant to reveal her story to just anyone. So, meeting again is placed into the hands of fate.

‘When she’s in my arms, and my lips are on hers, I see a kaleidoscope of color. Colors I have no name for. Colors that don’t exist anywhere else but in her kiss. I want to dip my brush into them and spill them on canvas, painting something the world has never seen.’

Summer is an insatiable reader, and her only friend is the wonderful Mrs. T. who owns the small-town’s bookstore which Summer frequents often. That is until the wonderful Ben is placed in her path. Neither are looking for love, especially Summer, however, the heart wants who it wants. Ben is everything his wealthy family isn’t. He’s laidback, an artist, a writer, and shows such kindness and compassion. How can Summer resist him? And who wouldn’t take the chance on a pure true love when it knocks on your door unexpectedly? Despite everything that works against them, Ben and Summer stay true to each other through the depths of their love for one another. You never know how long you have to wait for this kind of love or how long it lasts, so grab it with both hands and hold it close to your heart.

“If it’s meant to be, you’ll find me.”

More With You is partly based on the Author, Erin Spencer’s life which made this story feel like, more. More power behind the words and more power behind the emotions. It felt incredibly overwhelming at one point in this story, and we felt everything! Make sure you read the afterword by Erin Spencer as in our opinion it delivered the real closure. More With You will have you feeling a myriad of emotions from infatuation, anger, hopelessness, love, hope, and heartbreak. Get ready for one hell of a journey.

‘This is where I’ll end this chapter. On fresh white pages, I’ll start anew, to tell the never-ending tale of the greatest love of my life. That summer. That endless summer…with him.’


Inspired by her own true story, author Erin Spencer explores what happens when you get everything you never knew you always wanted.

I wasn’t looking for love. Putting down roots in this small, southern town was the last thing on my mind.

Ben changed all that with his kind nature and gentle ways. Somehow, he painted over the cracks on the canvas of my heart. Never did I feel more alive than with my arms around his waist on the back of his motorcycle and my hair blowing in the wind.

But, I was a nobody. To his family of wealth and privilege, I wasn’t worthy of him. And they were willing to do whatever it took to drive us apart.

Longing to stay by his side, I never wanted that summer to end. Yet, sometimes, true heartache molds us into who we were always meant to be…

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‘This is where I’ll end this chapter. On fresh white pages, I’ll start anew, to tell the never-ending tale of the greatest love of my life. That summer. That endless summer…with him.’


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