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‘But life was rarely what it should be. You simply had to do your best to make something beautiful out of the shattered pieces.’

Shattered Sea by Catherine Cowles is the fourth book in the Tattered and Torn series and might just be our favourite. This series is fabulous, so if you’ve not started it yet go add it to your reading list. It’s super emotional, utterly romantic, thrillingly suspenseful and the heat is luscious. This series can be read as a series of standalones; however, each one is so good. With an underlying theme running through it with characters from previous books appearing, together they all form a complete picture of a small town with complex characters that have demons or heartbreak running through their veins, finding their happily ever after. It really is one of those series that has a little bit of everything, so beautifully written, with real heart.

‘But the truth wasn’t always such a simple thing to find. The world wasn’t black and white. It was shades of gray that twirled and twisted. Sometimes, the truth hid beneath all those knots. And sometimes, it was impossible to see it at all.’

Shattered Sea is a bit of a whodunnit with Laiken at the very centre. Ten years ago, Laiken lost the love of her life and the small town of Wolf Gap was marked forever. The tragedy affects everyone, with grief, guilt, and blame felt by so many. Laiken is scarred, both physically and mentally, and has lost precious friendships too. Some blame her and hold her somehow accountable; some have drifted away from the heavy burden of everything that happened. Laiken’s story broke our hearts, and we truly felt her loneliness, her sorrow as well as her pain. We loved how this Author brought Laiken to life so vividly and passionately.

“Grief changes us. We just have to make sure it doesn’t twist us into something ugly. And, sometimes, if we’re lucky, it can make us more beautiful because we recognize pain and can help ease it in others.”

Boden, the current favourite flavour of Hollywood, has come to Wolf Gap to not only carry out research for his upcoming project but also to escape from his personal life. Hounded by the press, hiding from his brother, and grieving the loss of his girlfriend, Boden has his own heavy load resting on his shoulders. Together, Laiken and Boden found a kindred spirit and their hearts found what had been missing. Love.

‘There was a magic in the air that I’d been missing for a long time.’

This suspenseful small-town romance will grab you from the get-go and have you feeling everything from sorrowful heartbreak to a beautiful love. Shattered Sea by Catherine Cowles is a poignant story of friendships, second chances, loss, forgiveness, healing, and compassion. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat whilst your heart soars with love.

“I promise you today.”


I’ve known every kind of pain. Of the heart. Of the body. Of the soul. All I want now is the freedom that comes from making my art.

The last thing I expected was Hollywood royalty to waltz into my gallery in a small town in the middle of nowhere and see me.

A man like Boden Cavanaugh shouldn’t understand me. Shouldn’t be able to soothe my most ragged edges. Even worse, he makes me want the one thing I can’t have. Him.

All it takes is one spark, and friendship catches flame. But as our attraction burns bright, there are forces desperate to send us back into the darkness. And they’ve already killed before…

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