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Is it so easy to let me go?”
Stolen English is Evan and Andrea’s book who we met and fell in love with in Broken French, which we adored. We just couldn’t wait to read their story as well as go back to a beautiful part of the world in Southern France. This time we were off the boat and instead, we found ourselves in a beautiful small village that was written exquisitely. We were surrounded by beauty, tantalized by the aromas of the Mediterranean and the sleepy quintessential village life.
“You think I don’t have feelings?”
“Do you?” I cocked my head.
He stared at me, his hazel eyes going through a kaleidoscope of greens and browns. His nostrils flared as he inhaled.
“So fucking many,” he said finally.
The way in which the love story in Stolen English played out was agonisingly angsty, teasingly tempting, and tantalisingly thrilling. Evan is luscious. We knew we loved him for a reason and Stolen English brought it all home. Plagued by secrets from the past, a secret keeper if you will, Evan believes he has a great responsibility, yet he struggles to completely acknowledge the true meaning behind his actions.
‘I want her. And I’m terrified that when all this is said and done, I’m going to lose her.’
It’s stunningly beautiful, emotional, and incredibly poignant. We protect what we love and the way in which he fiercely does that, the line becomes blurred somewhat in his eyes. Evan is gorgeous and protective. Extremely compassionate, as gentle as he is powerful, and strong as he is vulnerable…in love. It’s a sight to behold.
“I want her safe. And I want her happy. And I want her free to make that choice without worrying about how I feel.”
Andrea lives with a daily burden of intense unrequited love which is fighting for prominence with the intense fear rooted in her past. Andrea is a beautiful and haunted woman who has suffered tremendously and spent ten years in hiding whilst trying to heal and find herself, as well as establish a life for herself whilst in recovery from intense trauma. She has such an endearing personality and a warmth that shone through. As Andrea grew through the story her confidence and personal bravery knew no bounds, yet we also felt she became a tad judgy which was a bit surprising and at odds with where she started. It just felt a bit out of place.
‘This raging need to be free and to find love again wasn’t just because it was time. It was everything all at once. It was him. I wanted him. I loved him. And I think I had for a really long while.’
Both Evan and Andrea have tremendous baggage and a penchant for misunderstanding each other’s behaviour and actions. It is an enticing game of cat and mouse in a beautiful setting but it’s clear that much hides underneath the surface and once both of them examine who they truly are and the role they play in each other’s lives, a new life can begin. It was so wonderful as readers to be a part of that. Stolen English is not only an emotional and angsty romance. It has a plethora of twists and a heart-breaking story at its core. It’s beautifully written and utterly compelling. Evan and Andrea are wonderful characters, and we would’ve loved, after a decade of unsaid feelings, to have been there for that final magical moment. However, instead, we’re hoping there’s more to come for other characters and perhaps we get to be there somehow.
‘Love that was freeing, not caging. Love that was euphoria, not fear. A love that was a quiet and joyous song and not a bruising touch.’


The problem with a self appointed bodyguard that you have feelings for is that they are right up close and personal every damn day, and when they look like Evan Roark, they’re impossible to ignore.


I didn’t think I’d live another day. It’s been almost ten years since I escaped to a life I could never imagine. And to a man I can only dream about. Evan Roark has been my beacon, he’s been the man who’s shown me that men who are strong can also be safe. After almost a decade, I’m finally ready to take back my life and remember the woman inside me, the woman who wants, who needs, who loves, who feels, who craves … only he’s made it clear I can’t crave him. But I haven’t made it this far to make a new life only to fail now. I want him to be the one to help me erase my past. And if he wants to be all up in my space being bossy and overprotective, and looking so hot, then I can’t help it if I’ll try anything possible to get him to touch me.


Nine years ago I asked my best friend, Xavier, for a favor, a way to keep Andrea safe. While I run security for him and guard his family against all threats, I can also keep her close. I keep her close, but never touch. But when she paints a target on her back by filing for divorce, I’m forced to make a choice, and it’s her I have to protect. And now she’s calling my bluff, letting me know she’s ready to finally trust another man to hold her, to touch her, to love her… It’s killing me. I want it to be me, but I can’t be both her lover and her protector. If I give in, then I won’t see the threat coming. I know what happens when I get distracted. People get hurt.

But she’s making it so … damn… difficult.

Set against the backdrop of Southern France in and around a tiny storybook village reminiscent of Belle’s village in Beauty and The Beast, comes a story of a woman whose life was stolen by an abusive husband, and the man who’ll help her remember the woman she is inside.

This book has a backstory of domestic violence and abuse. It is not on page, but proceed with caution if this is a difficult area for you when it is mentioned.

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