We’re thoroughly in the mood for Christmas with these delightful, emotional, fun, and swoony holiday season romances.
We’ve chosen five stories for you that we really enjoyed and highly recommend!

The Santa Problem by Barbara Elsborg (MM) – 5 Stars
There Is Also a Dog by Kayley Loring – 4 Stars
The Fake Holidate by Amie Knight – 4 Stars
This is Real by Barbara Elsborg (MM) – 5 Stars
Resting Scrooge Face by Meghan Quinn – 4 Stars

Our Review

‘Tonight, he’d make a list of Things That Make Me Happy and he promised himself he’d act on one of them.’

5 Stars: The Santa Problem by Barbara Elsborg is just wonderful. If you love MM and everything Christmas, then this is the story that’ll have your heart soaring with Christmas magic. Barbara really has that magic touch that weaves humour, heartbreak, angst and love all together in one fabulous story, this time with a heavy dash of Christmas spirit. Kendall and Alfie’s story is both sad yet lovingly uplifting. Kendall has lost all Christmas spirit and is functioning in life, not living it. He has a big heart but a broken one. Alfie is a cheeky one who ‘happens’ to turn up when Kendall, most needs it bringing the spirit of Christmas back. But there is so much more to it than meets the eye, as with Alfie comes a lot of secrets and shenanigans that’ll bring a smile to your hearts.

‘He removes his glasses, folds, and carefully places them on the coffee table…and pushes up his sleeves. “So, is there a deadline for you to complete that sex position to-do list or is it more of a lifetime bucket list?”

4 Stars: There is Also a Dog by Kayley Loring is bloody hilarious, sweet, and swoony. We didn’t expect anything less from one of our most beloved writers! A wonderful saucy quick to read an insta-love romance that’ll bring a Christmassy smile to your face. Agnes is ze true star though! One of our most FAVE couples, Maddie and Declan have a mate who’s in a bit of a pickle. Jillian has nowhere to stay over Christmas so rents a cabin from Declan’s friend, Mitchell, which is in the middle of ‘Where even is this place?’ Having never met Mitchell but immediately falling in love with his dog, her imagination runs wild, and Jillian gets spunky. Mitchell is a dream! Hot, nerdy, and funny he completely bowls over Jillian (and us) who becomes a bit of a porn star flirt in his company. We read the entirety of their story with a perma-grin and a lady boner!

‘My mouth watered. Nick Parsons was having a She’s All That moment a la mountain man style, and I was totally swooning my ass off.’

4 Stars: The Fake Holidate by Amie Knight served up a real treat with The Fake Holidate, a fake dating, smalltown enemies to lovers, workmates romance that delivered all those deliciously sweet tropes we so enjoy, Amie Knight has well and truly put us in the Christmas mood with her deliciously sweet and sexy Christmas novella. What a fabulous way to begin our Christmas reading adventure. To appease her much loved Aunt Jules, Clover agrees to return home to Sugar Mountain for her sister’s wedding two days before Christmas, and as you can imagine, there’s nothing she’d enjoy less, but Clover decided to go back with her head held high.

“I’d rather have experienced love and lost it, than never have had it at all.”

5 Stars: This is Real by Barbara Elsborg is another winner. Damn, we love our Barbara, her characters, and the worlds she creates. Once again, she creates an mm Christmas story that’ll both break and mend your heart. Vivid, picturesque, and so fantastically Christmassy, Murdo and Lukas will steal your hearts whilst sipping gingerbread lattes and scoffing mince pies. Their story is one hell of an emotional ride whilst still retaining that Elsborg quintessential quirkiness and affable humbleness. When Hollywood meets Mathematician fiery sparks fly, but then comes friendship and compassion followed by trust and love. The banter is fabulous, and the Christmas vibes are sparkling!

‘This is my second chance, and if I don’t do something now, I could lose her forever.’

4 Stars: Resting Scrooge Face by Meghan Quinn is a short, fun, and super sweet novella set in one of our fave places, Bright Harbor, Maine! Caleb broke Nola’s heart as she left for the big city and neither found that true happiness and depth of love again. When Nola returns home, things get awkward between them, however, she’s soon cheered up by a secret fellow Christmas-hating pen pal. All is not as it seems though when two sneaky ‘Christmas elves’ stir the pot. A second chance romance that hits the right spot, with laughter and swoon.


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