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‘The moon’s kisses filled you with light, so you outshine everyone around you, and the stars sang to you before you even knew what stars were. They whispered while you slept, teaching you to spread your wings and giving you the courage to chase big dreams.’

Melissa Foster does it again with The Wicked Truth: Dark Knights at Bayside #4. We absolutely bloody loved it! This series is like crack, we can’t get enough of it and will now have to add this Author’s backlist of series to our kindles. We could go on and on till we’re blue in the face on how wonderful the Wicked series is, every single book and every single character has stolen our hearts. We feel like we are a part of the Wicked family, no we crave to be a part of their fictional world. That’s how much we love them all! We just can’t get enough. This Author has completely cemented herself as one of our new favourites. We know we’re late to the game, but we feel like winners as we now have so many of Melissa Foster’s books to read and fall in love with. Ahhh the love of finding new Authors and falling in complete book love never gets old.

“Why are you here Tobias?”
He leaned in so close, their lips almost touched. “I don’t think you want me to tell you that around all these people.”

This time it’s Madigan Wicked’s turn to find her soulmate and what a cracker her story turned out to be. Tobias Riggs really is something else. Madigan spots him in her family’s bar. A broody good-looking powerhouse and a mysterious stranger to boot who screams trouble yet has a traumatised look in his eyes which she recognises immediately.

‘She wasn’t about to let another man steal one more second of her sanity.’

Madigan is such a wonderful heroine. Her heart has been bruised and battered, yet she works her little cotton socks off to help others and to make a life for herself and her inner strength is immeasurable. All whilst avoiding relationships and love. Been there and done that, and has a broken heart to prove it. A born storyteller, with a quirky sense of humour and a band of overprotective brothers, her path to love and happiness isn’t exactly as smooth as she’d want. Mind you she never wanted that anyway, did she? Well, we all know that love comes when you least expect it, and the heart wants who it wants.

“God, Blue Eyes, you’re so full of hope. I used to be like that, and I miss it.”

Tobias Riggs has recently come out of prison for manslaughter and has lost everyone and everything he held dear. Except for the grandfather who has always stood by his side, yet who doesn’t recognise his grandson any longer. Tobias has secrets so big, they weigh heavily on his shoulders, so when a soulful auburn-haired singer catches his attention, he cannot stay away. No matter how hard he tries he’s addicted, and Madigan slowly but surely brings Tobias out of himself. And wow, this man is HOT! Smooth, funny, great at banter, and a dirty talker that’ll make you come over all unnecessary! The sexual chemistry and the soulmate connection are fierce, hot, and intense. We were addicted to their love as well as their musical connection. Their playlist was fabulous!

‘Promise me that when something seems to big or scary, you’ll remember what I’m telling you right now. There is nothing a beautiful soul can’t do, and you are the two most beautiful souls on this earth.’

It felt like returning home when we picked up The Wicked Truth, we were amongst family and friends again and we relished every single minute. Tobias and Madigan’s story is fabulous, it has everything and more, yet is once again completely character-driven with such depth and passion, we could have stayed in their world forever.

“You really are my angel.”
“You of all people know I’m more devil than angel.”
“You’re no devil, Blue Eyes….You’re my wicked angel.”


What happens when you’re not looking for love, but it walks in the door?

Madigan Wicked’s heart is not up for grabs. She’s been there, done that, and she’s not going back for seconds. She pours her heart and soul into her family, her greeting card line, puppetry, and storytelling performances. But she’s not opposed to having a night of fun, and the gruff, sinfully hot, definitely-not-looking-for-love mysterious stranger she runs into at a bar might be just the right man to enjoy it with.

Ex-con Tobias Riggs has lost enough for one lifetime. The only family member in his corner doesn’t remember him, and the people who he thought would always be in his life, walked away. He’s just trying to make it through each day, and the last thing he’s looking for is any sort of connection. When chemistry ignites with the snarky, sexy storyteller, with lips he can’t stop thinking about, he gives in to a night of passion.

Though neither is open to love, it’s been known to bully its way into even the most resisting hearts. But can it survive the wicked truth of Tobias’s dark past?

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