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“Shame is a learned response. It can be unlearned.”

Good Girl Fail by Roni Loren is a super-hot erotic MMF romance that will set your reading device on fire. We fancied something a bit different after a string of highly emotional reads and this hit the spot perfectly. Whilst it deals with quite a few hard subjects such as grief and problematic childhoods it doesn’t explore these in great detail or depth, which was a shame as we would’ve loved more of that drama and backstory to really get to know all the characters. Rather, it’s an easy-to-read story of living the life you want as opposed to what’s expected of you, loving who your heart wants and needs, as well as safely enjoying your very own brand of consensual kink. It’s also a story of friendship and acceptance. Good Girl Fail is really well written with lovable characters, fiery chemistry and fabulous connections which will keep you reading late into the night!

Why can’t you? He’d thrown that bomb into her world. Why can’t you have what you want? Why can’t you be who you want to be? Why can’t you? With them she finally could. And she was going to be so very good at it.’

O’Neal has led an incredibly sheltered life with her religious grandparents after her mum was murdered whilst she was a young child, her mum’s death being a famous cold case which doesn’t paint her in an attractive light. It’s all rather unfair, however growing up amongst conservative prejudice, your behaviour and sexual inclinations are continuously scrutinised. O’Neal wants out and secretly applies to a college far enough away, after her long time crush, Auden Blake inspires change in her. Auden is the unobtainable big brother of her bestie and is everything O’Neal wants, but she has no idea where this crush will take her after she ‘steals’ her first ever snog.

“He had her attention. But Auden had her heart. Maybe she didn’t realize that yet, but Lennox could hear it when she said Auden’s name. She said it like a prayer. Plus, he could see it on her face. He knew what it looked like to love Auden Blake. He’d seen that look in his own mirror.”

Auden and Lennox….where do we begin? These lads were bold, lush and so freaking hot. We loved where this Author took their characters, their relationship, and their love. We loved them together, and we loved them with O’Neal, who truly was the fearless one. If steamy and kinky MMF romance is your thing, if you love friends to lovers and best friend’s brother romance is your jam, then this is the sarnie to get in the middle of!


From the New York Times bestselling author of the Loving on the Edge and the Say Anything series comes a new steamy standalone MMF romance that proves good girls can have fun too…especially when she’s their good girl.

O’Neal Lory has been taught that one mistake can undo an entire life of right decisions. That it doesn’t matter if a person has been good ninety-nine percent of the time. One misstep, one snap judgment, can derail everything. So, she’s taken a lot of right steps on the straight and narrow path. Eighteen years of them, in fact. Perfect grades. No rules broken. And definitely no boys.

Until she kisses him.

Auden Blake knows he shouldn’t touch his little sister’s best friend, knows that innocent girls like her should stay far, far away from him and his roommate Lennox—especially when she could reveal their behind-closed-doors activities to his family. But when sheltered O’Neal goes rogue, ditching her scholarship to a conservative all-girls college and showing up at Bennette State—his school—instead, it’s going to take everything Auden has to keep his and Lennox’s hands off the curious good girl whose teach me vibes could unravel them both.

Good Girl Fail is a full-length standalone MMF romance with lots of steam, two heroes who like to share and get a little bossy, and a good girl heroine who’s about to break every rule that’s ever been placed upon her.

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Why can’t you? He’d thrown that bomb into her world. Why can’t you have what you want? Why can’t you be who you want to be? Why can’t you? With them she finally could. And she was going to be so very good at it.’

GREEN JEWEL (The Painted Daisies #2) by LJ EVANS

‘Heartache and sorrow hung over her so deep it bled through every vein.’


“Princess, when I love someone, it’s with my soul. It’s a full commitment. It’s a relationship that will grow, evolve, and change to fit us. I won’t ever stop trying to be the best man I can be. I won’t give up on us, through thick and thin.”


“Just don’t fall in love with me,” I teased. “Kay.” He said.


‘Sometimes passion was a whisper, other times a roar. This time? It was a storm.’

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