• The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys #1) by Abbi Glines

    THE VINCENT BOYS SERIES is available to purchase below Amazon US | Amazon UK SYNOPSIS Get the complete Vincent package with this boxed set that has double the sexiness and seduction. Sawyer Vincent is the golden boy. The football star. The straight-A student with the perfect girlfriend to match. His cousin Beau Vincent is the…

  • Just for Now (Seabreeze #4) by Abbi Glines

    SYNOPSIS The day Preston Drake figured out that wealthy women paid well for a set of tight abs and a pretty face his life turned around. The run down rat-infested trailer he had shared with his alcoholic mother and three younger siblings was now only a place he visited to pay the bills and stock…

  • While It Lasts (Sea Breeze #3) by Abbi Glines

    SYNOPSIS Maybe driving home after a few (or more) shots of tequila had been a bad idea, but hell, he did it all the time. The cops had to have been freaking bored to have pulled him over. He wasn’t even swerving! That’s Cage York’s story and he’s sticking to it. Unfortunately, his baseball coach…

  • Because of Low (Sea Breeze, #2) – by Abbi Glines

    SYNOPSIS In my debut novel, Breathe, Sadie may have fallen in love with the teen rock star, Jax Stone, but readers fell head over heels for Marcus Hardy. This is his story… Marcus Hardy had hoped to enjoy a year away at college while he put the summer he’d rather forget behind him. But instead,…

  • Breathe (Sea Breeze, #1) – by Abbi Glines

    SYNOPSIS Sadie White’s summer job isn’t going to be on the beach life-guarding or working at rental booths like most kids her age. With her single mother’s increasing pregnancy and refusal to work, Sadie has to take over her mother’s job as a domestic servant for one of the wealthy summer families on a nearby…

  • Predestined (Existence Trilogy, #2) – by Abbi Glines

    So I’m completely and utterly in love with the growling HOT Death!!! Yup not going to lie…the power that comes with him, the fact that he is hot, he is a part time rock star and did I mention…he growls!!! Yum possessiveness is so ummmm attractive (?!) no wait HOT!!!! Predestined was AMAZING! I’m kind…

  • The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2) – by Abbi Glines

    THE VINCENT BOYS SERIES is available to purchase below Amazon US | Amazon UK SYNOPSIS Getting a boy to fall head-over-heels in love with you isn’t easy. Especially when he’s been in love with your cousin for as long as you can remember. Lana has lived her life in her cousin’s shadow. Ashton always made…

  • WEEKLY ROUND-UP of BOOKWORLD NEWS : 18th March to 24th March 2018

    Well, another week has passed us by, and what a week it was! Sit back, relax and check out our amazing Giveaway, New & Upcoming Releases, Sales, Bookworld Chatter and the books that made our book hearts beat this week! It’s all here in our Weekly Round Up Post!


    “I promise you this story will make your head spin. It’s worth hearing.” Last year we read a book that left us reeling! Seriously….holy hell…Jezebel by K Larsen…blew our minds! It’s one of those books we will never forget! And we’re so excited to bring you a Jezebel shorty story, titled Aftermath, which is Gabriel’s POV. If…

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SHINE NOT BURN (Shine Not Burn #1) by ELLE CASEY

REVIEW: ‘The question is, could I have a one night stand with a man named Mack who wears a cowboy hat to a casino?’


REVIEW: “What’s the difference in being your friend or being your lover? You’ll forget me regardless. So why can’t I choose what I want to be to you?”
“Because I don’t want you to get hurt. I don’t want you to get a broken heart.”
“Trust me, it’s already full of cracks.”


REVIEW: “That’s quite the package you’ve got there, Santa.”
“Did you just make a dirty Santa joke?”
‘We move things to my bedroom after I ask Teddy if I can see his North Pole. Honestly, I’m not sure why he hasn’t run out the door yet either, but you do what you gotta do to get laid, I suppose.’


REVIEW: “Choose me, Silas. I’ll love you for who you are, and we’ll have a shot at happy.”
‘I gripped him hard. Max. My goddamn anchor, while the storm that had been raging somewhere in me for years finally broke.’


REVIEW: ‘I don’t want to be the guy who saved her, I want to be the guy she chooses.’

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