What can we say about Tillie Cole? There’s a reason this lady is a 1click favourite author for us. Whether she’s writing a gritty and raw story that takes us out of our comfort zone, or a deeply emotional story that sears our hearts, or a light funny read, she’s won us over every single time.
If this lady isn’t on your TBR…she really should be!
We’ve read and LOVED EVERY BOOK of hers!

  • Standalone Reads

    Tillie’s standalone reads are as varied as you can get, and each so amazing in their own unique way.

    **Emotional Standalones**
    A Thousand Boy Kisses – A deeply moving ugly cry love story we promise you’ll never forget.
    A Veil of Vines
    – Slow and sweet does it when you’re dealing with two beautiful hearts that are two halves of one whole
    A Wish For Us – A story of music. A story of healing. A story of love conquering all.
    **Dark Romance Standalones**
    Sick Fux
    –  A gritty, twisted Tarrantino type love story that’ll push you outside your comfort zone
    Lord of London Town – A dark, romance – British Gangsters set in London’s East End.
    **Romantic Comedy Standalones**
    Eternally North
    – A laugh out loud rom-com where a girl from Newcastle, England meets Hollywood heartthrob
    Thoroughly Whipped –  A super fun and sexy romantic comedy

  • Sweet Home Series

    A sports romance full of sweetness, emotion and heart

  • Sweet Home : Carillo Boys Series

    These brothers stories will sear your hearts. Romance at it’s most beautiful, mesmerizing – a testament to sacrifice, loyalty and love.

  • Scarred Souls Series

    A paralyzingly gritty, raw series that will grip you! Men stripped of their morals and their rights find their hearts, and eventually, love.

  • Lord of London Town (Series TBC)

  • Hades Hangmen Series

    This MC Series must be read in order. Gut wrenching, emotional, gritty, raw and intense. Follow these tough lawless men as they seek revenge, and eventually love.

  • Deadly Virtues Series

    A very dark and heartbreaking series that will really take you out of your comfort zone. Tillie Cole certainly didn’t hold back with this series! It’s gripping but difficult reading.

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